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Judson had been nice, friendly, polite… all of the things one would use to describe a typical southern gentleman. Up until he had slept with my best friend.

But truth be told, even the few times he and I had gone out the conversations had been mildly entertaining at best. We talked about work over coffee or our childhood pets over dinner. Over all it had been like pulling teeth, which was the exact opposite of what I'd been hoping for.

It had been nothing like the night a few weeks ago with George.

In fact none of the moments I'd had so far in Bluebell with anyone else could compare to the few I'd had with George. We just… clicked. He understood that there were more things, better things, outside of Bluebell. Like diners that were open later than 8pm and stores that served alcohol on Sundays.

And I knew nothing was going to come of me gaggling over George like some high-schooler, but that didn't mean I needed Shelley reminding me every two minutes - especially when it was a passing whisper in the ear. Do you even know how annoying that can be on a hot day after a bad date (or three)? It's like a humming bird but with the buzzing sound of a really big fly.

It was Sunday morning, and while the entire town of Bluebell was at church, I was enjoying the morning warmth before it got to be too overwhelming. I was taking my time, making toast and coffee at Lavon's when I heard the door swing open.

"Mornin' doc," Wade grinned, waltzing in and grabbing the container of orange juice from the fridge.

"Morning…" I returned, a bit confused by his presence. I always assumed he attended church like everyone else. "Why aren't you at church?"

"Why aren't you?"

That was a dumb question. "Because I'm not really religious."

He shrugged. "And what if I said neither was I?"

I scoffed, plating my toast and reaching around him to reopen the fridge to get the butter. "Right."

"Why's that so hard to believe?"

"Let's just say I call bullshit," I said, scraping the butter onto the dry bread.

"Well… maybe the other reason is I had a lady friend over and we just woke up a little late for mass."

Bulls eye.

I shook my head. "Tsk, tsk, missing church for premarital sex. Isn't that the direct route to hell?"

"Not any faster than never going, according to the Reverend."


I spun around going to grab one of the coffee mugs, but there were none left on the bottom cabinet. I heard Wade chuckling behind me, and felt the heat from his shirtless torso as he reached over me grabbing me a cup from the second shelf. "There ya go doc," he said, taking a step back and setting the cup down beside me. "I believe that gets me Good Samaritan points with the big guy upstairs."

I rolled my eyes, pouring the coffee and trying to shake off the goosebumps I felt at being so close to Wade. I mean it was practically 80 degrees outside – no one should have goosebumps when it's 80 out. "Not when you brag about it."

He flashed the half crooked grin and shrugged. "Maybe, maybe not, but I'll take my chances this morning."

Wade POV

Why I felt the need to lie to Zoe Hart about skipping church because I had brought a girl home made no damn sense to me, even hours after I said it. But I did.

The truth was I'd spent the majority of the night trying to convince my pop that the Vietkong were not hiding in the woods and it was okay to just calm down and head on home; which meant I didn't get in til almost 5am.

But Zoe would believe a pig gave birth to a hamster she was so green out here, that it didn't really much matter what excuse I made. Not that she cared, or I owed her any explanation. She didn't belong to me and I didn't belong to her.

But ya had to feel a little sorry for the poor thing and what happened between that bobble-headed Barbie friend of hers and the vet. I hadn't been lying when I'd told her I thought he was gay; I mean they'd been out more than once and he hadn't tried anything beyond a peck on the cheek? Complete flamer if you ask me.

Now if I had been in that position, nothing would have stopped me from kissing her the minute I picked her up at the carriage house. Not because I'm that into her or anything, but because first kisses can be awkward, and even though really it wouldn't have been the first kiss, it would have been a first date kiss – and its better just to get through it at the beginning so there are no hesitations later on.

Yea, I definitely would have the doc pressed up against her door for a cool minute before we took off on our first date.

But that doesn't even matter because even though Miss New York didn't pan out with the vet, Tance was right, she'd never end up with a guy like me. She was the kinda girl that would date the guys that landed up as business men in Mobile, or real estate agents that were successful, or just guys that went to college. Hell, she might even settle for pining after the magnificent can-do-no-wrong George Tucker for her year, and then book it out of here and leave the practice to Breeland to rule with a mighty fist.

My point being: women like Zoe Hart do not stay in towns like Bluebell for guys like me – end of story.

And let me tell you, coming from a guy that could have any woman within a 50 mile radius – and that's being modest – knowing that the one girl you want most you can't have, and that she lives 20 yards away…

Well that just about makes every day seem like a Bluebell heat wave.