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Chapter 1:

Surprisingly easy to love you…

If there was one thing Canada knew; it was that he loved Prussia with his whole heart. No matter the protests that his brother made. Although it was becoming quite annoying, having America here all the time!

"AMERICA…go home already! I'm alright!" Canada exasperated and crossed his arms over his middle. Kumajiro sat beside him looking at America.

"NO. I WANNA STAY AND PLAY SOME COD WITH YOU!" America whined and crossed his arms too, trying to appear bigger. His Hero ego showing through.

"You just wanna stay so you can be a bother to Prussia!" Canada accused as he walked back into his living room. He sat down on the couch in front of the fire place.

"No…I re…" America stopped as soon as Canada glared at him. "So what? I wanna see that my brother is well taken care of! Is that so bad?"

"If you aren't out of my house within the next five seconds I will call England to come get you…" Threatened Canada as he reached into his pocket and pulled out his cellphone. He had England on spead dial, just for this sort of occasion.

America waved his arms and grabbed Canada's hands in his own. He gave Canada his best puppy dog face and sat down on the couch beside him.

"OKAY OKAY! Don't call Iggy…who knows what that guy will do to me…" He cringed inwardly and stood up again. "I will leave…but I will be back tomorrow!"

Canada nodded, he would have to seclude himself to his room tomorrow. That way America wouldn't be able to find him. As soon as America left, Canada flipped open his phone and texted Prussia.

[Hey Gilbo…are you still coming over tonight?]

While he waited for Prussia to reply, he decided to go and fix something to eat. As he examined the contents of his fridge, he noticed that he hadn't been able to buy some groceries. Maybe he should run to the market?...He phone began to ding and vibrate on the counter. He picked it up and saw that Prussia was calling him. ODD, he certainly preferred texting so that his brother wouldn't question who he was talking to.

"Hello?" Canada said into the phone.

"Hey Mattie, sorry I didn't text you back. I still wanna come over tonight, if you're up to it?" Prussia said, his brother had mentioned leaving tonight. On some date with Italy.

"Yeah sure…that's fine…" Canada said and leaned against the counter. "I'm gonna run to the market and buy some groceries. Is there anything in particular you want?"

"PANCAKES! WITH LOTS OF MAPLE SYRUP!" Prussia replied enthusiastically. He loved Mattie's pancakes.

"Okay…then just text me when you're here or close…if I am not home there's a key under the mat." Canada said and turned around, he grabbed a pencil and a notepad. He needed to write down something so he wouldn't forget. So often Canada had gotten everything but what he really had came for.

"Alright…see you soon" Prussia said and ended the call.

"Prussia hey…" Canada said quickly, and then looked at the phone. He sighed softly and closed it. "I love you Gilbo…don't you love me?"

Approximately a half an hour late, Prussia was standing outside Canada's front door. He was holding a duffel bag and a bag pack. Canada had offered for him to stay for awhile, so they could enjoy some time alone. As Prussia rang the door bell, and after ten minutes go no answer; decided to use the spare key. Once inside he looked around the toasty living room, there was no sign of Canada. He must still be at the market. A note hung on the wall just inside the door. It was stuck right about where Canada hung his keys.

It read: Gilbo, If I am still at the market when you get here…just make yourself at home. I don't have much beer…but there should be a bottle or two under the counter. Help yourself. Canada

Prussia sighed and sat his bags on the couch; he made his way to the kitchen. He opened a counter door and pulled out the empty crate. There was only one bottle of beer left and he assumed that it probably wasn't what he needed. Prussia slid the crate back into place and closed the door back. He pulled out his phone and texted Canada.

[Hey. I let myself in. I'm just gonna play your COD mkay? Until you get back…]

He waited a few seconds until Canada texted back.

[Kay. Sorry about this. America was being annoying early and wouldn't leave.]

America was a git, was Prussia's first thought. Sure, that blonde boy had a hero complex, but he sure made it hard when Prussia wanted to be with Canada…Damn bastard.

[No Prob. I'm just glad he left…I would hate to get into a fight with him…]

Prussia sarcastic attitude could be felt across the phone line. It made Canada shiver as he drove down the main road which led back to his house. Canada knew about Prussia's anger issues, and the fact that he and his brother got into fights every other night. But around him, Prussia was really sweet and calm. It was like he was a totally different person.

