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The first story of the Darkest Legacy Trilogy

Kim Possible: So The Vengeance

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Drake's Awakening

Rain blasted in the thunderous skies as Kim and Ron faced the biggest world conquest plan Drakken came up with. Thousands of Diablo's flew in formation above the Beuno Nacho Headquarters as the fate of the world was decided in a frantic and desperate battle, both sides knowing that they couldn't afford to lose, only one side will emerge victorious. Kim took aim with the EMP gun, only for a black booted foot to kick it out of her grasp. She saw Shego standing there, green plasma energy emanating from her hands, ready for a brutal fight. The EMP gun spun in the air, heading towards the stairwell leading to the main control room. Ron ran up the stairs, and out into the rain as he followed the trajectory, desperate to catch the gun.

"I'm open!" He called out, as he ran desperately forwards.

Suddenly the roof exploded upwards, Ron fell backwards as a figure in a red and black jumpsuit shot up through the hole that was suddenly made, catching the gadget in a red gloved hand. He landed with a crouch before Ron, smiling menacingly. Eric the synthodrone, the guy who dated KP and broke her heart stood before him.

Eric gave a mocking laugh before speaking "Nice try loser, and by the way a naked mole rat is not cool. It's gross."

Shocked by those words, Rufus appeared on Ron's shoulder to face him. However those words hit Ron the hardest, that seemed to go too far.

"Nobody...disses...Rufus!" He said angrily, pointing a threatening finger at Eric.

While in a sitting position he brought his legs towards Eric's in a scissor maneuver, sending the synthodrone sprawling to the floor. The gadget fell out of his hands, while Rufus leapt onto the back of his head, pinning it down onto the rain soaked concrete before dashing to the gadget as it slid towards the building's edge. He caught it as it went over, grabbing the gadget while grasping the building edge with his hind paws.

"Woah!" He cried, as he stared at the long drop below him. Using every ounce of strength in his body he threw the gadget up onto the roof, gasping for breath from exhaustion. Meanwhile Kim and Shego were locked in a vicious confrontation, trading punches and kicks as they countered each and every move they knew.

"You don't know when to quit!" Shego snarled, trading a kick towards Kim.

Kim blocked it easily. "Neither do you!" She retorted, performing a countering kick of her own.

"You got that right." Shego sarcastically answered back.

Ron faced Eric in their own showdown, Eric easily dodged Ron's punches while sending him slamming into a wall with a ferocious kick. He sent another kick that sent Ron to the ground and put a foot on his head, slowly applying pressure.

"Ow!" Ron cried out, the pain intensifying. Rufus got his strength back and threw the gadget to Ron, catching it with his right hand. "Kim!" He cried out, throwing it with all his might. The gadget flew into the air as Kim and Shego duelled. Kim flipped backwards, sending a kick that sent Shego flying towards the roof's edge. She barely managed to dig into the concrete roof to prevent herself from falling over the edge.

Landing gracefully, Kim caught the gadget with her hand. "Got it!" She said, taking aim at the tower and firing. The dart flew forward, heading on a direct collision with the broadcast tower. Drakken arrived and saw to his horror as his plans were about to be undone.

"No!" He cried, as he clasped both hands to his head in pure terror. His terror was replaced by relief when Eric managed to dash to the top of the tower, catching the dart just centimetres from impact. He raised it into the air in triumph.

"So sorry," He said in a mocking tone. However the unexpected happened as Kim smiled at Eric instead.

"You know, Rufus did not appreciate that crack," She said, sounding confident instead of scared.

"The little dude holds a grudge," Ron said, smiling as well in a knowing way.

Eric didn't notice what was happening when it was too late. He looked down and saw to his horror as Rufus appeared on his foot, sinking his front teeth directly into his leg. Syntho-plasma gushed out from the hole Rufus made, Eric screaming in terror.

