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It was about six-forty-five am and Amanda and Mike were standing outside of Mr. Stoothoff's door, a suspected villain of arson. Why were Amanda and Mike outside his room instead of inside? Why, because Owen was inside of course.

Mike punched the button on the walkie-talkie and said, "Owen, did you find something yet?"

There was static for a moment before Owen replied, grumpily, "NO! Be patient, Fukunaga!"

"Yeah… yeah, whatever." He turned to Amanda and said, "Why are WE out here and not Owen? He's not the most reliable searcher."

Amanda agreed, "Yes, but if you were a teacher and you saw Owen Lurking around a classroom what would you think?"

"That something would blow up."

"Exactly, you'd be suspicious and we'd probably be caught. But when teachers see us-"

"-A nerd and their favorite student-", Mike interjected.

Amanda continued on "Outside a classroom they wouldn't be suspicious. They might think we have a question for Mr. Stoothoff or something but they wouldn't even think twice about it."

"Wow", Mike said in awe, "Amanda that's really smart!"

Amanda grinned,"I know!"

"Well if you're so smart then tell me what to do if Mr. Stoothoff tries to get into his classroom?"

Amanda shrugged, "Distract him I guess. We'll think of something."

"Yeah, well we better start thinking because he's coming!" He said dropping his voice.

Amanda jerked her head around and saw Stoothoff walking down the hallway, whistling a merry tune.

"Oh no! What do we do?" Amanda panicked.

"Ummm… we need to improvise…I've got it!" Mike said and pushed Amanda against the wall.

"What are you doing?" Amanda hissed.

"Just go with it! Play along!"


Mike interrupted Amanda's next question by pressing his lips onto hers, effectively shutting her up. Amanda, being the smart girl she was, realized what Mike was doing and wrapped her arms around Mike's neck, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss. Mike cautiously put his hands on her waist, as she absentmindedly played with his hair. As Stoothoff approached Mike took one hand off Amanda's waist and pressed the button of her walkie-talkie to warn Owen. When Mr. Stoothoff picked up his head, he saw the couple making out in his path and yelled, "Hey you! No P.D.A.! I swear you teenagers these days are trying to suck each other's faces off."

Amanda and Mike broke apart slowly, breathing heavily.

In D8 aka Mr. Stoothoff's room

Owen was franticly searching Mr. Stoothoff's desk when his walkie-talkie went off. Strange… He put it up to his ear and heard Mr. Stoothoff yell, "Hey you! No P.D.A.! I swear you teenagers these days are trying to suck each other's faces off."

Suck each other's faces off? Owen chuckled and stored that tidbit of information in the back of his head for later and high tailed it out of the room through the back door. He walked around to where an equally red faced Amanda and Mike were standing, somewhat awkwardly.

"No P.D.A., huh?" Owen chuckled again,"I'd like to see the explanation for that one."

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