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Note: I have always wanted to write the story of a sweetbutt. I think they get a hard rap. They got a place in the SAMCRO world and I was thinking about that and then Dixie popped up in my head. Hope you like! I don't know at this moment who she's hooking up with. I'm exploring her place in the SAMCRO world first….hope you enjoy!

Also…since so much is happening with this season and it's not yet over I'm taking some liberties that I usually don't take. In this reality it's set a couple of years ahead with Jax as Pres, Opie as VP, and Juice and Bobby still in and active. I won't change that no matter how this season plays out.

Chapter 1

The sun beat down on Dixie's slim body. She shoved her hair into a band and looked both ways before crossing the main street of her hometown of Charming. Three years ago she would have never said she'd be back here and three years ago to the date her parents had died. Charming was a…charming…town. She had grown up on the wrong side of the tracks with the boozers and the losers. Her parents had been loving and true people but boozers just the same. Her mother had decided that she was the more sober of them after a night of partying and had driven them over a barrier…both of them had died on impact.

Dixie shook her head as she recalled her Dad and Mom's untimely death. It had taken her a while to get passed it. She still wasn't. She still held a wound inside of her that bled out every once in a while. But she moved forward and to her surprise, Dixie found that she liked her hometown. She liked that she knew it like the back of her hand, she liked that she had known the teller at the bank since she was three, she liked that she knew what to expect in the small town. Before she had moved back she had bounced from one big city to another. Dancing and bartending got her any place she so desired to go. But everywhere she went she found herself feeling out of place, out of her skin, and a little out of sorts. When she came back…well…she lost that feeling so she stayed.

Dixie got into her car and blasted the AC as she drove the short distance to her home. It was getting late and she needed to prep for the night. The cool air blasted around her and she turned up her radio and tapped her steering wheel to the beat. When she got home she saw her roommate passed out on the floor of the bathroom, her long blonde hair plastered with vomit and her body breathing steadily. Dixie shook her head and stepped over the unconscious woman and worked her way into the shower.

Tonight she had a party to go to. She lathered her body mentally prepping herself for the night ahead. Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks in Charming meant that she was familiar with the neighborhood hero's…The Sons of Anarchy. An outlaw biker club that ran the town and everyone knew it. She had grown up learning to fear and respect the men who walked around in cuts. When she came back she had thrown herself into partying. Into grieving the only way she had been taught how, booze and sex.

Then one day she had woken up in the clubhouse. It hadn't been the first time. And wouldn't be the last. But a sense of clarity had settled on her. She had unknowingly tossed herself into a way of life, into the midst of the Sons of Anarchy. They called girls like her sweet-buts, or crow eaters. Best way to translate, she thought, was a biker groupie.

Though she wasn't sure what she thought about that…a groupie she liked ties she had built for herself. Dixie slowed down after a few months after her parents died and took a good look at her life. When she saw the kind of life she had around her she didn't feel ashamed. A sweet-butt took care of the Club. Available for sex whenever and in exchange they got protection, a family. It wasn't exactly Thanksgiving with Grandma but Dixie didn't care. She kept going to the parties, gave the men what they wanted, and went to work the next day with no guilt.

It had been three years and she wasn't tired of the life. She had been raised by alcoholics in a small town ruled by SAMCRO. The only people who didn't look down on her were from SAMCRO growing up. Her birthday party had been attended by those tied to SAMRO, her friends were the kids connected to the MC, and the small community on the wrong side of the tracks was her hometown. It was a small town and you learned to stick to your own. Dixie had run away from Charming because she wanted to get away from that, from everyone judging and knowing where she came from. And when she came back…she stayed because of that in a way. Because where she landed, during that moment of clarity, was in a world where everyone knew where she had come from and they didn't give a rat's ass.