"Oh no! Oh no!" He cried, his voice getting weaker as his body shrivled up. When the syntho-plasma finally poured out of his body his weak form collapsed backwards. Eric Synthodrone 901 was no more. The dart made contact with the tower and a surge of electricity burst upwards, overloading it to it's breaking point. Explosions rocked the roof as the tower blew up, the power surge destroying the command centre as Drakken's henchmen ran to safety. All over the world the Diablo threat became non-existant as the they shrunk down to their toy size, the circuitry frying as they hit the ground. Drakken watched as his plan literally literally fell back down to earth.

"Okay," He said, with a reluctant admitting tone. "Maybe she is all that." He tried to tip toe away only to be tripped up by Ron. He slammed onto the rain soaked roof with a heavy thud.

"Taking over the world is one thing," Ron said angrily. "But you taking over Bueno Nacho, you're going to pay!" He pointed an angry finger at Drakken.

A look of annoyance fell on Drakken's face. "You can't be serious!" He said, as he rolled his eyes. Ron was deadly serious.

"Note serious face!" He said, pointing at his face which did hold a very angry look. For the first time ever, he actually scared Drakken. He gulped as he looked at Ron.

"Oh please," He said in a begging tone of voice, suddenly trying to remember the buffoons name. "Oh that name escapes me again!"

"Say...my...name!" Ron said darkly before finally yelling. "SAY IT!"

"Uh, it's, erm, it's ugh STOPPABLE!" Drakken cried, after finally remembering his name. Ron crossed his arms in triumph. "Booyah," He said quietly with self satisfaction.

Shego tried to make a quick getaway when Kim crossed her path, looking annoyed.

"Do you know what I really hate?" Kim asked, in a casual tone.

"Uh, that your date melted?" Shego retorted, preparing for another fight.

"No...you," Kim said, the last word with a hint of malice. She suddenly performed a powerful kick, enhanced by the nano-technology of the battlesuit. The powerful blow sent Shego flying backwards directly into the tower, electricity surging into her as the tower collapsed, falling along with the debris to the parking lot on the ground. Kim smiled to herself with her own feeling of self satisfaction. The world was saved, the bad guys were down for the count, she broke up with her original date in the most extreme way ever but more importantly...she had a new date for the prom.


Over a year passed since that day and the world was recovering from the attack by the Lowardians Warmonga and Warhok a few days ago, building's still undergoing rapid repair by emergency builders across the globe. However, something sinister went on in Middleton at night, as a truck parked into an abandoned warehouse in the industrial district. Three men dressed in red uniforms unloaded a crate and carried it inside, the words 'Drake-Synthodrone#902' were printed in bold letters on the top of the wooden lid.

"So this thing inside this crate is a synthodrone?" One of the men asked, as he helped carry it.

"Yep, number 902. Which is kind'a weird as Drakken claimed he only made 901 synthodrones," Another answered. "What strikes me odd is why he kept this guy a secret?"

"Beats me," Said another one. "Anyway who cares, it's his loss. He should have paid us better if he didn't want us stealing from him."

"Well he pays that Shego woman," The first one said. "Why d'you reckon he makes sure to pay her contract?"

"Maybe it's because she's better at fighting Kim than us?" The third suggested. "Or maybe he just really likes her."

"I guess you're thinking about the mishap at the party," The first laughed. "I heard that vine literally brought them together."

"No, actually they got so embarrased about it that they've been avoiding each other ever since," The second henchman said. "However I reckon something is there, they're just both in denial. Anyway let's get this thing set up."

They set the crate down and opened it, revealing a chamber inside with a young male dressed in a red and black jumpsuit, the unifrom of a synthodrone. He looked at least 19 years old and had a face that girls in high school would go mad for, his more noticeable feature was his sharp jawline. His short hair was raven coloured and was slightly messy, giving him that bad boy look about him. Setting the chamber up, they checked that everything was operational before starting the activation sequence. A low humming noise came from the chamber as the young man inside twitched as power flowed into his body. Soon the humming intensified until it abruptly stopped, the door of the chamber swinging open with a quiet hiss of escaping air. The synthodrone slowly opened his eyes and let out a low groan.

