He poured himself some punch as the room danced around him. He concentrated on Chyna who was now accompanied by her prince charming, Josh. Fletcher had came dateless to the Valentines Day prom simply because he couldn't find the courage to ask Chyna. Fletcher sat down with the two other dateless guys at the corner of the room and watched as the others enjoyed their night.

He continued to watch the beautiful atmosphere as couples linked together hand to hand, hand to shoulder, hand to hip. Her favourite song began to play, He began to frown and remembered how before the prom he was the one holding Chyna in his arms as they practised body to body, Hand to Hand, hand to shoulder, hand to hip. He was busy dreaming he didn't notice his best friend and crush standing right beside him holding out her hand. "Hey handsome. you want to dance?" He couldn't help smiling and taking taken her hand in his. When they were swaying along to the music Fletcher sighed "Why did you ask me to dance? I mean your meant to be with Josh..Isn't it like against the rules to dance with someone you didn't come with? Look at Olive she came with Angus and she still is with Angus, I'm not saying I don't want to dance with you That's not the case, I've been in love with you for years and I'm happy that finally your in my arms..I never thought it would happy. I'm not your type though Chyna..Oh you're beautiful tonight..and" Chyna places her finger to his lips and whispers in his ear, "Oh Fletcher, I've always secretly like you I'm just not one of those people that show it". It was magic as the song came to an end the couple kissed.