Santana grimaced as she began to wake and realised she had a whole clump of hair in her mouth. She gagged and spluttered trying to spit it out since her arms were pinned and she couldn't use her hands to pull it from her lips. Her eyes snapped open to see a curtain of blonde hair all over her face and although she still had Brittany's hair in her mouth she couldn't help smiling around it as her panic immediately calmed. She wriggled trying to gently wake Brittany up.

Brittany stirred and sleepily raised her head to blink the sleep out of her eyes. When her eyes took in the sight of Santana lying patiently beneath her with her blonde hair in her mouth, Brittany began to giggle as she rushed to brush the hair aside.

"I'm sorry," Brittany mumbled sheepishly. "That's kinda gross. I guess even after all these years of sleeping together we still haven't completely figured it all out yet."

With Brittany's shifting Santana was able to pull her arms free and she immediately wrapped them around Brittany, smoothing her hands up and down Brittany's naked back.

"It's not gross when it's your hair," Santana admitted dotingly.

Brittany rolled her eyes even as she blushed. Only Santana would say such a thing…

"It's morning, isn't it?" Brittany sighed regrettably as she tucked her head back under Santana's chin, careful not to flick her hair in Santana's face this time. Her body was completely draped over Santana's, their still very much naked torsos pressed against each other as they cuddled beneath the bed covers. "You should probably go for your morning run soon if you want to get ready for school in time…"

"School?" Santana groaned in complaint as she pushed her face into Brittany's warm shoulder. "I'm too sore to move."

Brittany giggled against Santana's chest having a fair understanding of why Santana was so sore.

"I don't want the track team to hate me because I let you get out of shape, San," Brittany reminded her. "Championships are coming up…"

Santana smirked naughtily as her hands slipped lower down Brittany's body to cup her butt.

"I can think of another way to stay in shape," Santana purred as she squeezed her hands.

Brittany smiled as she raised her head to send Santana a playfully chastising look.

"I thought you said that you're sore…" Brittany challenged even as Santana's insistent hands forced Brittany's legs to spread wide enough for Santana's thigh to slip between and make her hum at the gentle contact against her own tender centre.

"I am," Santana admitted as she leaned up to softly mouth at Brittany's lips. "But in the best way possible."

Brittany smiled wider into Santana's lips. She knew the soreness Santana was talking about because she felt it too. Apart from the general fatigue she felt in her usual muscles, her nipples felt raw from all the curious tweaking she'd endured and her sex was tender from all the vigorous rubbing that had transpired during their night-long exploration of each other. It was a new kind of soreness that she didn't mind in the slightest because it reminded her of all the wonderful memories they'd created together.

"I think I created more than just a kissing monster," Brittany teased as she slipped her arms under Santana's head effectively propping Santana up in a better position to deepen their sloppy early morning kiss.

"Why don't we skip school today and stay in bed all day?" Santana whispered as she carefully nudged her thigh between Brittany's legs, knowing the blonde would be just as sore as she.

Brittany whimpered as her legs pushed wider open, her blatantly obvious arousal spreading across Santana's thigh. Her overstimulated clit ached with every sluggish prod of Santana's leg but it also felt too good to stop.

"Careful San," Brittany cautioned against Santana's lips. "I'm sore too."

Santana stilled her thigh against Brittany just enjoying the feeling of Brittany's heat pressing against her skin. Brittany sighed at the constant pressure and happily pecked at Santana's lips.

"Your parents get home today," Brittany reminded her. "And if you get as loud as you did last night I think they'll figure out that we're hiding away up here playing hooky."

Santana's cheeks flushed at Brittany's teasing as she remembered the particular round Brittany was talking about.

"Hey, you just surprised me is all," Santana defended herself shyly. "I didn't know that was even possible…"

They were referring to last night when Brittany had surprised Santana by kissing her way down Santana's body. Santana hadn't even realised what Brittany was intending until she felt Brittany's tongue licking at her swollen sex. It had been enough of a shock to her system to make Santana shout out in shock and appreciation at the new but far from unwelcome sensation.

