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Chapter 9


I looked at Edward's angelic features. His arms were wrapped around my waist protectively and lovingly. I could see the lustful look in his eyes. It mirrored my own. He wanted this to. I knew he did. The last game of the day would be the best. Edward and I would finally get our time. Even if it was only 7 minutes, I sure as hell wasn't going to waste them.

I managed to tear my eyes away from him and looked around at the rest of the Cullens. Everyone seemed less stressed. The tension from before was gone and had been replaced with a light happiness and anticipation. Everyone was clearly looking forward to this part of the game.

When you're a vampire, you can do a lot in 7 minutes.

Alice grabbed the timer and twisted it until it was firmly set on 7.

"Now remember, only 7 minutes. If u go over, you are immediately subject to naked school time."

I tried to put this firmly in my head. Only 7 minutes. I couldn't get too caught up in this or else me and Edward would both be stripping down on Monday. I didn't mind seeing him naked, but the rest of the student body might object.

Oh who was I kidding? Every girl in school would have a fucking field day.

Everyone was paired off with their significant other, including me and Edward who were practically wrapped around each other on the floor in front of the couch.

"Is everyone ready?" Alice asked, glancing around the room at each of us. I vaguely noticed that she looked at Edward and I longer than the others. Did she know something that we didn't? Of course she did. She was Alice.


The time had come.


Almost there.


Alice started the timer while simultaneously hauling jasper out of the room and into the kitchen.

Everyone moved just as fast. Including me and Edward.

One minute we were on the floor and now I was laying flat on my back on Edward's bed, with him hovering over me. His cool lips ran up and down my neck and jaw. I couldn't help but sigh at the sensation. It felt so amazing.

My whole body was alert and aware of what was going on.

I concentrated all of my energy and feelings on Edward. The only man I had ever loved.

I grabbed each side of his perfect face and pulled him closer to me so our lips met. I kissed him passionately, allowing my tongue to run along his lower lip.

He willingly opened his mouth and allowed my tongue entry.

God, he tasted so good.

We had never done this type of kissing before. Usually he was too afraid that I would be cut by his teeth. But not now. We were breaking all of our barriers. And I loved it.

"We have 6 minutes left," he warned me. I gasped out of surprise. 6 minutes! We had to do this. Now.

I grabbed the bottom of his shirt and lifted it. He immediately understood what I wanted and pulled the shirt off for me. I ran my hand down his glorious chest. It looked as if it had been carved from the finest marble. Michelangelo himself couldn't have created anything more beautiful.

I stayed still as Edward quickly removed his pants, my shirt, and my pants, leaving me in only a bra and underwear.

"We don't have much time," I told him.

He understood what I meant. Of course, we both wanted to take our times and cherish these moments, but there was no time for cherishing. Only lusting.

Edward hooked his fingers under my bra straps and briefly looked at me for permission. I nodded my head and with a flick of his wrist, it was on the ground.

I lay there, exposed to him. I grabbed my underwear and jerked them down my legs.

I didn't feel the embarrassment that I figured would come. Because I wasn't embarrassed. Edward made me feel beautiful, and I knew that in his eyes, I was, and always would be.

He grabbed the top of his boxers and looked at me once again. I nodded solemnly.

They quickly joined the pile of our clothes and there we were. Naked and exposed to the other.

"I believe we only have 5 minutes left," he said in my ear.

I wasn't as panicky about time as before. In my mind, we had all the time in the world. I wasn't going to let a silly game dictate our time together.

That's when I nearly gasped aloud with realization.

We didn't have 7 minutes. We had all the time that we wanted.

Forget school. Forget about being naked in front of staff and students. Forget the rules. I wanted Edward. And I wasn't going to minimize our time together to 7 minutes.

"Edward," I said, panting from the acceleration of my heartbeat. I knew he could hear it to. He looked at me with curiosity and worry, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

"What's wrong sweetheart?" he asked.

I looked him deeply in the eyes and spoke.

"The meadow."

Two words.

That's all it took for him to understand what I wanted.

A small smile manifested on his lips and he grabbed me up bridal style, hurled us out his open window, and ran full speed through the woods to our beloved spot.


The meadow was the perfect place for us. There was no time limit in our meadow. Time didn't exist there.

This was the place where I had first expressed my love for Bella. This was the place where we had laid in the grass for hours. Talking, laughing, kissing, and even trading family secrets and tidbits of our lives.

Anything that would happen between us, would happen there, in the place that we could truly be free of any stressful situations.

When I finally stopped at the Clearing's edge, I set Bella down and held her as we gazed at the beautiful green grass and colorful flowers. The moon casted a glorious light on the open space. Bella and I walked hand in hand to our special place in the center and I gently laid her down in the soft grass. The moonlight illuminated her skin, making her look even more breathtaking than normal. She looked up at me and her eyes met mine. In that moment, I could see all of the love that she felt for me, and I could see in her eyes, that my expression mirrored hers.

