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Chapter 5

Snowy chaos

"MATTHEW SLOW THIS CAR DOWN IMMEDIATELY!" Arthur screamed over Francis's wailing cry and Alfred's woo-hoos. Arthur grabbed the edge of the driver's seat and held on for dear life. After the confrontation with Gilbert, Francis had ran after Mattie, convincing him to slow down and not be rash. Arthur and Alfred following them, worried about their little friend

However, that didn't stop Mattie from jumping into the driver's seat of his car and revving the engine. The look on his tear streaked face said it all; anger, hurt, confusion...so many emotions played across his face. At the moment, anger was the foremost one that they could see. All three countries were bouncing around in their seats. Alfred beside Arthur in the back seat, Francis a wailing bouncing mess in the passenger's seat. All three were bounced around the car, hitting windows, the top of the car and becoming entangled in each other's limbs.

"Matthew...please...you must slow down..." Francis pleaded, his face pale and weary as he hit the side of the dashboard. "The road is far too icy and slick for you to be driving at this speed..."

After a few more minutes of being thrown around the car, Alfred reached forward and grabbed his brothers face and looked him directly in the eyes. Mattie's eyes were glazed over and the tears just kept streaming. Finally, with Francis guiding the wheel to stay on the road, Mattie blinked and seemed to come back into consciousness.

"Mattie..." Alfred whispered, the car slowing down to a nice 15 miles per hour, while the weather outside seemed to get worse with every mile they traveled. "Mattie...let me drive..."

"Okay..." Mattie said softly, guiding the car to the side of the road, he put it in park and climbed into the back seat with Arthur.

Alfred got out of the car and quickly shuffled over to the driver's side and slid in behind the wheel. He buckled his seat belt and looked back at Mattie who was asleep laying on Arthur's lap. Alfred turned back to the wheel and began driving towards Mattie's house. It was lucky that Mattie had his own home away from the main town. It would have been awkward if Gilbert had decided to come over with those other two countries...

"Alfred...Gilbert truly did not know what his little love.." Francis began saying, until Alfred cut him off with a swift motion of his hand.

Alfred didn't want to hear that worthless man's name while his brother was in such a state. Mattie had almost cost them their lives, and it was that man's fault. Why did he have to be so brash and jump to conclusions. Alfred pulled the car into Mattie's drive way and pressed the button for his garage. The garage door open slowly, probably frozen by ice, and parked the car inside and closed the garage door back. He turned the car off and hit the button on the remote to turn the garage lights on.

"Be careful when you step outside, there's an icy patch next to that wall..." Alfred pointed out to Francis who had just opened his door.

Francis walked out carefully and opened the back door, Mattie was still laying on Arthurs lap asleep. This situation must have caused a great amount of emotional stress...the boy looked so exhausted. Francis picked the sleeping boy up and held him in his arms as he waited for Alfred to open the door into the house. Once inside, Francis laid Mattie on the couch in front of the fire place and took off his heavy coat. He replaced the coat with a thick wool blanket. Francis removed Mattie's shoes and laid them in the kitchen next to his own.

"We need to talk about this...Mattie can't handle this on his own..." Arthur said, shaking his coat over the door way and hanging it on the coat rack beside the door. He removed his boots and stepped over towards the kitchen island which was still covered in paperwork from the doctor.

"I want to be there for Mattie as well..." Francis informed the two nations, as he stood on the opposite side of the island. He was genuinely concerned for Mattie. Gilbert was one of his good friends but he had known that Mattie would have been sensitive and more at risk for being the one to get hurt if Gilbert got upset. "He is my dear friend after all..."

"Then...we should all help him out so that he won't have to even think about Gilbert..." Alfred said, and sat down on a stool next to the island. He let his eyes glance over to his brother who had curled up on the couch asleep. "Gilbert is such an ass...I hope his balls freeze off in the snow..."

"DAMMIT BRUDER!" Ludwig yelled from the front of his brand new car that was now totally crunched up in the front. He was near to killing his bruder who had been driving recklessly in the snow storm and had nearly killed them all. "I TOLD YOU TO SLOW DOWN!"

Gilbert huffed and stood outside beside Antonio who was shivering and sniffling pitifully. The Spaniard was not used to such a cold place that much was true. Glibert looked around and found the sign he had been looking for, his ace brightened which caused Ludwig to become even more enraged.

"I found it!" Gilbert shouted and began walking up the hill, sliding back a few steps and huffing all the way. He walked up to the sign and pointed. "This means we are not far from Mattie's house...We can walk from here..."

