A/N: Part of me say Bella needs to say what's on her mind also, but she's not talking to me so I'm going to post this as written. I've also completed the Epilogue which I'll post next week sometime. I will do Chapter 24 in Bella's pov as an outtake once I can get her talking to me again.

Chapter 24

Jasper's POV

We talked for hours; it felt good to get everything out in the open. Telling her from the very beginning, I felt drawn to her. All I wanted from the beginning of all this was for her to fall in love with me.

I know her age is a problem only sixteen and I'm her legal guardian. The state would put me in jail if I married her. Yes, a legal guardian can sign consent for a sixteen year old to get married, but said guardian cannot be the person who is going to marry said sixteen year old.

I was thankful that Carlisle was still there listening to us talk and when we stopped and just stared at each other he would get us talking, again knowing there was more to be said. It was during one of these staring contest you could call it that Carlisle told us we could always see if the state would transfer guardianship over to them and then a few months later they could sign consent for us to marry.

That got us thinking. Yes, the state would want to make visits to ensure Bella was happy and safe, as they have done here a few times. Thankfully, never during that time in which Bella was in her dark place. So, in the end it was decided Bella would just move in with the Cullens while we worked this out with the state.

We would still see each other every day, if not we would talk on the phone. I really did need to get back to the office, and this would allow me to do so. There was so much that needed to be done before I turned thirty-one.

The guys helped Bella pack, took her stuff over to the Cullens, then they left her here with me so we could truly make up for being so stupid and having our heads up our asses. I hope I never do such stupid shit again.

We worked together to cook dinner, eat, clean up, then went upstairs to spend quite time together.

We ended up taking a bubble bath, something I never thought I'd ever do. It was very relaxing, and nice to have Bella so close. By the end of the bath, I knew I would do this again anytime she asked. I love the feel of Bella in my arms, it feels so right. This is the place she belongs and I will do everything in my power to make sure she stays there.

It took the courts six weeks to decide Bella was better off with the Cullens, and during this time we found out that first night we had made love, one that will always be forever engraved in my brain, as the sweetest night of my life, we made a baby. We hid this fact from the courts, as I would surely be thrown in jail.

Our plan was now to get married on the first of December, just twenty days before I turn thirty-one. It would be a small private ceremony just the Cullens and Garrett would be there. He was pleased to hear everything was in line so he wouldn't have to put the company or the house up for sale. He really did feel bad that he hadn't talked my parents out of putting that stupid clause in their wills.

I was so looking forward to starting a new life with my Angel; she saved me in so many ways. She says it's the other way around that I'm her Angel for saving her from the life she been living. Ok, so we saved each other. Whatever it was that brought us together I'll forever be thankful.