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Full Circle

Three Days After Broadcast

Kim and Ron were sitting in the back yard of Kim's house, enjoying some well earned rest under the warm midday sun. The cast around Kim's hand was removed but was placed in a sling, the bones nearly fully healed from the battle. Rufus was lying on the ground, sitting on a small miniature towel as he caught the sun, wearing a small pair of shades. The peace and quiet was interrupted by the four beeps of the Kimmunicator, which Kim promptly answered.

"Hey Wa..." She was about to say, before seeing a different figure onscreen. "Shego! How are you?"

"Fine, considering the world saw me and Drew...well you know," Shego said, starting to blush slightly. "Anyway, I thought I'd call to check up on you. How's the hand?"

"Still a little more healing to do. Those injections GJ gave to boost my healing really are doing wonders, the docs at GJ say I will make a complete physical recovery in a few days time. So what are you and Drakken up to then?"

"Well you'll love this but he still plans to take over the world...with his other qualifications," Shego said, smiling knowingly.

"Other qualifications?" Ron asked, taking interest in the conversation.

"Apparently after he dropped out of college to start a life of being a villain, he actually went on to gain qualifications for being a radio talk show doctor. Which actually was one of the main reasons why his mom was convinced he had a radio show."

"Wait a minute! Drakken really is qualified for that?" Kim asked, surprised at the revelation. "So his scheme to take over the world then..."

"...Involves him to become the most popular radio doctor on the planet," Shego finished, laughing a little. "Crazy, right? I was a little surprised about that myself when he told me, I mean I been with the guy for what like for three years and even I didn't know that about him. Anyway ever since that incident at the party, he is going to be completely honest with me from now on."

"That's good to hear Shego," Kim said. "Uh, so you guy's really are...y'know."

"Dating? Yeah, well I guess the broadcast made it official y'know, not every day you see two former bad guy's locking lips on live TV. Who knew that was going to happen?"

"Well it certainly surprised me and Ron when broadcast, poor Rufus fainted from the shock though. So will we be seeing you guy's again?"

"Sure will princess, like we can grab a coffee sometime or if you want, have a friendly spar to keep our fighting sharp. Oh, how's the therapy going?"

"Well the fight did kind of gave me closure now that Diego is destroyed but I'm still not 100% yet," Kim said. "Wade has me on light duty such as cat's stuck up a tree or helping the elderly cross the road, y'know girl scout stuff."

"Great to know you're getting out the house then. Anyway, I better call my brother's now, I got something to discuss with them. Feel free to stop by our place sometime."

"Alright Shego, well take care of yourself."

"Will do, oh and btw we sent you something in the mail. You'll love it. Well, see ya pincess."

"Bye Shego," Kim said, switching the Kimmunicator off. Getting up, Kim went into the house and saw her brother's scanning a large envelope. "What are you guy's doing?"

"Something came from HenchCo..." Jim said.

"...so we decided to scan it, in case it was a bomb," Tim finished.

"I'll take the risk," Kim said, snatching it from them and opening it. Inside was a magazine for Supervillain Monthly but on the cover was something that made Kim smile. "Ron, take a look at this."

Ron looked at the front of the magazine and smiled at what he saw. On the cover were Drakken and Shego holding each other in a loving embrace as they smiled, above their picture was the tagline 'Supervillain Couple of the Year.' Inside was a note written by Shego.

To Kimmie and her Ronnie

A little momento from me and Dr D's old villain days. Give our love to your fam for us.

Dr D & Shego x

"Aww," Rufus chattered, looking at the magazine.

"I have to admit, that is a pretty cute photo of them," Ron laughed, looking at it. "Hey, there's an article on couple's that didn't make the cut!"

Kim couldn't contain the smirk when she saw Junior and Bonnie were in second, with DNAmy and Monkeyfist in third place.

"Ew...why is DNAmy dating a stone statue of Monkeyfist?" The Tweebs asked. "That's so wrong!"

"I don't know," Ron said slyly, with a joke in mind. "I guess maybe it's because he's her rock."

A giggle escaped from Kim's mouth before finally laughing hysterically, holding onto Ron for support who in turn started to crack up with laughter.


Shego saw a smiling Drakken walk out of his office, heading over to Shego and wrapping an arm around her while planting a delicate kiss on her cheek.

"Whoa, Dr D! Ya certainly know how to make a girl feel good," Shego said, returning his kiss with one of her own. "So how did that meeting go with the radio people then?"

