David came down of the bedroom and, to his surprise, found Alexa and Gense sleeping on the sofa and Bonnington by the back door. He hurried Bonnington outside to clamber on to the fence between theirs and The Pennykettle's house and woke Alexa up.
"What are you doing down here" asked David
"Had a strange dream" Alexa lied, in her most innocent voice
"Ok" he said and sat down on the sofa lifting her on to her knee.
Bonnington the panther prowled into the garden of number 42; to only find an exacted copy of his self sitting happily on the fence. Bonnington hissed fiercely at Giddle making him jump off the fence only to be followed by the real Bonnington. Bonnington turn into a tiger attacked Giddle, who was now a leopard. Giddle tried to wriggle out but he was held down. They rolled across the garden in a thick battle.
Liz came calling for Bonnington and looked over the fence.
" what the..."
Giddle looked up at Liz and gulped. Bonnington slashed out at him and he fell to the ground. He ran inside the house as Bonnington meowed in triumph. He leaped over the fence and purred at Liz, then went inside.
"I think I need some tea", Liz muttered, slowly walking inside.