The Villains / CODE GEASS

Raise him and her in glory only to stomp on their ashes.

Suzaku. Post-R2. Spoilers for R2.

It was ironic, he mused to himself, how the two royals that only held the best intentions for the world were lauded as insane; as tyrants, as the villains.

But he knew – how he didn't care about being called the villain (and in fact, embraced the title in a way only someone as dramatic as he could), how she came the closest of anyone in overcoming the power of kings (and nearly healed the broken country of Japan with her kindness), he knew that they saved the world in their own ways.

The Great Tyrant and the Massacre Princess.

He remembered the days of his youth with the young prince, the precious days with his princess, so fondly, days that he would never get back.

Abruptly, he turned away – away from the tiny frame which held pictures of the people he held dear in his heart.

He couldn't sulk now – he was Zero, he reminded himself, the hero of the new world. He was the protector of the Gentle Empress, Nunnally.

He donned the mask once more – he wasn't Kururugi Suzaku anymore. Zero was his name, and he was the protector of the peace.

A/N: I wanted to write about Lelouch and Euphemia's similarities so I decided to write in the perspective who knew them best: Suzaku.