"I gu...guess...tha...that's...what we...ACHOOOOO!" Antonio sneezed and sniffled again, the sound was disgusting enough to make Gilbert gag. "Le...let's start walking then..."

Antonio began walking towards Gilbert with Ludwig following behind him, pausing every few times to glare back at his car who was quickly becoming covered in snow and ice. Gilbert could hear Ludwig cursing and talking to himself as they walked and cringed, he would definitely have to suck up to his brother when they got through all this craziness. Antonio was probably also never going to forgive him for this, but he would likely get over it once he saw Lovino. The trio trekked up the frozen hill and gave a loud sigh of relief when they saw a house with lights brightly lit in the distance.

"WARMMMMMMTH!" Antonio screamed and began running toward the house, Gilbert and Ludwig followed behind him and looked through the window. No one was in the living room. Gilbert walked over to the garage door and tugged at it a bit. The door gave and began sliding up enough for the three frozen countries to slide under and inside.

"This is Mattie's house Gilbert?" Antonio asked still shivering from the cold. He looked around and walked up one side of the garage and stopped in front of the door that led into the house.

"Yupp...Mattie always loved living here, away from all the craziness of big towns." Gilbert said, his mind wondering to Mattie, whom he had cruelly accused of being a slut. "There should be a key hidden under one of these things..."

Gilbert motioned to the shelves next to the door, Ludwig walked over and began looking as well. Antonio looked for a bit then got tired of his hands being fingersicles, he walked over to the door and tried to turn the knob...It turned all the way and Antonio's face grew bright as he turned to his friends and nearly yelled. "Its unlocked!"

"NO!" Gilbert yelled and his footing was completely lost as he slid on the ice, He fell and slid into Ludwig, who fell and hit his head on Mattie's car. Antonio looked at them confused until a loud and sharp siren started wailing. The door that led into Mattie's house wide open. "He...Mattie has an alarm system..."

Alfred and the other two countries had moved Mattie into his bedroom and let him stay there to sleep. He deserved a little peace after all the chaos that he had endured today. They had all gathered out into the hall on the second floor to decided which bedrooms they would take for the night, when they heard a loud crash and the siren of the house alarm sounding. All three countries jumped to action, each grabbing large items to fight along the way down into the first floor.

"...burglar?" Arthur asked hesitantly, hiding behind Alfred and peering over into the empty living room. Arthur was leading the two men down into the room and peered into the kitchen, which was empty except for the door that was wide open. "...Alfred..."

"Gilbo...IS THAT BLOOD?!" Antonio's thick accent could be heard as he yelled from the doorway.

"...Gilbo?" Francis questioned and walked over to the doorway quickly and flicked on the light switch that filled the garage with light. On the floor beside Mattie's car were Gilbo, who was holding his brother's bleeding head, Ludwig unconscious and bleeding profusely and Antonio nearly passing out from the sight of blood.

"What are you three doing here?!" Alfred yelled and peered out from behind Francis who was blocking the entrance to the garage. Arthur was already down beside Ludwig, looking over his wounded head.

"We had an accident...and crashed the car that Ludwig drove us here in...and then Gilbert remembered that Mattie's house was close and we walked here..." Antonio informed them, Francis sighed and walked over to help lift Ludwig from the garage floor with the help of Gilbert.

"Oh NO! HE..." Alfred pointed to Gilbert and glared, "IS NOT STAYING HERE AFTER WHAT HE DID!"

"ALFRED JONES...Ludwig is injured and possibly has a concussion...he needs medical attention right away!" Arthur informed him glaring and pushing him back into the house with a rough shove. "We can worry about Gilbert after we make sure his brother is okay!"

Alfred frowned and walked over to the kitchen island and sat down on a stool. He watched as they brought in the injured country and laid him on the island. Arthur was rushing around looking for something in the kitchen, Probably the first aid kit. Alfred pulled open the pantry door and pointed to the first aid kit that hung on the door. Arthur walked over and pulled it off the door and smacked Alfred over the head with it.

"Quit being such a jerk...Ludwig could die..." Arthur spit out and ran back to where Ludwig was laying, he place a cloth on Ludwig's head and instructed Antonio to hold the clothe firmly to stop the flow of blood. If the blood didn't stop flowing then Ludwig could bleed out onto the floor and die.