"I made you scream," Brittany teased some more as a smug grin tugged at her lips.

"Yeah well just wait until I get a chance to return the favour…"

Brittany began to look shy all of a sudden.

"You… you mean you would want to do that to me?" Brittany asked as she bit her lip. Just the thought of Santana's face between her legs made her feel even wetter.

Santana must have sensed Brittany's rush of arousal because her own bottom half twitched as she squeezed Brittany's butt cheeks harder in her hands.

"Are you kidding me?" Santana groaned out as the urge to roll Brittany over so she could have her way with her became almost too much to resist.

Brittany just blushed at Santana's reaction and waited for Santana to clarify herself properly.

"When you smell like this you smell so incredible," Santana explained as her hands continued to massage Brittany's curves. "Now that I know that doing that isn't just a perverted whim of mine; I can't wait to lose myself in your scent. You have no idea how much it calls to me…"

"And what does it say?" Brittany couldn't help asking as her mounting arousal got the better of her.

"I dunno… kiss me?" Santana stammered at the huskiness in Brittany's tone. "Touch me? Lick me? Taste me? Bury your face in me? … All of the above?"

Santana was blushing at the vulgar words coming from her mouth but she couldn't hide the way Brittany's scent wound her up.

"San," Brittany reprimanded as she rubbed her nose against Santana's, "You can't talk like that when we have to get up soon."

"Soon," Santana agreed as she smiled back at Brittany. "Not now. My alarm hasn't even gone off y-"

Santana's phone began to chime loudly from somewhere nearby signalling that it was time for them to wake up and start getting ready for school.

"No!" Santana groaned and squeezed her eyes shut as she cursed their bad timing.

Brittany simply giggled at her, forcing the arousal away as she climbed off Santana and slipped out of the bed in pursuit of the sound. She returned to sit on top of the covers with Santana's hoodie from two nights ago bunched in her hands as she dug into the pocket and pulled out Santana's flashing phone which she quickly disabled.

"You have a new message too," Brittany informed her as she flashed the screen at Santana.

"Really?" Santana answered in amazement. She never got messages from anyone except Brittany- and Brittany had been with her since she'd left her phone in a discarded pile of clothing on her bedroom floor. "What's it say?"

Brittany fiddled with Santana's phone for a moment before frowning at it.

"It's from a new number," Brittany relayed curiously.

Santana chuckled.

"Trust me, that's not very surprising… I'm pretty sure I've only got your number in there," Santana replied as she made a mental note to save the number from Tommy's call the other night so she would have his too. "So what's it say?"

Brittany cleared her throat as her eyes began to more over the screen.

"I tried to stop him," Brittany read aloud.

"Huh?" Santana frowned.

Brittany held the phone in front of Santana's face so she could read the message for herself. Santana reached for the phone and stared at the ominous message.

'I tried to stop him.'

"Weird," Santana commented, "Must be a mistake."

"A creepy mistake," Brittany agreed as she pulled Santana's hoodie on to ward off the early morning chill now that she was out of bed. "Way to kill the sexy mood creepy message person."

Santana frowned as Brittany covered up and could only watch as Brittany curiously dug into the other pocket and pulled her own phone out- her face lighting up with delight as she recognised it.

"My phone," Brittany squealed delightedly. "I thought I'd lost it!"

Santana wanted to smack herself for neglecting to return the blonde's phone earlier, but in her defence she'd been more than a little distracted.

"Yeah I found it in your room…"

"Thanks San, you're the best," Brittany told her as she leaned down to deliver a chaste kiss before sitting back up again. "And I've got four new messages!"

Santana simply smiled up at Brittany, appreciating her enthusiasm.

"Rebekah says 'Yay!'" Brittany relayed as she began to read through her messages, "Tommy must have told her about us."

