Hey vsizzel here is a new story, well not really. I've been reading some Pokemon stories mostly the betrayed one and thoughts came into my head so I decided to make one myself. This is more of a side story thing, so don't expect updates for this to come fast, and things to be too serious. Its just I had thought and needed to get them down. I think its a slight different take on it, other than the others I've read. In this Ash doesn't care about anything, and wants to die but knows his mother will be sad. So he just live to well live.

Warning: Characters will be OC (mainly cause I've haven't watch pokemon in a LONG time) Also this will only have Pokemon from Kanto to Shinnoh, since I don't know too much on Unova.

The pairing is undecided. I'm thinking about a Harem, if not then the pairing will probably be Cynthia since I absolutely like her the most. I'll let you guys decide on that.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon...

Ash a sixteen year old, has just been convicted of murder of three people one of the victims was his mother, and the other two were Mr. and Mrs. Oak, Gray's parents. One day Mrs. Ketchum was visiting Mr. and Mrs. Oak something she does weekly. They would talk about their sons, and reminisce about when they were young.

One day Mr. and Mrs. Oak's house was in flames, killing all three of them all of who were in the house. The only evidence the police have found was a footprint of a fire type Pokemon known as Charizard. Everyone in pallet knew the only person in Pallet that had a Charizard was Ash, so ash was charged for murder.

During the trial Ash defendant brought out evidence that Ash's Charizard wasn't here, and couldn't as he was on Charicific Valley training with Liza. As proof Liza told them herself that Charizard was training that day. So all charges were off Ash, and he was proven innocent. Though it didn't stop his friends to blame him for his action. It seems they didn't believe that Ash was innocent yet.

When Ash went to them, for comfort this was not what he expected.

"Ash how could you!" yelled Misty, May, Max, and Dawn. Their parents and sisters standing in the background, glaring at Ash, with disapproving looks.

"You're a madman!" yelled Brock

"I can't believe you would do something like this I am ashamed to have given you the Pokedex." Yelled Professor Oak

"We were childhood friends Ash, Why!" Yelled Gary.

"I didn't do anything!" replied Ash in shock. He couldn't believe his friends, friends from the beginning of his journey. That they betray him like this, even after the evidence was shown he was innocent.

"We hate you. You murderer. We aren't friends with a killer." Those were the words that broke Ash. Ash realized everything and hung is head in sorrow. He started his way down the road of Pallet. Pikachu who was there through the whole thing was glaring at Ash's former friends. Electricity coming out of its cheek.

"Stop it Pikachu! Don't bother with them we are leaving." Ash said sadly. Pikuchu reluctantly followed Ash not before giving his 'friends' a glare.

"Good riddance." They said, but Ash ignored them and continued walking.

'What do I do now, there's no reason for me to live. My mom's gone, my friends betrayed me… I know mom doesn't want me to commit suicide; she wants me to live a happy life… At least I can do is live out this life and hope I move to the next.' This was the last thought of Ash, before he changed into a complete person.

Six Years Later

"Hey Red I've called to ask you to join the Legend League." Said a voice, this voice was Charles Goodshow, president of the Pokemon League. At the moment he was currently talking through a phone line. He was talking to a person known as Red, a unknown throughout the Pokemon World, but Charles knew the accomplishments he had, even if it was kept secret.

The person he was currently talking to was in the Pokemon Center, the person's face though was covered by a cloak and a hood. Charles only sighed, as he knows Red wasn't comfortable with many people, him included apparently.

"How the hell did you know I was here?" replied Red, a little shock that he was founded.

"I have my ways." Red only grumbled by Charles answer.

"Screw it, I don't care. I'm not participating in any tournament no matter what you say or offer. Later I'm going to sleep now." Red was about to turn off the signal until Charles sighed.

"I didn't want to come to this, but it seems I have no other choice." Said Charles, at that moment a squadron consisting of ten men all big and strong with suits looking very professional, they all were carry Pokemon League badges, and they surrounded Red.

"Seriously are you kidding me? You're using force so I'll participate in your tournament?" said Red. "I can take them on."

"I know you can but would you really risk the publicity? As well as the police on you?" said Charles with a smirk.

"Fine." Red grumbled. "Let's go Pikachu" Said Pokemon hopped on Red shoulder, as he and the men went into a limo. The men still surrounding Red not believing in his words. The limo started driving towards Charles home.

Charles House

Red entered the home of Charles, it was a giant mansion, with at least thirty bedrooms and twenty bathroom. A fountain when you enter the house, and a swimming pool in the backyard. There is also a Pokemon battlefield in the backyard as well.

"Nice house." Said Red to himself.

