Author's Notes: Written for Asking Me Where My Love Grows' First Kiss Challenge on the HPFC forum.

Ha. I win again.


Ginny carefully stroked a stray lock of Luna's hair behind her ear and tilted her head to examine the effect. Luna looked quite angelic in her pale blue wedding dress, and Ginny was proud of managing to tame Luna's tangles and smooth them into a nice, neat knot. A few curls hung down, framing Luna's face, which had a beatific smile on it.

"You look really nice," Ginny told her friend.

"Thank you…" Luna said softly. Her expression was happy and far-off, and Ginny knew her well enough to know that she was already dreaming of the wedding and the years to come.

"Is the bride ready?"

Ginny turned around and nodded at Draco, who was standing behind them, ready to take Luna's hand.

"She's ready," Ginny said, "but before you take her down the aisle, I think a few things should be very clear, and since I'm her best friend, it's my job to make sure you get them. All right?"

"Of course," Draco nodded, looking past Ginny at Luna.

Ginny pulled out her wand and aimed it at him. "I'm over here. It's good form to look at people when they're talking to you."

He looked back at her, eyeing the wand nervously. "Sorry."

"Right," said Ginny, "first off, don't take her to Quidditch games and expect her to watch them and be all excited when goals are scored–"

"I know that. We're getting married, Ginny, do you honestly think I don't know her thoughts on Quidditch?"

"Second off," Ginny said loudly, cutting him off, "don't you dare ever say a word against the Quibbler."

"I won't–"

"Third off, I'm ordering you to take her on vacation to Sweden. She's always said how much she wanted to go and you have the money and she's too nice to ask you, so I'm telling you."

"All right." Draco stepped around Ginny and reached for Luna's hand.

"Hey," Ginny said, grabbing Draco's arm before he could touch Luna. "One more thing."

"Yes?" he said, sounding mildly exasperated.

She leaned in, glaring at him. "If you do one single thing to hurt her, I swear I'll rip your teeth out then beat you to death with a broomstick."

"Ginny," Luna admonished mildly, "I don't think that's quite necessary."

Ginny sighed. "Fine. All right. I won't beat you to death with a broomstick. But you better take care of her, all right? As long as you do, then… well, I guess I can accept that my best friend is marrying an idiot like you," she added, glaring at him.

"Thank you, Ginny," Draco said, and, rather to Ginny's surprise he leaned forward and kissed her very lightly on the cheek. "Glad to have your approval," he added with only a hint of sarcasm. Then he turned and took Luna's hand and led her up the aisle of the church, leaving Ginny as the bridesmaid, to trail behind.