Santana grumbled something to herself. Sure it was nice knowing that people were happy for them but Santana wasn't sure she liked the idea of Tommy blabbing about it to everyone before she even had a chance to come to terms with it all herself. Brittany and her life was completely changed now.

"And… three messages from you," Brittany said cutely as she went on to finally read Santana's unanswered texts from two days ago.

Santana blushed as she remembered how panicked she'd felt at the time, not knowing where Brittany was. She never wanted to feel like that again; she'd felt completely disorientated.

"Aww," Brittany cooed as she leaned over Santana once more and kissed her lovingly. "You're so sweet, San. I'm sorry for worrying you."

"S'okay," Santana hummed back as a big dopey grin took over her face.

Brittany laughed at her expression before pushing forward once more to deliver a deep probing kiss.

When Santana's hand sneaked under the hoodie she was wearing and started sliding up the blonde's body, Brittany forced herself to pull away as she sent Santana a chastising look.

"Nuh uh, we have to get ready for school," Brittany reminded her. "And we both need to take a shower; even without your heightened sense of smell I can tell that we both stink of sex."

As Brittany tried to pull away and head for Santana's bathroom, Santana caught up her hand and held on to her, which caused Brittany to quizzically glance back at her.

"We could take a shower together?" Santana suggested as she slid from the bed and came to stand in all her naked glory in front of Brittany. She tried not to sound too hopeful. The funny thing was that she didn't even mean the offer in a suggestive way- she just felt incredibly needy all of a sudden at the thought of parting from Brittany even for the short duration of a taking a shower. Their newfound intimacy had surely messed up her coping mechanisms when it came to their separation.

The visible marks on Santana's neck, shoulders and chest from where she'd bitten and sucked at her skin throughout the night made Brittany's lower stomach clench and she had to force herself to look directly into Santana's eyes. Of course the desperation she saw there made her heart clench too…

Brittany smiled warmly as she turned her wrist on Santana's hold and clasped their hands together instead as she tugged Santana into the bathroom with her.

"But no funny business or we're going to be late. And I don't want Sue keeping me back any later than I have to…" Brittany called over her shoulder. "My parents won't be home til later tonight and I plan on making full use of my empty house."

Santana grinned back at her as her mind started buzzing with the possibilities of how they could now spend their afternoon together.

Despite the abundance of opportunity the act of sharing a shower offered them, the girls did so playfully in a way that they hadn't been able to since they were children. They splashed at each other and washed each other's hair, now completely comfortable in each other's nakedness. They still stole the odd kiss from one other here and there, but overall it was an innocent affair that left both of them giggling and feeling lively as they welcomed their first day of facing the world together as a couple.

"What are we going to do about school?" Santana asked as she pulled her letterman jacket over her shoulders. The Cheerios was the only squad at their school who required members to be in full uniform at all times so unlike Brittany; Santana was comfortably dressed in a shirt and jeans. As part of the track team, Santana was merely encouraged to wear her letterman jacket on school grounds.

Brittany was still wrapped in a towel as she methodically tried to dry her hair so she could bind it up to meet the pristine Cheerios' standards.

"What do you mean?" Brittany asked her back.

"Everyone thinks we're sisters…" Santana sighed.

Brittany pulled a face; when people had thought of them as sisters in the past Brittany had always found it kind of cute… but now, knowing what she and Santana did together, the confusion kind of grossed her out.

"Well if they took the time to notice they would realise there's a popular Senior who shares the same last name as you and who also shares a striking resemblance to you and they'd realise how silly their assumptions are…" Brittany shrugged back.

"Maybe they make those assumptions because it's easier than seeing the truth…" Santana posed gently. "Britt, a lot of people may not like that our relationship has changed the way it has- especially the way it has practically overnight. People- your friends especially- they may feel betrayed by you for keeping this from them…"

Brittany frowned at what Santana was suggesting.

"Those people don't matter San, and if my friends don't like it then I'll make new friends who do…" Brittany argued determinably.