"Ah Ash. It great to see you again." Said Charles, who came out from a room when he saw the now known Ash.

"I prefer you call me Red, you never be too sure if there are any eavesdropper around." Replied Ash. Charles frowned but nodded anyways.

"It great to see you here A- I mean Red." Said Charles correcting himself.

"All thanks to you." Ash replied monotone. Charles sighed.

"Anyways make yourself at home." Ash nodded and looked around the house once again.

"Where's my room?" asked Ash. Charles was confused it was only noon, what would Ash want to do this early in the day, and it doesn't seem like he had and luggage either.

"Its in the second floor, on the right side of the house, third door to your left. It's a guest room but you can use it." Replied Charles, Ash nodded and prepare to go where he was told until Charles stopped him. "Why are you so anxious to get to your room so early, and not explore? Its not like you have any luggage."

"I'm going to sleep, I'm tired. I'll explore when I feel like it." Replied Ash as he went to his room. Charles frowned when Ash left, it seems after that faithful day all Ash do is sleep and waste his life away, not caring about anything. It was as if he was living but in truth he was dead, waiting for the day he would die. The only reason he didn't just commit suicide is because he knows his mom would be disappointed in him.

Charles knew that even after that day Ash continued his journey though alone, expect with his Pokemons. He had spies keep watch of him, so he knew just what Ash did on his journey, To say he was impressed was an understatement, he was extremely proud of him. Why wouldn't he, he did save the world from domination from evil groups, as well as other accomplishments.

Even doing that Ash seemed distant, and non-caring. Charles didn't know what to do or how to save him, he truthfully wanted to save him, but didn't know how. It even seems Arceus and the legendary Pokemon wanted to save him as well. From what he was told in his dream.

Flashback Last Month

Charles was sleeping, and in his dream in was in a cloudy land.

"Huh where am I?" said Charles looking around. He looked around until he looked at something and froze. In front of him was the Pokemon Creator itself Arceus, the most strongest Pokemon of all time, and father of all Pokemon as well as Legendary. Around Arceus were the different Legendary Pokemon, which consists of Mew, Mewtwo, Moltres , Zaptos, Articuno, Ho-Ho, Lugia, Suicune, Entei, Raikou, Celebi Latias, Latios, Groundon, Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Kyogre, Groundon, Rayquaza, Jirachi, Both Deoxys, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Dialga Palkia, Giratina, Creesselia, Darkrai, Manaphy, Reegigigas, Heatran, and Shaymin. They were all standing or floating around him. While he was facing Arceus.

Charles quickly bowed when he saw the creator of Pokemon.

"Lord Arceus, why have you come to me?" asked Charles with a lot of respect he could muster while bowing, still fairly shocked seeing the God Pokemon in front of him.

"I've come to you to talk about the chosen one." Replied Arceus.

"Chosen one? You mean Ash Ketchum?" Charles knew who the chosen one was, he did see signs of Ash showing potential. That and the fact Arceus appeared in one of his dreams to tell him who the chosen one was.

"That is correct."

"What about Ash, he saved the world. What could be wrong with him? Other than the fact that he wears out his life."

"Its himself that is what's wrong, he done so much for us and the world. He needs happiness after all he did for us. After that day with his former friend he hasn't cared about anything. Just doing this as he is told living out his life hoping one day he can die."

"What do you propose we do then?"

"Maybe he need a girl, or girls it doesn't matter really I mean he did save the world more than once, he deserves it." Charles looked at Arcues with a gob smack expression.

"A girl, or girls in that matter really?" he said in disbelief if it was something that simple.

"Yeah, it doesn't seem money or anything worked. Sure he still cares for his Pokemon and they care for him but a girl can show him a different care. Trust me he needs a girl/girls." Replied Arceus, Charles still looked at the Pokemon shocked. "Plus he's handsome, and a great guy. He also did get Latias to fall head over heels for him."

Latias blushed when she heard this, which cause the other Legendaries to smirk, including Mew, and Celebi. That was before Arceus gave a smirk himself. "Lets not forget about Mew, and Celebi." This time the said Pokemon blushed while Latias was laughing at them, causing them to glare at her.

"Anyways back to the main thing. Remember what I told you, save Ash. I will send you some help later on." Said Arceus after that Charles dream faded and he woke up.

Flashback End

"Can't believe I have to find him a girl, now who has a crush on him…" said Charles to himself, and then he thought about the girls that likes Ash or has a crush on him. His eyes widen when he realize how many girls Ash met not to mention has a crush on him, the numbers were overwhelming. "And he's still a virgin…" he said with disbelief. Charles started to narrow Ash huge list to girls that actually like him, or care for him more.

