Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Summary: Freshly graduated from Cosmetology School, Bella takes a job in a health club beauty salon called Mystique. First days on the job can be so boring…until that perfect head of hair walks in! All drabble, All human, All BPOV

8= 1 =8

"Hide your phone, Bella. Jabba's coming!"



"But nobody can see me back here but you."

"Doesn't matter. It's a 'Mystique Mantra'."

"What the fuck's that?"

"A stupid rule to keep us subjugated to the owner's will."

"That's dark, Alice."

"She'll confiscate it."


"I've seen her do it before."

"That's like a civil rights violation or some such shit."

"Whatever, I'm just warning you. Here she comes!"

"Fine." I slide my cell into my front pocket with only a moment to spare.

"Bella, you're on the next walk-in."

"Hope this one's got a pulse," I snicker to Alice.

A/N: Hope you enjoy this light romp! This is what happens when the kink factory (moi) goes to the beauty salon. *sigh* Oh...and those funky symbols around the chapter number are supposed to look like of gratitude to my loving taskmaster jenjiveg who whipped this one into shape, and Trip and Alterite for the pre-read- all up through chapter 45.