Brittany watched Santana's worries flicker across her face.

"Are you saying you don't want people to know about us?" Brittany asked trying not to let the hurt show.

Santana's heartstrings pulled at the tone creeping into Brittany's voice and she rushed to Brittany's side to crouch in front of her. She placed her hands on Brittany's thighs where she sat on the end of the bed and stared unabashedly into her eyes.

"Brittany you know that what people think doesn't matter to me," Santana reassured as she reached up to cup Brittany's cheek. "You're the only person who matters to me. I just don't want you getting hurt by any of the mean things people might say about us. Their words shouldn't be allowed to tarnish what we have."

"But we've always just acted ourselves in the brief times we get to spend together at school and we've always been incredibly close… it would look weird if we started acting differently now; it would make people ask more questions…" Brittany pointed out.

"And I'm not saying we should be anyone but ourselves. People already expect us to be close- for whatever reasons they've chosen- so let's not force anything different down their throats and they'll leave us be, none the wiser," Santana suggested.

"I don't want to have to lie if people ask me if you're my girlfriend. It's not something I want to hide," Brittany said sullenly.

Santana smiled proudly when Brittany referred to her as her girlfriend.

"We won't deny it ever. If anyone asks then we'll tell them we're dating… but if they don't," Santana shrugged trying to communicate her point.

Brittany thought about it long and hard realising that the new obvious displays of affection such as kissing would be the kind of behaviour Santana was referring to when she said that they shouldn't force their new relationship 'down their throats' and honestly she could live with that- since stuff like that was between them anyway and only the people she really trusted should get to ever see them act like that. It kept the intimacy special because it was between them.

In reality not that much would really change for them if they carried on in the way they usually did around each other. The only difference now was that they both knew they were dating… whereas before it had only looked like they were.

"So, no bragging about our awesome sexcapades to the other girls in the shower room then?" Brittany teased making Santana's eyes bulge comically wide, "Just kidding, San. You're so cute."

Brittany leaned forward to kiss Santana's nose.

"Now let me finish getting dressed or we'll both end up in detention and there'll be no after school activities for either of us," Brittany warned as she stood up and headed for Santana's closet where she knew a spare Cheerios uniform would be hanging alongside a selection of her own clothing she could rely on whenever she stayed at Santana's. The same could be said for her own wardrobe where space had been made for Santana to hang some of her clothes.

"Okay… girlfriend," Santana said playfully as she winked over at Brittany enjoying the smile that lit up the blonde's face. "I'll meet you downstairs."

Santana felt like she was floating on a cloud as she made her way downstairs. She was so distracted by her thoughts of being so incredibly in love with Brittany that she failed to see her mother standing at the bottom of the stairs until she almost walked straight into her.

"Mom!" Santana exclaimed as she jumped in fright finally noticing the woman standing silently with her arms crossed at the foot of the stairs, watching her with an unwavering stare.

"You've got some explaining to do young lady," Mrs Lopez barked as she turned on her heel and headed for the kitchen, only stopping once to glance over her shoulder and make sure that Santana was following.

Santana hastened to follow her mother, completely confused by her behaviour until she walked through the doorway to the kitchen and had to stop in her tracks as she was distracted by the explosion of unexpected colour. Where she was used to her mother's well-kept kitchen, it now looked like a party bomb had gone off inside the room. There were balloons and steamers and confetti in a rainbow of colour scattered all over every inch of the room.

And on the kitchen counter where her mother was standing… there was a giant cake with a clear message scrawled across it in icing:


Santana began coughing and spluttering as her body reacted to the embarrassment of being caught out in such a situation. Her mother wasn't supposed to find out like this… Santana was supposed to sit her down and tell her the news when she had Brittany by her side.

"Well, what do you have to say for yourself?" Mrs Lopez asked, not looking at all impressed.

Santana had no words; she merely continued to splutter as mortification settled in.