"Well there's Cynthia, and K-" said Charles before he stopped himself from continuing. "Let's not ask her yet, let's go with Cynthia. Good thing she in the Tournament. Let's just call the Elite Four to come a little bit earlier, than the suppose meeting time, you know to get to know the arena a little more." Charles then went to follow what the Legendary told him to do, save Ash.

Ash's Room

Ash went to his room and opened the window into the balcony. He went reached into his bag to pulled out all his Pokeballs, he then released his Pokemon into the field.

"Go explore this place, and come back when you're done." Said Ash. His Pokemons nodded and explore. Ash jumped on the bed and prepares to sleep. His Pikachu did the same. Next to Ash was a Pokemon, the Pokemon was blue with black stripes and spikes coming out of its backhand. This was Lucario, one of Ash's most loyal Pokemon second only to Pikachu. Lucario was the Pokemon that Ash found as a Rilou during Ash's journey.

One day while Ash was traveling by himself, he found Rilou beaten up, he helped him. After Rilou healed Ash realized that it was the same Rilou from back when he was younger. Ash let Rilou go but Rilou insisted on following him. Eventually Ash complied and caught him. Rilou was also the only Pokemon other than Pikachu that spend most of his time outside his Pokeball. Unlike Pikachi who's usually on Ash's shoulder, or head. Rilou walked next to Ash, even when he evolved into Lucario.

"Master aren't you going to explore the house." Asked Lucario using telepathy. Ash could talk to any of his Pokemon and his Pokemon could talk to him.

"I'm fine, I'll explore later." Replied Ash. Lucario sighed, even though he followed his master, he could tell that his master changed from the last time he saw him. Lucario knew about the incident and can only blame his former friends for his master's change.

"Then I'll stay until you do." Said Lucario.

"No you shouldn't stay because of me."

"Its ok Master, I don't really like doing anything without you." Ash sighed and went to sleep, as well as Pikachu sleeping next to him, while Luario slept on the couch.

Next Day

"Hey Ash wake up." Yelled Charles. Ash didn't respond and continued sleeping. "I SAID WAKE UP!" Ash jumped from his bed and groaned.

"What is it Mr. Goodshow" he replied tiredly he really just wanted to sleep, like usual.

"We are leaving." Replied Charles.

"What the hell where? I just came here. Let me sleep." Argued Ash mad at the fact he was woken up, especially this early in the morning. Ash looked at the clock and it read 10 A.M., yup still too early.

"Hurry up Red! We need to leave."

"Where the hell are we going."

"Where going to Legend lsland. That is where the tournament is held. Ash groaned but realized something.

"What isn't the tournament in like three months, and aren't people like in training camps right now?" he asked.

"Yes but I need to have a meeting with the Elite Four of each region, Scott, the professors and leading exclusive so we can discuss about the tournament." Ash sighed and packs his things.

"Let's hurry up so I can sleep." Replied Ash getting into the limo with Charles. In the car ride Ash read the handbook on the Legend League.

The Legend League, A league to test the best of the best. To win this tournament means you are crown best trainer of this generation. This tournament happens every ten years, and it test your ability like no other. Only the best of the best are invited to join. Legendary Pokemon Trainers, Pokemon Masters, Trainer that have shown to have great potential in Pokemon battle, these are the people that are invited.

An event that happens once a decade. This tournament takes place on Legend Island thus the name of the Legend League. Legend Island, an Island where many of the Trainers that become Legend go to train. It is said that the Island has many strong wild Pokemons, some rivaling Pseudo Pokemons themselves. Legend Island is also advance in technology, its economy is one of the top, as well as leading in fashion. Its perfect climate makes it the perfect home for retired people, or the perfect vacation spot.

To be selected to participate in the Legend League is an honor itself. Six weeks before the tournament there is training camp so you can prepare for the tournament itself. In this camp you will receive help and advices from some of the best trainer alive, as well as the Elite Four and its Champions. These tips should help you in the tournament but in the end it is up to your join skills that will take you to the top. Hope you luck on your journey to the top.

"So what you think?" asked Charles noticing Ash reading the tournament pamphlet.

"Nothing much, I'm going to sleep." Replied Ash, not caring a one bit. He close the book put it away and feel asleep.

How was it I hoped you liked it.

Remember this is like a side story, so don't expect fast updates for it. As for the Harem, if you want the legendary Pokemon to be in it, I will give them human forms *cough* *cough* Arceus *cough*. If not then I don't know probably just let them hang with Ash... Also if you want a harem then tell me who you want but Cynthia is diffidently in, you don't have a say in that. Some girls I was thinking of are Melody, and Sabrina... and anyone who's beautiful.

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