Dixie stepped out of the shower and knelt down before her friend. She shook her awake gently and told her that she'd bring her coffee. Dixie was the Queen of Hangovers. Having had to cure them early on she was adept at diagnosing and curing hangovers. It was like her super power or something. And her roommate Hannah needed coffee, black with no sugar.

She skipped over to the kitchen and put the coffee on. Looking outside Dixie saw the familiar figures of two of the club members ride past. Bobby, one of the Sons, lived around the corner and she had grown up seeing him ride past her house. It was like hearing a bell chime ten or something every day, she heard the familiar roar of his Harley. After waking up Hannah Dixie quickly got ready for the party. Dixie was a slim brunette girl with a pretty face. She had once been told by her boss that she looked like a classic girl next door. Her face was the sort of face that you got used to seeing day to day, it was an honest face. A face that kept its virtue even through countless drunken nights and waking up and not knowing where she was.

She shimmied into a pair of daisy dukes that had rhinestones on them and put her perfectly painted red toes in a pair of stilettos that were her lucky ones. She had never miss-stepped in them, always been offered free liquor, and had always managed to wake up the next morning sober-ish and with full memory in them. Dixie matched it with a white tube top and tucked a twenty in her bra.

"I'm sober and ready to party!" Hannah sounded cheerfully from behind her. "Thanks for the coffee, doll."

"You do know you're going to fuckin' die of liver failure, right?" Dixie sounded grabbing her smoke and lighting up. The other woman smirked and rolled her eyes.

"At least I had a few good times under my belt, babeh."

"Yea, yea." Dixie replied. "I got a text from Ima." Dixie wrinkled her nose a bit. "She says that porn girls are at the party, we shouldn't go."

Hannah cocked her head and her smirk faded. "That bitch is so fuckin' full of it."

"Damn straight." Dixie muttered. Ima and her girls were porn stars and liked to keep the Club company. It was like two packs had merged onto SAMCRO, all of them female, and circled around the territory trying to take each other down. All the while faking the guise of friends, of 'family'. The porn girls weren't all that bad, one of them had hitched up to one of the cuts. She was a real sweetheart to everyone, not getting into the political bullshit that reigned supreme in the land of the women of SAMCRO. Dixie didn't like getting into the politics but she certainly didn't like the skanks who walked around thinking they owned the damn place.

The two women took off in Dixie's car and pulled into the lot of Teller-Morrow seeing that a party was already in full blown effect. They lost each other, Hannah being pulled into shots immediately. Dixie walked on the outskirts of the party by herself letting herself have some mental time. The smell of metal, booze, and smoke filled her senses. She moved her body to the party, letting the heavy music pound into her body.

Two of the members were pounding the shit out of each other in a ring. Dixie sat beside a couple of her girlfriends and watched as Tig and Happy smashed each other in. Both were ferocious fighters, giving each other calculated blows, and both were going to go at it for a while.

An arm snaked around her waist and pulled her onto a lap. Surprised she checked the chest of the man before she looked at the face and saw a cut, labeled Chibs, and smiled.

"Lassie, what you doin' all by yourself?" He drawled, swigging a vodka bottle.

"Waiting for you." She grinned wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Good lass." He murmured smacking a kiss on her lips.

She replied with a smile. Dixie laid her head on his shoulder and trailed her hands down his shoulders and played with his hair a bit. They watched the two men beat the shit out of each other, both getting into the fight. Dixie loved the sport of it, when she was a kid her dad had her in kick-boxing and she had grown up watching people beat each other up, it was one of her favorite things. Right along side milk in her coffee and rock 'n roll.

Chibs grinned at the woman and shook his head. There was a lot to remember about the women that frequented the clubhouse but he'd never forget that Dixie was about as into fighting as any brother. She loved the blood and gore and the skill. Her face lit up every time her eyes grazed the ring.

"My money is on Hap," He roared.

Dixie kissed his earlobe, the excitement pumping into her veins, and whispered "Mine too, don't say anything."

"Never" He replied, laying another tongue-filled kiss on her.