"They said they'll think about it but since that...er...broadcast, we have become to talk of the month," Drakken said. "Well I won't rest until I do have my own show and conquer the radio ratings!"

"I'm sure you will sweetie," Shego said. "Anyway, I gotta make another call."

"Your brother's right?"

Shego nodded, a little nervous to what their reaction's would be for her calling and the reason behind it. Drakken kissed her forehead tenderly, making her relax a little.

"I'm sure they'll be delighted to hear from you and I reckon they'll have taken the...er...news of our relationship pretty well."

"Well, only one way to find out," Shego sighed, heading over to the phone and picking it up.

Dialing in the number, Shego waited until she heard a familiar voice on the other side.


"Hi Hego...it's me," Shego said, listening to the long pause. "Er...you still there."

"I am, I am...er...it's just...well it's been a while since you called."

"I know...and I'm sorry. Look I called you guy's so we could talk, that's all. I got something to tell you guy's."

"Er...if it's about you dating Dr Drakken, believe me I know," Hego said.

"It's not about me and Drakken, well actually that is a small reason why I called," Shego said, taking in a deep breath. "I want to know...are you guy's okay with it?"

"Well the twins are and I think Mego is, but I...am a little uncomfortable with this. I mean, the guy is like 20 years older than you."

"16 years to be exact," Shego said. "Hego, I'm happy being with him. I've never been more happier in my life...and well...I'm also calling for another reason. I got some pretty big news for you guys."

"Oh...dear...," Hego's voice gasped. Suddenly Shego heard what sounded like someone keeling over.

"Uh...hello?" Shego asked, a little anxious. "Hego...hellloooo...can you hear me bro?"

"Uh...hi sis," One of the Wego's voices said. "Uh...Hego fainted...again. Man, what did you say to him exactly?"

"I just said that I'm happy with dating Drakken and that one of the other reasons I'm calling is because I got some big news for you guys."

"Oh...man, I see," Wego said before venturing into a certain topic. "Uh sis...are..are you...expecting?"

Shego nearly broke out into a fit of coughing, surprised at what her brother had asked and although she promised herself to not do this, she ended up losing her temper.


Shego heard nothing on the other end and saw a very surprised Drakken looking at her from the hallway. Silently cursing her own stupidity, Shego sighed and tried to find her courage to talk down the phone.

"Wego...are you there?" She asked. "Look...I didn't mean to shout, okay? It's just my stupid temper got the better of me again. Just to clear things up, you guy's will not be becoming uncles anytime soon."

"Okay...well that's good to hear...I guess," Wego said. "So if you're not...uh...y'know...er...what exactly was the reason for calling?"

"I'm calling because," Shego gulped, feeling her voice waver as her emotions threatened to overwhelm her. "I'm calling because...I'm coming back to Go City...to rejoin the team, that is...ugh...that is if you still want me back."

"Are...are you serious?"

"I am serious. I..I'm coming back home," Shego said, tears starting to fall from her eyes. "I know I must have hurt you guy's so much when I left, even being hurtful to you when our path's crossed just to maintain my rep...I just want to know if you still want me back though, after all I did to you."

"Shego...of course we want you back," Her brother said, from the sound of his voice he was crying too. "We missed you so much and we been waiting for this call for a long time. When will you be coming back?"

"I'll be getting a plane home in two weeks hopefully. Will you have my room ready?"

"Sis...it's been ready ever since. We'll see you when you arrive."

Shego smiled, tears of joy falling down her face. "I better get going. Bye bro...love you. Give my love for the other's, will ya?"

"I will. Love you too sis, take care."

The line went dead and Shego hung up, tears still falling down her face. Sensing someone behind her, Shego turned and embraced Drakken as she broke down into heaving sobs.

"I alway's pictured I wouldn't cry when I would finally call them, to tell them I'm coming home," Shego cried, holding Drakken tightly. "Guess I'm a wuss, huh?"

"Even the strongest must cry from time to time," Drakken said, stroking Shego's hair gently as he held her. "Now from the yelling, they must have said something to annoy you. Was it about me?"

Shego nodded and wiped her eyes, drying them. "They thought that...they were going to be uncles."

Drakken caught on by what she meant and nodded. "Oh...er...so that's what you meant by us not sharing the same room...er yet."

