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Chapter 25: Epilogue

Jasper's POV

We sat in the dinner eating my birthday day dinner; we were all there my whole family Bella, Keagan, JR, Bethany and Carl. We always went to the dinner since that is where my life really started ten years ago. Later, we would meet up with our extended family for cake and ice cream, but this day is always our special time; it had been since the first dinner Bella, and I shared ten years before.

When we found out Bella was carrying our son. we argued for months on what we would name him in the end my angel won out with the promise I get to name the next boy. So, my first born is Jasper Walker Whitlock, Jr.

We added the twins five years later after Bella graduated from college with her degree in literature, as well as, her teaching certificate. She teaches only as a sub because she loves being at home, taking care of every little thing. I can't believe she fired the cleaning lady saying it's her job to take care of our home as well as the family.

I just couldn't name my second son Carlisle because to me; it was already confusing having a child named after myself. So I picked the name Carl in honor of him, as I knew I won't be this happy if he hadn't been so stern and making me get my head out of my ass that summer, which just seems like a far away nightmare these days.

As I look across at Bella, I still see this scared skinny girl, who blossomed into a beautiful woman, one who is the angel who saved me from a lonely life, one who gave my life meaning.

I guess my thinking about the past made me look funny, because I'm brought back to the here and now by little Bethany saying, "Daddy why you look so funny?"

"Because I was remembering the first time I saw your mommy, it was such a different time."

"Mommy says you've always loved her and will forever like in the stories. She reads me." I chuckled at that only a four-year-old would say something so sweet, because they don't understand how the world around them really works just yet.

"Don't laugh daddy, it is true mommy says you've always loved her."

I smiled at Bethany, and told her, "Yes, from the moment I saw her, I knew she was the one I wanted to spend forever with."

"Daddy will I find my prince?"

That one made me cringe; I couldn't picture either of my girls even thinking about boys just yet. I knew I only had a few years left before nine-year-old Keagan started liking boys. Thankfully, right now she says they have cooties.

I had to answer her as honest as I could be, "Yes one day when you're much older like thirty you will find your prince."

"Dad, really thirty, mom says I can start dating when I'm sixteen, and that's only seven years away." Keagan pipes in I hadn't even realized she had been listening to Bethany and me.

"Oh, does she now," I said looking at my wife, my other half, the one whom completes me.

"We've talked about this before that the girls can date when they are sixteen, you're not going to back out of that deal, after all I was sixteen when we met," Bella responded with a little giggle, sounding more like a teenager than a mother of four does.

"Let's not think of the future right now; I want to enjoy my birthday dinner with my family; I don't like the idea of my baby girls liking boys."

"Daddy, I'm no baby," Bethany replied with sass as she threw her napkin at me.

"Bethany, that is no way to act," I scolded.

"Daddy, but I'm not a baby, next year I get to go to school!" She is almost in tears.

"You may not be baby, but in my mind you will always be my baby." I am hoping this will stop the tears, and then I add for good measure, "I know you're growing up to be a beautiful young lady, and I just don't want you to grow up to fast."

I love my family, I reached over and picked Bethany out of her booster seat and sat her on my lap holding her close to me. I smelled her hair, which reminds me of her mother. Where Keagan is the younger version of Bella, Bethany took the best of both of us, having my nose and blue eyes, but Bella facial shape and hair color.

We finished dinner and drove over to the Cullens; all the children refer to them as Grammy and Poppy. Keagan started the poppy bit, and it's stuck no matter how hard Carlisle fought it from the start.

It's always a house full during the holidays, with Emmett and Rose's three kids, Edward and Alice's two kids; their third is on the way. It's a lot of fun to see all the kids play together; it reminds of my childhood playing with Emmett and Edward when our families got together.

I still can't believe I'm forty years-old today, ten years ago I didn't think I would ever be this happy.

I was pleased when Esme asked if the kids could stay the night giving Bella and I some alone time, which truly doesn't happen as much as either of us would like. We held hands on the way home not saying a word just enjoying the closeness we felt just with that simple touch of the hands.

I pulled into the garage, jumped out met Bella at the front of the SUV; I couldn't be away from her for a moment more; I pulled her close to me, kissed her, showing just how much I love and need her.

As I deepened the kiss, I felt myself growing hard; I pulled my angel closer to me, to let her feel what she does to me. This caused her to moan into my mouth. I needed to touch her right now, so I slid a hand down her back over her ass and slowly raised her dress. I was shocked when I found that she had no panties on.

I pulled away from the kiss looked into her eyes, to see the mischievous grin on her face. I then picked her up and sat her on the hood of the SUV; this put her at the perfect height for me to drink in her sweet juices. I bent over ran my tongue up, one thigh and then the other before I settled into her sweet pussy.

I've never tasted anything so sweet in my life, and I'll never get enough of her sweetness. I was now straining hard against my slacks, as I licked and teased her clit. I inserted two fingers, damn she was so wet.

"Take me and let's make a baby," I heard my lovely wife say in a husky voice, which told me she was close.

I pulled away from her unzipped my pants pushed her up further onto the hood, climbed up and pushed into her sweetness. I was a man on a mission; I wanted to make another baby grow inside the love of my life my angel.