Canada pulled into the driveway of his house and pushed the button to open the garage. He pulled his car in and reclosed the garage door. The motion light illuminated the entire garage, so that Canada wouldn't trip. He unlocked the car doors and let Kumajiro out. The little bear may be a polar bear, but he certainly did not like cold floors. Canada walked over to the side door that led into the kitchen and opened it. As soon as he did, Prussia appeared and leaned against the door frame.

"Hey Mattie…" Prussia said, his smooth voice made Canada's face grow red. "What's wrong? Were you out in the cold too long…?"
"Ah…no! I just was surprised that you weren't glued to that game." Canada said jokingly and walked back to his car, he pressed the remote on his key chain. The trunk popped open, and he lifted it up. "Wanna help me with the groceries? There is a lot here…"

Prussia nodded and pulled on his coat, he walked down into the garage and began loading bags of food on his arms. Canada had grabbed a few bags and led him into the kitchen. They each made two more trips, until all that was left was the bottled waters. Prussia waved off Canada, saying that he could grab them while Canada put the food away. Canada nodded and began to do just that. Prussia had walked out into the garage and grabbed the water bottle packages. He set them on the cold concrete and closed the trunk lid. He carried the packages inside and laid them next to the fridge. Canada had been putting away the last of the canned goods. He folded the rest of the paper bags and slid them beside his fridge.

"So how was your market trip? Probably reallllly unawesome because I wasn't there huh?" Prussia asked, he crossed his arms and ,leaned against the fridge. His eyes sliding over Canada's lean, feminine frame.

"Oh yes Gilbo…it was amazingly unawesome. No one was there to complain about the lack of beer!" Canada said teasingly.

Prussia face grew a bit red and he let out a haughty laugh, as he laughed he pushed away from the fridge. Sliding over to Canada and boxing him against the island counter edge. His arms circling Canada, his eyes staring straight into Canada's. Prussia grinned really wide and leaned into Canada.

"Well…then I think I should make my stay here as awesome as I can…then…shouldn't I?"

Canada felt himself swallow hard, his face flushed with heat as he nodded. He nudged Prussia tummy gently with his finger and laughed nervously. Canada wasn't sure what exactly was going to happen tonight. After all, Prussia was his close friend and he didn't want to ruin that.

"Are you…hungry?" Canada asked softly, he averted his eyes from Prussia's gaze. Flicking towards the still unput away pancake supplies.

"Uh…Matty boy…you sure know exactly what I need huh?" Prussia said softly and leaned away, rubbing his hands over his face. "Pancakes for dinner?"

"Why not?" Canada moved away quickly, and began to pour the batter into a bowl. He turned to the fridge and looked at Prussia.

He had…wanted to go further, but…he didn't know if he was ready.

Canada had had a few lovers before, he wasn't inexperienced. Perhaps the lack of censure in his home became something he felt he needed. France was always chasing men and women around. England on the other hand has made sure France knew exactly why they got together in the first place. Canada turned away from Prussia once more, and began to prepare the pancakes.

Prussia watched as Canada all but ran to make the food. It was like a mouse running from a cat, nothing more than that. He had felt a little awkward approaching Canada this way, but what else could he do? Sometimes Canada was as dense as Italy. Well, sometimes. Italy was very dense sometimes; he even had fallen for more than one of Prussia's seductions before. However, before Prussia could even unbutton the poor Italian's pants, his brother had carried him off like a caveman. All the while ranting about how Italy needs to be wiser about the company he keeps.

Prussia could feel Canada's eyes every so often, but he ignored it. Maybe Canada was feeling uneasy about the whole thing. It wasn't like they had ever been bed buddies or had screwed around before. Most of the time, Prussia just found a playmate, played awhile and the girl…[or sometimes guy] went on their merry way. Satisfied…and sometimes a little unhappy about Prussia's cold attitude. But their anger had no effect on him, the only one who mattered where feelings were concerned…was Canada. That was the only person who saw Prussia as more than a fallen nation.

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