She paid attention to his earlobe while keeping an eye on the fight. It was getting fiercer and it looked ready to blow up in the faces of everyone. A man roared for them to finish it, the others roared with them. Then the man who had the final word it in told them to break it up.

Jax Teller, president of SAMCRO, stood next to the ring shaking his head at his brothers and told them to break it up. The men hugged it out and the crowd cheered. Dixie shook her head smiling, loving the energy that was seeping into from the crowd.

Chibs took them over into the clubhouse where the women were getting rowdy. She was plopped down onto his lap while he drank and played a game of cards.

"Do you want a beer?" She asked him when he finished off his bottle.

"Sure thing, doll." He said. Dixie looked to the others.

"Beers?" She asked the others, getting their orders.

Dixie went behind the bar and served up the shots and got the beers. A couple of porn-girls sidled up to the bar and looked her up and down. Ima was one of them. Dixie bit her tongue, wanting to make a snide remark, and kept fixing drinks.

"Playing house?" Ima said. "Since the boys don't want your pussy then you'll be free to take my order too. I'll take a shot of tequila…sweetie."

Dixie slammed down the beer on the tray and cocked her head at the two offensive women.

" 'Sweetie'…I only take orders for the Club. Get your own damn drink."

She lifted the tray and went to leave but Ima stood in her way.

"Oh come on, what's your hurry. White trash girls like you are a dime a dozen. There are plenty of girls out there to take orders for the men while real women warm their beds."

"Get out." A voice sounded. A dark haired woman sidled herself beside Dixie. Tara Knowles, Old Lady to the President, faced off with Ima with a determinedly pissed off expression on her body "I want you out."

"You can't throw me out." Ima retorted, throwing her hand up and glancing at her friend as if to say Tara was crazy.

Tara stepped up in her face and spoke low and steady. "Oh, yes I can."

"Jax won't let you. He's all about me these days, honey. You'll never give him what I can so why don't you go home?"

Dixie put down the drinks and started to advance towards the porn star. Porn-bitch was going down. Tara wasn't just SAMCRO royalty…Tara was from Charming like her, they had grown up in the same neighborhood, and she had always treated Dixie with respect. No porn-bitch was going to disrespect Tara like that in front of Dixie. Tara stopped her and they exchanged glances and nodded at each other. Both women were sick of these porn bitches taunting all the other women like they were better. There was nothing like mutual hatred to bring together two different classes of women.

"Jax used you and threw you away. The only white trash I see here tonight is standing in front of me. No one wants you Ima. So I'm going to tell you…" Tara stepped even closer to the porn star. "one…last time…Get. Out."

Ima and her stared at each other for several long heavy moments. Dixie stood behind Tara with her hands on her hips just wishing that Ima would say something else so she could rip out those fake boobs of hers. Before she got her wish Ima turned on her heel and stormed out of the clubhouse with anger.

"Thank you." Dixie said to the other woman gratefully. "You didn't have to."

Tara shook her head and replied. "Trust me, I did."

"Do you want something?" Dixie asked, "I was getting some of the guys some drinks."

"I'm fine, thank you." Tara said with a smile. "Have you seen Jax?"

Dixie thought for a moment, "Out by the ring."

They parted ways and Dixie brought the table their drinks much to their gratitude and amusement.

"We were lookin' forward to a pussy-fight." Chibs drawled pulling her back onto his lap. "You should've ripped her fake titties out lass."

Dixie laughed in agreement and stole a sip of his beer. She watched dutifully as Chibs as played, giving him advice in his ear, and letting herself relax as the rock music rumbled around them. Dixie watched Tara in the corner of her eye with admiration. SAMCRO was a family but Dixie was on the bottom of the chain with her friends. It was sort of a brutal system but the ties that she had here were too strong. She had grown up with these people and this was the way shit went down.

It had been three years and she still wasn't burned out. That's what she told herself.