I lean down and kiss her. Our mouths move together in perfect synchronization. Her fingers tangle in my hair and I moan into her mouth. I realize that at home, the time has ended and everyone will be gathering back in the living room. But I don't care. This is where I need to be. Here with my Bella.

"I believe that I owe u something," she says, the love in her eyes had shifted to something else. Playfulness. She was messing with me. And I fucking loved it.

She moved out from under my body and straddles my stomach. She looked even more beautiful above me, as her long hair was cascading down her shoulders.

She slowly began to move her body down mine, kissing along the way.

After what seemed like hours of torment, she finally reached her destination.


Okay, I was even going to lie to myself. I was scared. I didn't know how to do this. Well, I had done it before to Emmett, but that was different. That was staged. It was part of the game. This however, this was different. This was Edward. We had taken ourselves completely out of the game. We were on our time, in our own place, with our own feelings and desires. This would be perfect. It had to be. And I couldn't fuck it up. Not here. Not now.

As I made my way down his body, I occasionally licked and kissed, trying to draw out all of his feelings of pleasure.

Then I was there.

I was eye level with the one part of him that u had never seen, but always dreamed about.

Holy fuck.

I had only one other cock to compare it to, but Edward's was big. Much bigger than Emmett's. I almost felt bad for him.

I didn't know the average size, but Edward had to have been well over that. With one look, I could say 7 inches.

Emmett had probably been 5 at the most.

Taking Edward in my mouth would be much harder. But I pushed the negative thoughts out of my head and focused on him.

Suddenly, I felt his hand on my hair.

"Bella, you don't have to do this."

I shook my head and made a signal for him to shush.

I spared one last look at him before I took the plunge.

I slowly worked the head into my mouth. This was the easy part.

I looked up and saw that Edward's mouth was slightly open and his fingers were digging into the soft earth around us.

I smiled, knowing what I did to him.

I then realized without a doubt, that I couldn't fit the whole thing into my mouth. I wrapped my hand around the part of him that I couldn't take, and stroked up and down, matching my hand to my mouth movements.

Edward's fingers dug deeper into the ground and I licked and sucked harder.

His cock twitched in my mouth and I knew that he wasn't going to last much longer.

I scraped my teeth along his length and I heard him moan loudly before I felt a cool wetness in my mouth. It was slightly salty but not intolerable.

A few streams of his cum went down my throat and I swallowed greedily, wanting to consume every bit of him.

It took a few minutes for him to regain his composure and I looked up at from the place on his stomach that I had been laying. I traced the outline of his bellybutton as he stroked my hair.

"I feel utterly terrible," he said after a few more seconds.

I was immediately horrified.

Oh shit I did something wrong! I knew it! I thought angrily to myself.

"You have made me feel absolutely amazing and I have failed to return the favor."

My horrified anger vanished almost instantly. It was replaced with curiosity and burning desire.

Before I could answer with a witty comeback, he grabbed me by the waist and hoisted my up so that my legs were on either side of his face.

I can honestly say that I have never felt anything more amazing than the feeling of Edward tasting me.

His tongue circles and pushes into my slit over and over. I can't help the loud moans that come from my body.

He gently pushes his tongue into me and I feel as if I will fall over. The sensation is amazing. I look down at him and his eyes are gazing back up at me.

I grab onto his hair and realize that I am unconsciously moving myself against his mouth, chasing after my first orgasm.

He gently grazes his teeth against my clit and I'm….fuck….I'm so close.

Just when I feel like I can't handle anymore, Edward inserts a finger inside of me.

His fingers.

His mouth.

His tongue.

I'm finished.

I spiral into an earth-shattering orgasm and I feel as if I'm weightless, drifting along the seas of pleasure.

It seems to end all too soon and I collapse forward.

Edward grabs my waist and pulls me down so that we are eye level.

I run my hands through his hair and lean down so that my lips are at his ear.

"I love you," I whisper.

He kisses my cheek, forehead, and finally my lips before he says anything.

"I love you too. So much".

I nestle my head into his neck and he gently strokes my shoulder and back.

We whisper words of love to each other until my eyes are heavy with sleep.

As I slowly drift, I reminisce of the entire night.

The sex toys, the destroyed clothing, the embarrassing confessions, the truths, the dares, even getting off Emmett.

And this is how it ends.

Me and my only love.

On a perfect night.

In our perfect meadow.

And now I knew. I knew that Edward and I could try things.

This night had opened up so many doors for us. Now we could explore. We could go deeper into our desires, wants, and needs, and discover more of ourselves along the way.

I knew, then and there, that no matter what, it could not, and would not, ever get any better than this.


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