prompt - Piccolo wonders just how sane he was when he agreed to stay with the Sons.

characters - Goku, Piccolo


Irritation seemed to radiate off of Piccolo like waves and Goku wasn't making it any better. With his constant questions, back-to-back like a man at one of those auctions that Gohan forced him to watch yesterday, prodding and begging and poking for answers that no one wanted to answer … Piccolo was starting to question whether or not it was a good idea for him to stay at the Son household for three years.

He couldn't handle the pressure of being berated by that loud, nagging housewife with the shrill voice. He couldn't handle Gohan's constant mood swings, the same mood swings that caused him hell more than a few years ago before he had even considered making friends with the enemy. And he definitely couldn't handle the pressure of being harassed both mentally and physically, by one loud mouth son of a Saiyan by the name of Son Goku.

To be caused such discomfort to the degree where he wanted to murder said Saiyan in cold blood was not healthy. He hadn't wanted to kill Goku for a very long time, not since his equally loud mouth son had befriended him (and pretty much persuaded him not to), but that didn't mean that the thought wouldn't appear from time to time, especially when that aggravating idiot annoyed him. Piccolo briefly wondered if his father's dark thoughts were taking over his mind again.

Piccolo paid no heed to the thought, swiping a large green hand at the tanned, muscular one buzzing near his head.

"Aw, come on, Piccolo!" Goku whined, curling his hands behind his back with an innocent smile. "I just wanna know! It wouldn't hurt to tell me, huh?"

Piccolo shoved Goku away from him, resisting that sick and twisted urge to swing. At least maybe then he'd get the point that he didn't want to be bothered. If weren't for Chi-Chi - curse that damn woman - and her obvious position as ruler of the household, he'd be training with Gohan far, far away from this place. But no; he was stuck with Goku - of all people - while Gohan was forced to study one of those absurd advance mathematics booklets that, yet another one of their annoying family members had brought to the house not too long ago. Piccolo didn't know how much more he could take of this!

And to think, it's only been two days!

"For the last time Goku, I don't want to talk about it, now back off before I make you back off." Piccolo growled as he crossed his arms.

Goku, not one to take no for an answer, swung on his toes with just the hint of a pout. It was obvious that he wasn't going to listen, but Piccolo, being the stubborn Demon Prince that he was, was not going to succumb to the idiocy that was Son Goku.

"If I were Gohan, you'd answer my question."


As if on cue, Piccolo turned his head sharply to the side, baring his fangs as a rosy tint tickled his cheeks. He curled his fists, unlocking his arms from each other as he brought them to his sides, fuming with nothing short of humiliation. That was absurd!

"I- That- You- Dammit, Goku! Why can't you just let it go!?"

"'Cuz …," the Saiyan trailed off, kicking the dirt outside of his house with a lazy foot, "Chi won't stop botherin' me 'bout it."

"We should be training! Not wasting time on trivial conversations about cable or any variation of the word!"

Goku shook his head. "Chi-Chi cares! And you already know how she gets when we spend too much time away from the house! 'Sides, we can't train anyway 'cuz Gohan is studyin' and if I try to sneak 'em out, I'll get an earful! Do you know how bad it is gettin' hit upside my head with a skillet and gettin' yelled at at the same time!?"

"Fine!" the demon barked, clearly embarrassed, if only to get this damn moron off his back before he really succumbed to his father's death wish and kill Goku again, only this time with a Masenko to the head. "What was your question!?"

Goku's smile did not disappoint as he grabbed hold of Piccolo's antenna (again) and asked with enthusiasm crawling in his voice, "Can you pick up T.V. reception? And can you get wi-fi too? 'Cuz Chi-Chi's been beggin' me to get cable!"

Piccolo frowned, folding his arms across his chest again as he directed his gaze to the open window of the Son household, clearly making out the form of that damn housewife, who stirred a pot of broth a little too innocently. Funny, Piccolo thought. He never remembered that window being opened. While Goku prattled on and on about how cool antennas were and how he wished he could've been born with them and how neat it must be to have two pairs of ears with razor sharp hearing and some other dumb thing that always came out Goku's mouth, Piccolo couldn't help the glare that settled onto his face when he saw Chi-Chi grin that snark little grin of hers.

Someone was going to die tonight.

"Hey, Piccolo, you never answered my question," Goku said, pulling at his antenna with that same innocent smile from before.

Yes, someone was definitely going to die. Piccolo would make sure of it.


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