July 25, 1951

They go by many names, such as The "Deathless Plague" or in the earliest recorded mention of them, "The Angry Night". I personally go with the official military term for them. The "Chimera". No one knows exactly where they came from, or how they came to be. But we know this for sure, they are winning. Europe and Asia have fallen, and even as I sit here now in my New York office typing this away, they are no doubt preparing for the next step, an invasion of our shores.

My boss has advised against this, telling me how it was more important to focus on other issues such as the latest emergency wartime powers granted to the President by congress or the steady flow of refugees from Europe. They say that my work is too (expletive deleted) premature to be much use in the present. The memories were "still too fresh, with too many opinions and feelings that may obscure the true facts."

It might do well for future historians to have the past as cold hard data. Statistics of dead and dying, guaranteed to be free of bias, free of the human factor. But I could not agree with this. Humanity should be present in history, it is what connects us to the past and it's how we identify with it. Besides, with the Chimera knocking at our doorsteps, how can my superiors think about what future classrooms would think about this stuff? Would there even be future generations at the rate we're handling this? Perhaps even by examining this, we can finally learn something about the Chimera? To get a better picture of the puzzle.

There are countless millions who have landed on our shores, each with their story to tell. This is a record of the greatest conflict in human history thus far, and I am resolved to have their voices heard.

This is not a book, far from it. I realize it is a presumptuous of me to start writing a 'history' as it is still happening around me. No…this is more like a journal. A compilation of memories and scattered documents which will hopefully, in the little time we have left, give a voice to those who were silenced forever.

This is ultimately their work, not mine. I have done my best to reserve judgment or commentary, if any human factor must be absent from these writings, let it be my own.

This is an old unfinished fanfic from my old account in Paradox as TreizeV

"After reading Max Brook's Magnficient "World War Z" and as a fan of "Resistance: Fall of man" I couldn't resist trying this idea out.

Essentially an oral history is a collection of interviews and first hand accounts. Hopefully I can do this justice, but this does give the added advantage of writing about whatever interests me as the day goes by. For those of you who are fans of resistance or have played it, this is a history explaining the rise of the chimera and their war in Europe. For those who haven't the slightest clue what im talking about, read on"