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Wade POV

"What the hell are you doing?" Lavon continued after Zoe had left. Smart woman that she was had fled as soon as she saw the chance.

I held up a hand as I reached into the fridge for milk for my cereal. "Just chill Lavon, alright? It's fine."

"It most certainly is not fine."

"And why's that?" I sighed, pouring the milk into my bowl and glancing up at him.

"Do I really have to spell it out? Everyone in town may know you Wade Kinsella but that girl is as green as grass in the spring."

I scoffed "So what? The doc is an adult."

"And you're a man-child, with a reputation for being a heartbreaker – to put it mildly," he spat out. Jesus, how many times was he going to call me immature this morning? I got the fucking picture. "I don't want to see Zoe get hurt because you can't keep to just her in your love den."

"Love den?" I laughed. "Nice one." I shoveled a spoonful of cereal into my mouth.

His jaw set and his eyes narrowed. "I'm serious Wade. She's a good person and a close friend."

"And what, I'm chopped liver?"

"No, but I don't worry about her achey-breaking your heart."

Maybe you should I thought, but kept it to myself. There was no need to repeat any of what I'd told the doc last night to the mayor. "I appreciate the vote of confidence."

He took a deep breath. "Listen Wade, you're a good guy. But if you're serious about being with Zoe than you need to drop the child bit and just be a man."

"I get it Lavon, I'm way out of her league."

"That's not what I'm sayin' at all boy. What I'm sayin is you gotta stop with the name calling and treat her like you two are both adults. You gotta show her you're serious for her to take you seriously."

"I'm pretty sure I've treated her like an adult," I smirked.

He rolled his eyes and wagged his finger at me. "That, right there. That's what needs to stop because one, it's immature and two because I really don't want to hear anything about what goes on in your bedrooms. Plus Zoe doesn't seem like the kind of person who wants her private life aired out for the town to hear about."

I tried to come up with an argument but he was right, at least about the part where her insinuated that the doc would probably castrate me if I told anyone about our (incredible) sex life.

"Fine," I finally conceded. "You win. I give up; I'm a childish man-slut." I walked over to the overstuffed chairs and fell onto one, bowl of cereal in hand.

"But you can change if it's something you want badly enough," he said, following me with his plate of eggs. "But it ain't gonna be easy. It's gonna take dedicated effort."

I sighed, spooning up another bit of cereal. "A leopard can't change its spots, Lavon."

"Good thing you aren't a feline then."


I could focus. I should focus. I had to focus.

On something other than what was slowly becoming the dramatic tales of my own personal life. I groaned, pinching the bridge of my nose as I tried my best to stop thinking about it.

Wade was in love with me. Lavon knew we were together. I didn't know if what I was feeling for Wade was love or just the early onset of complete infatuation; I was utterly inept when it came to relationships.

And then there was George, which was an entirely different issue. He had kissed me. He was with Lemon and he had kissed me. Even though it helped to solidify that whatever it was Wade and I had was more intense, more necessary than whatever fantasy I had built up of George and I, the fact remained that it was both meaningless and potent all at once. That I hadn't told Wade about it last night, just added to how dangerous of a secret it was. I should have told him; I should have just gotten everything out in the open when I had the chance.

But what was everything, exactly?

That I loved him? That I thought I did? That I didn't know what I felt? All of it sounded like a bad idea, and made my stomach churn. I didn't want Wade to think I was saying it back because he'd said it and because I wasn't 100% sure myself. I didn't want to say I thought I might be because it sounded flippant and saying that I was completely unsure of my feelings made it seem like I doubted this whole thing.

It had all gotten so complicated, so quickly.

My morning dragged. I treated Mrs. Avery for some lower back pain she was having, but other than that the office was quiet. I'd been left to my own devices.

And for me, that meant getting as much caffeine in my bloodstream as I could take.

Going to the Rammer Jammer was probably one of the last things I should have been doing, but it was practically the only coffee in town, and honestly I was hoping that Wade would assuage some of the anxiety I had over this morning's interaction with Lavon.

"My life has turned into an episode of Dynasty," I lamented, sliding onto one of the barstools within earshot of where Wade was cleaning some glasses.

"What now?" He asked, throwing the towel over his shoulder and reaching for the pot of hot coffee.

I sighed, crossing my arms on the bar top. "You heard me. My life, it's all drama."

He smirked, moving and placing a piping hot cup of liquid gold in front of me. "It's not dramatic doc, it's called havin' a life outside of your job."

I rolled my eyes, watching as he pulled out the small container of brown sugar for me. "It's stressful. Not even med school was this difficult to navigate."

"Probably because you get textbooks and rules for that stuff." He folded his arms leaning in closer to me and giving me that lopsided grin that normally would have made me blush, but not today – not right now. "There are no rules when it comes to life, and there sure as hell aren't any guidebooks."

"Well there should be," I pouted, stirring in my sugar. "For those ill-equipped to handle certain aspects."

He smirked, putting the jar back under the bar. "What? Like fooling around with a guy who has infinite charm?"

I scowled at him; he was taunting me. "Maybe," I snapped back.

"Well they do make self help books, and I hear they have therapists to help with problems in the bedroom…" his voice dropped lower. "Though I know that's not really one of the problems."

I couldn't help but laugh a little, sipping my coffee. "You may not think it is," I retorted, raising an eyebrow.

He leaned back, standing up a bit straighter. "I don't recall getting any complaints. In fact, I clearly recall being begged for more…" he trailed off, looking to his right as if thinking of the memory. His face turned playful as his eyes returned to mine. "Of course I'm always up for suggestions. Or additions."

"Ew, gross. Stop it. It's too early for you to be this perverted," I grimaced.

He laughed heartily, shaking his head. "Again, I don't recall being told any of this, this morning."

I tried to hide my blush as my mind flashed to earlier moments in bed. I took a deep breath and another mouthful of coffee before replying. "It's not even noon Wade, and the last thing I want to talk to you about is your sex life."

He nodded, seeming to get the hint that we were in public and this was the worst place to talk about what was going on between us. He leaned back down, closer to me and inches from my face. "Fine," he shrugged wiggling his eyebrows. "Let's talk about yours."

I shook my head, unable to suppress the slow smile the spread across my lips. "You're incredulous you know that?"

"What's that? Incredible? I know," He smirked, winking at me before stepping back to refill my cup.

"No, incred- you know, nevermind," I told him, waving off the idea of repeating myself. "I should be heading back just in case someone gets bit by something."

He chuckled and poured what was left of my coffee into a to-go cup. "I get off at 4."

"That's nice," I brushed off, looking around to see if we had any kind of audience. We didn't of course, but it was hard not to be paranoid about something as big as this in a town as small a Bluebell.

"Oh and doc?" He said abruptly as I was fishing out a few bills from my purse. "Don't worry about Lavon. I got everything cleared up this morning. It's all good now."

I let out a heavy breath of relief, pulling my bottom lip between my teeth and fighting a smile. I knew he would come through. I knew I could count on Wade to handle the sticky situation; he'd managed to get me out of too many already since I'd arrived. "Good to know," I nodded, the corners of my mouth pulling into a wider smile as he grinned, seeming proud of what he'd accomplished. Which, in actuality was a whole helluva a lot.

My afternoon continued just as slowly, but at least I wasn't plagued with the gut wrenching stress that I had been in the morning. In the silence of my own conscious, I realized I had to tell Wade about what happened with George. It was going to be tough, but after Wade covered for us, or smoothed things over… or whatever he said to Lavon, I had to tell him. Even if it imploded and whatever this was fizzled, I couldn't lie to Wade and keeping this from him, felt bigger than a lie; it felt like a betrayal.