"Do you think this is funny?"

Santana shook her head. Amusement was definitely not what she was feeling.

"I know your brother likes to give you a hard time… but Santana, this is a new low," Mrs Lopez reprimanded.

Santana had been too busy freaking out about the cake to even think about where it had come from… but of course it had to have been Tommy.

"I'm going to kill him," Santana hissed to herself.

"Oh?" Mrs Lopez rebuked, "Why? Because he didn't clean up all this mess before I got home to catch you out in your little prank."

Santana frowned in confusion.

"Wait, what?"

"The very first weekend Tommy has to spend alone with Rebekah and you have to go and pull a stunt like this," Mrs Lopez scolded. "And as much as I really don't want to think about what my babies are doing behind closed doors… it's unfair to make fun of him because he finally has what you've had for practically your whole life."

Santana shook her head as her mother's warped view of the situation became clear…

"Oh no, no, no… I didn't do this!" Santana cried indignantly. She was not going to have to feel the humiliation of her brother's over the top teasing and have to take the slack for it all at that. "That magically enhanced meathead did this all on his own!"

"Santana!" Mrs Lopez disciplined before calming significantly, "You give your brother too much credit."

"No I mean it Mom," Santana insisted. "Tommy did this. He did all of it."

Mrs Lopez started shaking her head and began walking arond the room pulling down the decorations.

"So you expect me to believe that Tommy set all this up just so it would look like you were trying to give him a hard time…" Mrs Lopez's tone did not sound like she was putting much faith in the words coming from her own mouth.

"Well he was really bored yesterday…" Santana mumbled, agreeing that the situation was kind of absurd. "But, he didn't do it to set me up… he did it to… well I don't know really… I guess he thought it would be funny."

Mrs Lopez merely stopped what she was doing and turned to give Santana a doubtful look.

"The cake is for me. Me and Brittany," Santana murmured somewhat shyly as she scuffed the toe of her shoe against the kitchen floor.

Telling her mother and father about the developments in her and Brittany's relationship had been something she knew she would have to do sooner or later… but admitting to her mother straight up that she was now having sex with Brittany- and under her roof- just seemed to be skipping a whole lot of the usual steps.

When her mother didn't respond, Santana hesitantly looked up at her.

Mrs Lopez broke out into hearty laughter, dropping the decorations she'd already gathered in her arms to clutch at her sides.

"Come on now Santana, you two have been going at it since you figured out you could," Mrs Lopez carried on, chuckling to herself.

"Mom!" Santana exclaimed; she didn't know whether to be horrified or offended by her mother's insinuation. "We really haven't!"

A fresh faced Brittany chose that moment to enter the room, smiling wide at all the colour as she stepped behind Santana and perched her head on her shoulder, wrapping her arms tightly around Santana's waist.

"Did you do all this?" Brittany whispered in amazement into Santana's ear. "When did you have time to bake a cake?"

Santana groaned as her mother merely chuckled victoriously at her.

"Now you eat that up before your father hears anything of this nonsense. You're lucky he had to go straight to work this morning," Mrs Lopez enforced. "And you'll be apologising to Tommy… and Rebekah the next time you see her…"

Brittany made a confused sound in Santana's ear which Santana shook her head at as she pulled free of Brittany's embrace and sighed, seeing no point in arguing with her mother any further on the matter.

"Come on Britts, I'll explain later," Santana said as she begrudgingly grabbed the tray their celebratory cake was sitting on and gestured for Brittany to follow her as they left the 'party'. "Looks like we're having cake for breakfast. Lunch and dinner too."

Brittany smiled brightly as she skipped over to kiss Mrs Lopez on the cheek.

"I love your daughter Mama Lopez, very much," Brittany gushed. "And she loves me back. I'm sorry your kitchen exploded with our rainbow love."

Santana blushed where she stood with the massive cake in hand as she waited for Brittany.

"That cake really was for you?" Mrs Lopez asked the blonde gently.