"Oh man," The synthodrone said weakly, putting a hand to his head. "What the..."

He saw the three henchmen and slowly sat up, wincing slightly from the stiffness of his body, he felt the sytho-ooze starting to slowly soften to allow maximum mobility. He looked at the henchmen and sighed.

"Okay, get back guy's, dude need's his space here," The synthodrone said.

They took a step back and the young man mumbled a "thanks" before getting out of the chamber. Rubbing the back of his head, he looked at the chamber and then at the henchmen.

"How long?" He asked.

"Excuse us?"

"I said, how long was I asleep?" The synthodrone started to get annoyed.

"I'd say at least a year."

"A year?" The synthodrone said, completely surprised. "I was stuck in there for a whole year?"

"Listen kid..."

"My name is Drake...Drake Synthodrone #902."

"Okay...Drake then...we got no idea who you are, heck we didn't know you existed. I mean that Drakken guy must have kept you a secret."

That actually seemed to strike Drake the hardest, a look of confusion slowly changing into that of deep emotional pain.

"Didn't know?" He asked weakly, feeling dejected. Why wasn't anyone told of his existence? Why did Drakken keep him a secret all this time?

"I need to talk to him. Maybe he and my bro can explain everything," Drake said.

"Bro?...You got a brother?" The second henchman asked in surprise.

"Well I do...I was kind of given information on another like me, who according to my programming would be my brother. I think you might know him, his name is Eric."

The henchmen stood there in a uncomfortable silence as Drake looked at them, they were afraid of his reaction to the news. Drake could tell from the looks of their faces that something was up.

"Wait is he?...Is Eric...is...' Drake said weakly, his voice started to crack. He had a sickening feeling about what was going to be said next.

The third henchman spoke. "We're sorry kid, but a year ago...during the whole Diablo plan your brother.." He sighed. "..was destroyed by Team Possible." He tried to make it as easy as he could for Drake to hear the news.

The news hit him like a freight train, he doubled over in shock at what he was learning after exiting sleep mode. Deep down he wanted to see his brother but now that wouldn't be possible anymore. Slowly a rage started to build up inside him, increasing as the word 'Possible' began to feel like poison to him. He clenched his hands into tight fists, a redoubling fury that began to fuel his strength. He glared at the three of them, before finally managing to speak.

"Where is this Team Possible?" He asked, his voice full of a deep burning hatred.

"Uh...why do you want to know?" The second henchman asked, although he had a general idea on what he wanted to do.

Drake suddenly punched the chamber from which he stepped out from, creating a huge dent into the side of it. The force of the punch sent it flying backwards and crashing into the wall opposite, the brick and mortar crumbling upon impact.

"Here's a hint," Drake said darkly, watching the henchmen go pale. "Now I'm not going to say it again."

"Woah, kid calm down!" The second henchman said. "Take it easy or you do yourself an injury."

"I'm not the one who has to worry about injury!" He said threateningly. "Now tell me the location of Team Possible!"

"To be honest...we don't know," The second henchman lied, knowing fully well that Team Possible resided in Middleton. A while back, when trying to escape from an exploding lair, Kim risked her life to save him and his friends lives before turning them over to the police. This lie may not be much, he thought, but maybe it would buy her some time.

"Then I guess I have to talk to Drakken then," Drake said. "So is this his lair?" He gestured to the interior of the warehouse.

"...no," The second henchman confessed. Drake raised an eyebrow is skepticism before realising what was going on.

"Wait a sec...did you three steal me?" Drake asked, his voice although sounding calm made the henchmen all the more nervous. They gave a sheepish grin as they backed away from Drake. That seemed to say it all.

"Do you have any idea how I feel about being stolen property?" Drake snarled, his anger starting to take over.

"...Uh...please don't hurt us kid..uh..Drake," One of the stammered, backing against a wall.