"Well yeah...I mean the...uh...thought just went through my mind and...oh man...I did well, think about that," Shego admitted. "I'm sorry if it creeped you out or anything."

"No, it didn't creep me out," Drakken said, smiling as he kissed her head. "I suppose it is something we could do, er...when we feel ready that is. Anyway, you need cheering up and I know how to do that just fine. Your favorite?"

Shego knew instantly what he was talking about. "Blueberry pancakes and black coffee? I'd love that."

Taking her hand in his, they went over to the kitchen of the rebuilt lair. Suddenly a ringing at the door caught their attention and Drakken made his way over to the door, facing a Global Justice agent.

"Yes?" Drakken asked.

"Special delivery from Dr Director," The agent said, handing him a large package. "For your efforts in stopping the Synthodrone threat."

Saluting Dr Drakken, the agent turned and left, leaving Drakken to close the door and set the package down at the kitchen table. Shego looked at it curiosly, wondering what it could be.

"So what did ol' Bets give us then?" Shego asked, feeling the package. To her it felt like three slabs of wood, which only fuelled her curiosity. Opening the package, they saw a note on top of the polished slabs of mahogany wood. Shego picked the note up and read it with a smile.

Drakken and Shego

In recognition of your actions for ensuring world safety, I present you with the following commendations.

Best Wishes

Dr B. Director

Looking at the slabs, Shego and Drakken saw the first slab had a silver metal plate screwed into the front with the Global Justice insignia, with Shego's name imprinted on the metal. The next one had Drakken's name, which made him smile but what confused them was why a third was sent, their smiles vanishing when they saw the third plaque.

In Honor Of

Drake #902

For his brave sacrifice for humanity

Wiping more tears forming, Shego picked up the plaque and held it in her hands, thinking about the destroyed Synthodrone.

"I can't believe he's gone," Shego sighed. "He would have made a pretty darn good sidekick for me if he lived. Maybe even joined up as a sixth Team Go member."

She felt the comforting embrace of Drakken as he placed an arm around her shoulder's and held her, looking at the plaque.

"Guess some good did come out of that mess I made," Drakken sighed. "But I still regret putting everyone through that pain."

"At least you prevented Kimmie from destroying Diego in anger," Shego said, nuzzling her head on his shoulder. "That was a kind act you did Dr D."

"Well, I better get making you your pancake's then," Drakken said, getting up and opening the fridge in the kitchen. "It won't take long sweetums."

Shego rolled her eyes but couldn't help letting out a snort of laughter. "Sweetums? I so can't believe I'm letting you get away with that!"

"Only because you love me," Drakken shot back with a sly grin. "Er...and that there's no camera broadcasting our...private moments, darling."

"Oh you are good," Shego laughed, smiling as Drakken continued to start cooking. Already life for her was taking a turn for the better and felt like nothing could possibly ruin it.


Somewhere in Go City

The room was poorly lit but that was how the two figure's in the room liked it. Dozen of computer screens were showing the accidental broadcast of Drakken and Shego while those in the room watched before one of them switched the screens to archive footage of Team Go, ranging from a very young Shego to her later teenage years with her brother's fighting at her side. The two figure's kept watching the screens, despite already mememorising the scenes that played out after watching them for so many years. However they had listened in on the wire tap they had on Go Tower's phone line, hearing Shego's conversation with her brother's.

"So Shego is finally returning to her brother's then?" A man's voice spoke, hoarse with age. He turned to look at his companion standing next to him, hidden in the shadows. "Alright you're up. You know the plan then, Reven? And I trust our scientists have fixed your malfunctions?"

"I do know the plan," The figure known as Reven replied in an electronic voice, making it impossible to destinguish the gender. "And I am fully capable of carrying out my mission. But what if someone interfere's with the plan?"

"You're talking about Team Possible?"


"If they do decide to get in the way of our goal...you are to kill them but only if they interfere," The man said sternly. "Team Go is our highest priority, you are to go after them first to ensure sucess."

"Understood," Reven said, flexing a metallic hand as electrical energy coursed over it. "When will the strike force be ready?"

"We're pulling in all available units for this task. We'll be ready to strike and capture within the month, now I want you to continue your training. I want your training results to still remain 100% perfect."

Turning around, the mysterious figure left the room quietly while the man looked at the TV screens as they continued playing archived footage and chuckled.

"After years of preparation, all this work will finally pay off."

The Darkest Legacy will continue


Kim Possible: The Go Conspiracy

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