Chapter 5-2:A cheesy story

They searched as many times they wanted around the base, yet they would not find the chao. Of course,they searched everywhere except the immeuble where it was written ''Employees only''.So Vanillia went trough the immeuble's entrance with was extremely dark and both Vanillia and Cream could not see when they entered, there was a small noise in the corner of the room.''.Abeubeuh!'' It was Cheese! Vanillia did not know where to go, so she followed the noise Cheese was making.''Abeubeuh!Abeubeuh!'' As she followed the voice, she hurted something case it would be a wall, the rabbit touched was a flat surface there was something on tried to pull the thing out, only to realise she pulled a , lights emerged from everywhere in the room and blinded all of those who were in this Vanillia could finally see, she saw not only Cheese,but also a factory's machinery that would come to ,who was on a rolling carpet, got scared and flew to Cream while screaming ''Chaaooo!''. He had good reason to all, the machinery went on and produced some out of the machinery, robots came out of were simply designed to look like spiders. ''It has to be mr. Eggman!Cheese,get him!'' asked Cream to the poor Chao then gained the courage to punch the robot multiple ,it had no effect on the robot, who would fire his lazer cannon to knock Cheese little distraction gave enough time to Vanillia to run up the stairs ,grab the cannon that was placed by the army in order to prevent intruders of leaving the room, load it, and say ''Get out of the way!'' to Cream so that she could fire a gazillion of bullets at the wasn't useless,but the cannon ran out of bullets before the robot would stop moving. As the machine would close on Cream, Vanillia searched for another gun untill she saw a bazooka on her took it and fired at the robot's tough one of the robots was destroyed and that a few ran away,Vanillia was surprised by one of them walking on the spider-like robot began to strangle the rabbit like if it was a , Vanillia then heard ''Cheese,get him!'' Of course, the Chao dashed,but he only broke part of the robot's then flew over to the spider,took out the broken metal part and decided to cut the circuits of the robot by simply using the cheap pair of scissors next to her.''Sorry mr. Robot, but I need to stop .'', said Cream while deactivating the robot then stopped forever and became nothing but a pile of scrap while Vanillia would get out of the robots's dirty legs and would go hug her daughter.

After having rested a bit, Vanillia decided that it would be wise to quit the island all, there was an helicopter near the factory and that helicopter was probably supposed to take them back in Square,the country were they , there was someone in alive. ''Hi!'',said Vanillia while looking inside the cockpit.''I'm busy!'', responded the person was a middle-aged woman who was wearing overalls.''Can't you wait a little while, I'm busy repairing the cockpit.'', said the then responded:''Sorry madam.I'll be back later.'' before leaving the worker alone. She then went back to the basketball court with Cream as they watched a volleyball game that was happening. It was written on the board:''Red moos:10 Blue moos:0''.What were the moos?Probably the the round things with an happy face that were playing the game. Everyone then played happily,except for Cream and her mother, untill one of the blue moos became bored and went in the helicopter while the others wold still be playing, Curious, Cheese ran off to see what the moo was then screamed:''Stop it!That old lady's in there!'' and pursued the , afraid of losing her daughter again, followed the rabbit in the helicopter. Vanillia then heard a ''Glug!...Glug!...Glug!'' before joining Cream in this horror. In the vehicle, the woman was being eaten by the moo, who peirced a hole in her chest and sucked all the life inside her before leaving the corpse rottening on the ground. The corpse had no internal organs, no eyes, and looked like a costume you could easily wear. When the moo saw Cream near, he ran to her and tried to peirce her chest with his ,in horror, took a wrench and simply struck the moo with it multiple times untill she would be sure that the fuzzy creature would be dead. Cream was scared both of the horror that was a moo and the violence that penetrated her very eyes. ''Mommy,was he a bad guy?'', said Cream. Vanillia only responded: '''s just forget about this and leave.''All of them then left the plane, not knowing what would they do.

''Mommy!There's a boat!'',Cream said as they approched the port. The only hope they would have of escaping the island would be a motor trio then went on the boat, only to get interrupted by someone.''Wait! Don't leave me alone!'', said someone behind them . When the mother would look back, she would see a brown hedgehog in a prisoner's uniform, so she began talking to him. ''Please don't leave me behind!I'm going to die unless I escape this hell!'', said the prisonner.

-Who are you?'', said Vanillia.

-I'm Andy.'',responded the prisoner.

-Leave your tools here,mister.'', responded Vanillia to the hedgehog.

-But I think we'll need the-''

-I'm sorry but you'll need to leave your dangerous tools here,sir.I won't allow them here.''

-Fine then., said the hedgehog, putting down his knives, guns, and his other dangerous weapons, but why not?''

-I don't exactly trust you,mister., said the rabbit, looking at her daughter playing with Cheese, Especially when a child's involved.''

Andy sighed and then got painfully on the boat, instead of trying to steal it from Vanillia like the rabbit expected. Thus, they left the island by boat and were about to experience a new adventure.