Mattie could hear voices downstairs and he lifted up in bed and stared into the darkness of his room. He didn't remember changing into his pajamas...he didn't even remember...WAIT...wasn't he driving home from...He covered his mouth as a small gasp escaped it. Mattie remembered the fight with Gilbo...and then he had run out of the restaurant...Then he remembered driving towards home and the others screaming at him to slow down...Then after its just...a blurr...

Mattie shook his head quickly and reached over to his nightstand where his glasses lay and put them on. Kuma was laying on the end of his bed asleep. The little polar bear was often his only confidant when it came to stress that he had, even though he never remembered who he was... Mattie scooted off his bed and stood looking outside of his window into the sky, which had grown dark and was barely visible beneath the quickly falling layers of snow. Mattie turned to go to the bathroom when he heard a loud crash and a yelp.

"IGGY WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?!" Alfred's voice was loud and clear as Mattie creeped to his bedroom door and listened out.

"For being an imbecile...you know that turning Gilbert out into this storm would only hurt Mattie..." Arthur stated plainly and begin applying some antibiotic salve to Ludwig's head.

"WELL!" Alfred nearly yelled louder until Arthur raise a rather large meat tenderizing mallet and made a motion towards his head.

"MATTIE is still asleep...so be quiet or I will throw YOU out into this storm and let your balls freeze off!" Arthur threatened, all of the other men, besides Ludwig for his obvious lack of consciousness, cringed and nearly covered themselves. "We need to be quiet until we figure out how Ludwig's condition is..."

Francis nodded and laid some of the bloody rags he had pressed to Ludwig's head, in attempts to stop the bleeding, in the sink where hot water was being held. Alfred huffed and crossed his arms over his chest, peering out into the dark storm that had come upon them. None of them knew when the storm might let up, so until then they were all stuck in the little house together. Gilbert was watching Arthur as he worked and inwardly cringed...he had realized that if he had never fought with Mattie then this would have never happened.

"Is he gonna be okay?" Gilbert asked as Arthur wrapped a gauze bandage around Ludwig's head and fastened it tightly.

"He will as long as his wound doesn't bleed anymore...As far as I could tell the wound wasn't too deep but the head injury he suffered from hitting the car might cause injury to his brain. We need to get him to a hospital with real doctors to make sure...but this is the best I can do under the circumstances..." Arthur answered and walked over to the sink and washed his hands and arms which were covered in blood and other medical ointments.

"I never knew that you were so knowledgeable about medical situations Iggy..." Francis said and smiled, genuinely surprised.

"I had to be...I lived with that idiot..." Arthur stated and nodded his head towards Alfred who had huffed and gotten pouty at that statement, he wasn't that prone to injury.

A smile giggle sounded from the stairs and all eyes turned towards it. Mattie covered his mouth and then frozen as Alfred jumped to walked to the stairs and look up at him with his big goofy grin. Mattie smiled back with a small smile and waved a bit, he stood and walked down to stand in front of Alfred and look out at everyone. Gilbert couldn't meet his eyes and only stared at his brother.

"...what happened?" Mattie asked and looked at the serious faces of all of the countries, trying to avoid making eye contact with Gilbert.

"Ah...you see...we got you home...but you had passed out in the back of the car...so we carried you inside and put you to bed. However...right as we were deciding where to sleep for the night, we heard a crash and the house alarm sounded...I'm surprised you didn't hear it..." Alfred stated and scratched the back of his head laughing slightly. Mattie was always a heavy sleeper, even when they were small children.

"Ah...I'm guessing the crash was Ludwig falling and hitting his head?" Mattie asked, walking down toward Ludwig and frowning. There was a lot of blood on his shirt and in the sink...

"Yeah...sorta...Gilbert...kinda fell when I opened the door and the alarm went off as he was trying to warn me...which in turn he fell into Ludwig and caused him to fall and hit his head..." Antonio informed him, he had been sitting directly in front of the fire, warming back up. "We didn't mean to intrude but after what happened..."

All of them fell silent and Mattie nodded running his fingers over Ludwig's hair. Ludwig had been nice to Mattie whenever Gilbert had him over, even nicer to him than he was to his own brother. Mattie glanced over to Gilbert who was looking at him and then quickly glanced down. Mattie could feel the tears prickled but he quickly swallowed that thought and cleared his throat.

"Well...I guess then we have no choice but to all bunk together tonight...I don't have a lot of beds but two of you can sleep by the fire and the rest can bunk together..." Mattie said softly and walked over to the closet near the fire place. He pulled out some extra blankets and pillows and laid them on the couch. "There's more in the extra bedrooms if you need them..."

