I watched them; the paramedics cautiously place the stretcher inside the ambulance, and he lay there motionless. I begged him to make even the slightest move, he didn't. One of the paramedics asked me if I wanted to ride in the ambulance with me, I shook my head slightly as they shut the doors. The ambulance rushed off leaving me behind listening to the sound of the sirens as they slowly faded away. I spotted the familiar Audi A8; it was overturned by the curb. The windscreen and the windows on the driver's side were shattered, there was glass everywhere. It barely looked like the car he drove off in today morning.

I heard footsteps behind me; I turned around to find Rynn and Alexis walking towards me, clearly worried.

"How bad is it?" Rynn asked, I pointed at the Audi behind me

"How is he?" Alexis asked as a tear rolled down her cheek.

"I…I don't know"

"Let's go find out" Alexis said as she walked towards her car. I looked at Rynn as he talked on the phone. We walked to Alexis's black Peugeot and got in. Alexis turned key and the engine roared to life.

Rynn said that he had called a friend do tow the Audi and to get it fixed. Other than that, the only sound was the sound of the engine and the usual noises you get when you're driving. No one said anything.

Alexis dropped Rynn and me off at the hospital's main entrance and then went to park her car. The cool air hit us as we walked in and slowly the overwhelming scent of sanitizer filled our lungs. I swear I could taste sanitizer in my mouth. It wasn't pleasant.

I stood next to Rynn with my hands jammed into my pockets, waiting for the nurse to let me know if Nick was still breathing. I looked at Rynn, "He's going to be okay right?"

Rynn brushed away a few strands of hair from my face and slowly said "I hope so"

I looked at him, knowing that even he wasn't sure about the near future. I reached for his hand if only to give me a little hope that nothing tragic would happen. The nurse came back "He's still in the Operating Room and according to a few other nurses, the doctors that were operating on him have just paged for the assistance of a few other doctors. I'm sorry, but I'll let you know once their done" and with that she left. Rynn wrapped his arms around me and pressed my head against his chest. I stood there motionless. I pulled myself away from him and walked towards one of the couches, I needed to sit down. Alexis walked in and Rynn explained what the nurse told us to her, at least that's what it looked like from where I was seated. I watched as Alexis cried on Rynn's shoulder, his arms wrapped around her slim waist. This was definitely not how I pictured my day.