"So you're saying we might be able to stop the effects of entropy with something as strange as human emotions? Fascinating. This warrants discussion and looking into, but if this turns out to be true, you have our thanks, Voyager."

Bernkastel smiled as she watched the little space rat run off. This was a seed of despair that would take a long time to grow, but if she had judged the strange alien species correctly, it was one that would provide entertainment well worth the wait. Anything to stave off just a bit of that boredom.

"OOoh, Beern! You're so sexy when you casually ruin lives like that! Come on, I can't wait! I want to see what happens! What sort of horrible things have you just set into motion, huh?"

Lambdadelta glomped onto her from behind, savagely biting her earlobe, drawing blood. Geez, she sure could get impatient sometimes.

"Calm down, my little λδ. You'll just have to wait and see. Even I don't know what's going to happen next. "

"Argh! Fine! Where should we go next then, huh? A romantic vacation to the beach? Maybe just a seedy love hotel. Ooh, I know. ~~Pirates! Let's find a fragment with pirates in it; we haven't seen those for a long time!

Bernkastel escaped from her tormenters grip and thought about that for a moment. Pirates huh? Well, that might be a little interesting. But in reality, pirates were very boring, spending months at sea doing nothing at all. And in fiction, pirates were equally as boring, repeating nothing but the same tired clichés' popularized in Treasure Island. It would take considerable effort to find a fragment worth visiting.

Huh? What was that? A strange feeling assaulted her, like the tug of a distant memory in a far off place.

"Bern… do you feel that too? What is it?"

Interesting. Bernkastel shifted herself into the endless ocean of fragments. The stars of a 100,000,000,000,000^100,000,000,000,000 realities surrounded her. Time and space had no meaning here – all of everything could be accessible by her in an instant. That was the power of a Voyager witch.

Yes, it was definitely here. And the fragment it was coming from was something familiar, a playground for her and Lambdadelta long ago. Wait, it couldn't be, it's…

"Look Bern, its Rokkenjima! I never thought I'd ever see that dusty old board again, that brings back memories!"

Lamba had joined her in the ocean, and the pair floated around that fragment of reality which had entertained them so long ago. But there was something strange and different about it now. An immense power radiated from the fragment, strange and destructive, different from anything they'd ever seen while playing the game.

"I see. It looks like someone has finally stumbled into the spider's web I left so long ago."

"Oh Bern you didn't! You naughty girl, you deserve to be punished. I'm going to cover you in milk and honey and sugar and stuff you into a blender and make my very own Bern milkshake! And because it's you it'll be the most delicious milkshake ever, and I'll make my own Ice Cream Shoppe called "Bernkastekals" and you'll taste so good to everyone they'll never be able to eat regular ice cream again!"

"Oh? I think I'd just give everyone brain freeze. And besides, who says it's my fault? Maybe I just left the game running on repeat by accident, hmm?"

"You can't fool me you liar. You even gave the poor little Battler piece the ability to remember all of the repeats. And because he's just a piece, he's doomed to repeat over and over again and he'll never ever escape! Now where have I heard that before?"

"Oh, did I do that? Funny, I can't remember, it must've been a long time ago. And I've never heard a story like that in my life. But these newcomers, now that is actually interesting."

Yes… there were newcomers on the island. Outsiders who didn't belong. They weren't anyone's pieces, either. The game board of the Golden Witch was long over with. The witch was dead, the illusion shattered to pieces. All the truths had been revealed, there was nothing left to hide. The real Battler even managed to win his freedom – if you could call it that. But she had left the game running anyways in the hopes that something like this would happen.

Interesting. Very interesting. There was no mystery left to solve, no questions left unanswered, but she might be able to stave of boredom by tormenting some poor pathetic fools who had stumbled into the lion's den. And if not, there were always other realities to find.

"Ooh! We're really going to do it! Yay! This is going to be fun! It's nostalgia-rific, like pulling out an old Nintendo and hooking it up to your TV! People who dwell on the classics to excess are boring but revisiting them every once in awhile can be great!"

That's right… a nice trip down nostalgia lane. The game board was the same as ever, but with new players, you can still have a new experience.

Back to the fragment of Rokkenjima, to the date of October 4th-6th, 1986.

These mortals who dare trespass in the realm of witches will be crushed and made to beg for mercy.

This is my declaration, as Bernkastel. Witch of Miracles.

((END OF: "The Turn of Haruhi Suzumiya". FOLLOWED BY: "Counterattack of Haruhi Suzumiya"))