"Oh so you believe her!" Santana scoffed.

"Well it is a little hard to believe that you two haven't been… well, intimate until now," Mrs Lopez admitted, looking thrown and more than a little flustered by this new development. She obviously didn't have a problem with it since she'd accepted long ago that Santana had imprinted on a girl. It was just odd to hear that she'd jumped the gun by quite a few years with her assumptions on their closeness.

"Well not right now obviously Mama L, but all last night and yesterday too," Brittany divulged proudly. "Your daughter was very stubborn and we had a lot of lost time to make up for."

"Britt!" Santana cried as the mortification returned and she almost dropped the cake. "What did we say about sparing people the graphic details?"

"It's just your mom San- she's family! And she already knows how in love we are!" Brittany replied, bubbly.

"Oh so what do you say we leave this cake in your kitchen and see what your parents think about it then?" Santana challenged teasingly.

Brittany gasped as colour filled her cheeks at the idea of her parents learning the truth of their sex life so soon.

"San, you wouldn't dare!" Brittany squealed as she chased a quickly retreating Santana out of the room.

They spent the last few precious moments before they had to be on their way to school laughing and carrying on as they chased each other around the house, feeding each other mouthfuls of icing sugar between stolen kisses.

Santana and Brittany had been tucked in to Brittany's bed hours ago since it was well past their respective bed times. The hum of conversation could still be heard from downstairs as Mr and Mrs Lopez tried to explain the ins and outs of 'imprinting' to Mr and Mrs Pierce, as they would continue to do so long into the early hours of the morning. It was a complicated phenomenon even before it had prematurely shown itself in their young offspring earlier that afternoon and caused the need for the massive life-changes that would need to be put into place to offer the girls as normal an upbringing as possible while being raised together. It was quite a challenge for two young couples who were practically strangers to be forced to coordinate. And in a way they both felt like they were losing their daughters to the inexplicable bond that had been formed.

Brittany and Santana had been present for most of the conversation but explaining the complexity of their situation to two four year olds was a task in itself and only ended up spooking the children when their mothers would suddenly burst into unexplainable tears.

It had been decided that Santana would stay that first night at the Pierce's until they could further explore the sensitivities of such an early imprinting. Santana's pains were no longer anywhere near as intense; now that she understood that there was no longer any chance that she was going to be taken away from Brittany's side.

They both lay side by side, unable to sleep as they stared up at the ceiling; their young minds trying to process the enormity of what had transpired between them- and as their parent's had stressed- seemingly changed their lives forever. The new friendship that had been formed in the park that day would apparently never be forgotten.

"Does it hurt?" Brittany whispered into the dark.

"A little," Santana squeaked back, "But not now. Not when I'm with you."

Santana wasn't even exaggerating in the slightest; Brittany made everything better.

Santana had heard of 'imprinting' before but she never bothered to really take notice of it- it was a thing for adults to worry about like money and where food comes from.

And now she was being told that she had done it to Brittany and that was why she was feeling like she was- like she needed to be as close to Brittany as possible at all times. But her mother had told her that she needed to stop clutching so desperately to Brittany because her new little friend had been forced into this situation and maybe she didn't want to be touched all the time. It wasn't appropriate for her to carry on hanging off of Brittany no matter how supportive the blonde seemed.

"I'm sorry," Santana apologised regrettably. She felt so guilty even though she clearly didn't remember having any control over what had happened. She just saw Brittany and suddenly everything changed.

"What for?" Brittany asked, turning on her side to face Santana. She had a night light on nearby and there was light shining in from the hall so she could easily see the small girl lying beside her.

Santana mimicked Brittany without even thinking it through; Brittany moved, so Santana moved- it was like clockwork.

"For imprinting on you. I must've done it by accident… maybe when I saved you from falling…" Santana stammered as her lip began to quiver with emotion.

