Alexa placed the new dragon in front of Guinevere ready to be kindled. The dragon was gray and lifeless waiting for the perfect time. The bright light of fire shone across the room like star beams. Alexa hurried toward her first dragon to look at it. It was orange with a yellow tummy; the wings and isosceles were shaped like flames with the colours of fire red, orange and yellow. This was a very special dragon then again Alexa was a very special little girl. The dragon did three circles it had no items and no powers know. Alexa squealed with delight, she had made her first dragon.
"Lexie, what are you going to name it" Liz asked.
Alexa picked it up and studied it.
"Um I think I will call it Gense" Alexa replied.
Alexa squealed again, Gense had to cover her ears, this girl was very loud.
Alexa giggled so did Gense. Alexa knew Gense would be a very good friend.
"What type is she, Nauty Liz" Alexa asked
"It a mystery to me" Liz replied and looked at Gense
"Don't look at me," Gense said, "I'm not sure either."