Gilbert had had enough, he stood and walked over to Mattie standing directly in front of him. He looked down into his face which startled the little country and nearly sent him scurrying backward. "Why didn't you tell me you were pregnant?!"

Mattie swallowed and looked down for a quick second and then looked back up, his face firm and straight. He shook his head and clenches his fists in anger. "I tried...when I texted you...and you said those things and I thought it was best not to tell you anything..."

"Why wouldn't I want to be a part of the baby's life?! I'm the child's father!" Gilbert nearly yelled, and that cause Mattie to step back and Arthur to step between them.

"That's enough Gilbert...everyone is pretty strung out right now and having this conversation is not going to make things any better..." Arthur stated with a seething look at Gilbert which made even his blood curdle.

"FINE! fine...but eventually we are going to have to talk about this!" Gilbert said and walked back over to his brother, ignoring the look from the other countries.

Arthur wrapped his arm around Mattie's shoulder and steered him back towards the stairs with a little push. Mattie gladly and greatfully walked up the stairs a bit and stopped to listen to what Arthur was telling the others.

"Alfred you are going to sleep upstairs in the single bedroom, I will share with Mattie because none of you are going to make this any better...and the rest of you can fight over bedrooms...HOWEVER, we need to put Ludwig in a bedroom where someone can keep an eye on him..." Arthur stated and looked around the room.

"I will take the first watch..." Gilbert said in a quiet voice, he was faced away from everyone and looking down on his brother.

"Fine, you can have the guest bedroom down here. Francis will help you move Ludwig into that bedroom, if he gets a fever or something happens come get me immediately..." Arthur stated and motioned for Alfred to go upstairs as well. Alfred walked up the stairs grudgingly, feeling like a child who had just been chastised. "There is one bedroom upstairs with a full bed if anyone wants it...just letting you know...goodnight..."

Arthur walked quickly up the stairs and followed Mattie into his bedroom, he turned to the smaller country and sighed. Everyone was on edge tonight and no one needed the peace and quiet more than he did.

"Thank you Arthur...I really do appreciate all your doing..." Mattie said as he searched out some pajamas for Arthur and handed them to him. "There's an unopened toothbrush in the cabinet if you wanna use it..."

Arthur nodded and smiled a bit, he took the pajamas and walked into the bathroom to change. After he had finished he walked back out into the room and found Mattie sound asleep under the covers. Being pregnant could sure tire you out quickly...that Arthur knew for sure. Arthur creeped over to the bedroom door and walked over to Alfred's room where Alfred was sound asleep. Or...perhaps it was just a brother thing...both countries were already asleep after only a short time...

A few hours later, Mattie woke up with a dry throat and a need for a good cool glass of water. He knew that he had cold bottles of water in the fridge downstairs, so Mattie creeped down stairs and grabbed a bottle, then before he could creep back up he noticed that the light to the guest bedroom where Ludwig was placed and Gilbert was watching over was on and a mumbled voice could be heard. Mattie creeped closer to the door and realized that Gilbert was talking to his brother...rather to his brothers unconscious form.

"I really screwed up...I ended up hurting the one person I truly care about and he will probably never forgive me..." Gilbert spoke in a hushed tone so low that Mattie almost couldn't hear him. "Bruder...your hurt because of the mistake I made...because I couldn't be more like you...What do I do now bruder? what...do I do?"

Mattie gasped as a hand covered his mouth and he was lifted from the doorway and taken quietly to the stairs. He peered over and saw long blonde locks peeping out and sighed, it was only Francis. Francis put him down at the top of the stairs and he stood there waiting.

"Ease dropping is not a good habit my little pregnant friend..." Francis said quietly and leaned against the wall watching the little country's reaction.

"I wasn't...I went to get a bottle of water and I saw the light was on...I was going to see if Gilbert wanted to get some rest..." Mattie said the darkness hiding the dark blush on his face.

"Ah...but yet you did not open the door, only stood listening as your lover confessed his guilty feelings to his brother's unconscious body." France said teasingly and patted Mattie on the head. "Gilbert is brash and sometimes says things too quickly for his filter to work...give him a chance to fix things..."

"...I love him..." Mattie said quietly and walked over to his bedroom door.

"I know you do...and he loves you...Don't forget that..." Francis said and walked down the hall to the guest bedroom and slipped inside.

"I never did..." Mattie whispered and walked into his bedroom closing the door.

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