"I'm not gonna to hurt you," Drake growled, his eye's narrowing. "I'm gonna really hurt you!"

The henchmen didn't stand a chance as Drake charged forwards, springing into a cartwheel and vaulting into a flying kick. The impact sent them sprawling on the ground, groaning in pain. Drake grabbed one by the arm and spun him around, before finally letting him go and sending him flying into the other two. They collapsed onto the floor, beaten black and blue. Drake smiled and left the warehouse.

One of them sighed and raised his head. "Okay...let's work at Beuno Nacho." The other's mumbled in agreement.


The night air was cool and calm, barely a cloud in the sky allowed the stars and moon to shine brightly down on Middleton. Drake walked for a few minutes, reaching a commercial district and passing a few stores. While passing a convenience store he spotting something in a magazine display in the corner of his eye, abruptly stopping he looked at the cover of one of the magazines. A picture of Kim and Ron, holding each other and smiling was on the front of the magazine, the main article naming them 'Couple of the Year' beneath them in bold letters. Drake raised an eyebrow in surprise, he was programmed with the knowledge that they were best friends but to find they were dating was weird. Punching the glass and shattering the window, he grabbed the magazine from the rack as the burglar alarm went off.

Flipping through the magazine, ignoring other bits of gossip he found a few pages dedicated to Team Possible. An exclusive interview gave him an insight into their lives, while they talked about how they first met but took them a while to finally fall in love which each other. Other stories included 'The Stoppable Naco Story' and another called 'A Day in the Life of Rufus'. A whoop of a siren broke his concentration, turning to see a police cruiser pull up, the letter's MPD on the side. Two officer's got out of the car and stopped a few metres from him.

"Well looky at what we have here," Drake said sarcastically. "Middleton's lamest."

The officer just stared at him, eyes narrowing from the insult.

"Kid, did you do this?" The officer asked, pointing to the broken window.

Drake smiled and nodded his head, crossing his arms in triumph.

"Then you better come down to the station with us," The other officer said. That was a bad mistake.

Throwing the magazine up high up into the air, Drake dashed forwards and sent one officer flying into a lamp post, knocking him out cold. Before the other officer could react, Drake leapt into the air and vaulted over the cruiser before landing and performing a leg sweep, taking the other down. Reaching a hand up into the air, Drake caught the magazine as it fell and grinned in satisfaction.

"Hardly S.W.A.T. material are you?" Drake joked, as he cuffed them both to the lamp post. Getting into the driver's seat of the cruiser, Drake made adjustments to the seat. The police scanner crackled and a female voice spoke.

"Adam-13, has the situation been resolved?" The voice asked. Not wanting to miss a chance to insult the police, Drake smirked as he picked up the mic.

"I'm sorry but Adam-13 isn't in right now, but if I could take a message then I'll make sure they get it," Drake mocked, smirking as he spoke. The voice spoke again, this time sounding very annoyed.

"Who is this? What do you want?" She demanded.

"Hey, first of all you don't get to make the demands," Drake snarled. "That's my job. But if you must know, I want you to pass a message for a certain red head."

"Do you mean the cheif?" The voice asked. "He has red hair, shall I go get him?"

"Not him you moron!" Drake said, annoyed at her stupidity. "I'll make this easier for you to understand. She goes by the name of Kimberly Ann Possible."

"Kim Possible of Team Possible?" The voice asked in surprise. "What's the message?"

A dark grin slowly appeared on his face.

"Tell her that her days as a hero are numbered," Drake said in a calm, confident tone. "When she and I finally face each other, she is not going to be walking away."

Ripping out the police scanner from the dashboard with ease, Drake tossed it out the window casually. Searching the glove compartment for anything useful, he found only candy bar wrappers and a few Oh Boyz CD's, which he too threw out the window. Putting the car in gear, Drake hit the accelerator and raced down the street, firing up the sirens and lights for fun. As he drove he knew that he would face a challenge and to do that, he had to prepare for what he wanted to be Team Possible's final ever mission.

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