Everyone seemed so disappointed and it was all her fault. Her father was all quiet and serious and her mother kept crying… even Brittany's parents who she didn't know very well at all seemed unhappy.

Brittany was the only one who seemed unfazed by what had happened.

"Oh. You didn't mean to?" Brittany asked sounding surprised and maybe a little disappointed. "To im-imp… to do that thing you did?"

Santana just shrugged.

"I've always wanted a friend," Brittany admitted quietly as she stared into Santana's eyes.

Santana's heart jumped with excitement. She wanted to be Brittany's friend so bad.

"Can I be your friend? Please?" Santana begged excitedly.

Brittany giggled at Santana's enthusiasm.

"You already are silly," Brittany joked. "Didn't you hear our parents? We're going to be friends forever."

"Oh, because I imprinted," Santana mumbled. There she was feeling guilty again- like she'd forced Brittany to be her friend somehow.

"So?" Brittany asked, not understanding the problem. "I had no friends before and then you appeared and you did your magic and now we're better than friends. We're special friends. Best friends."

"Yeah?" Santana asked dreamily. She couldn't help sounding hopeful because the way Brittany described it, her imprinting didn't sound like an accident at all. It sounded like it was meant to happen all along.

Brittany nodded with a big excited smile on her face.

"And didn't you hear? You're going to live with me. We're going to be like sisters and we'll get to do everything together," Brittany told her animatedly.

"You promise?" Santana asked needing reassurance. She didn't think she could survive if she didn't have Brittany in her life.

The truth was she should have been more terrified by the fact that until that afternoon the most important people in her life had been her parents whom she loved more than anyone else in the world. And she did love her brother too- even though he could be mean to her. But now she was realising that if she had to choose between them… she'd want to go with Brittany every time.

"I pinky promise," Brittany said as she lifted her hand and waved her pinky finger in front of Santana's face.

Santana grinned and twined her pinky finger around Brittany's enjoying the warmth that shot through her with their touching. Though after what was probably an inappropriate length of time she seemed to realise what she was doing…

"Sorry," Santana muttered as she pulled away. "Mama says I can't touch you so much."

Brittany moved her hand back across the space between them until she found Santana's once more and squeezed it in her own.

"You can hold my hand whenever you want," Brittany told her. "I like it."

They lay there holding hands and smiling shyly at each other.

Santana had never felt so happy and safe in all her life. She had felt safe before of course- plenty of times… but she felt a whole new sense of security now with Brittany. And everything was just so warm and inviting. Just being in Brittany's room and in her bed was reassuring her that everything was going to be okay because everything around her reminded her of Brittany.

And everything smelled like Brittany too-

She didn't know how she knew what Brittany smelled like- it wasn't like smelling other smells… she could just sense her and it made her feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Santana yawned and sleepily blinked her eyes as she gave in to the feeling of being surrounded by Brittany's warmth.

"We should try and sleep. There'll be lots of fun stuff to do together tomorrow," Brittany said sleepily.

Santana yawned again and nodded. She wanted to move even closer to Brittany but she didn't know if that would be okay. She must have looked troubled by her thoughts though because Brittany spoke up again.

"What's wrong Santana?" Brittany murmured, fighting her tiredness for Santana's sake.

"Can I cuddle you?" Santana asked timidly. "You're really warm."

Brittany smiled and pulled on Santana's hand encouraging her to move closer. When they had wriggled next to each other they threw an arm over each other's side and giggled at their closeness. Santana tucked her head under Brittany's chin and curled into her.

"I've only cuddled a teddy bear in bed before," Santana whispered as she fought another yawn. Brittany's proximity was completely relaxing her to sleep.

"I'm so much better than a teddy bear though," Brittany mumbled drowsily. "Cause I can cuddle you back… and talk to you and smile at you. And…"

Santana smiled as Brittany's voice faded away with sleep and she cuddled even closer.

"And tell you I love you."

Santana wasn't sure if she imagined that last one or if she sleepily muttered it herself.