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Chapter 1

I sat in my room looking out the window. The sun was finally out, making the snow glitter in its light. A blue Jay sat on an evergreen singing away at a soothing tune. Beyond that I could see the Montana Mountains, tops covered in a white blanket.

The beautiful scenery did nothing for me though. Not a thing did anymore. Nothing mattered. I just didn't care anymore. About anything really. I couldn't care. I had lost that ability when Jasper went missing.

It had been two years since he disappeared. We searched high and low for him, covering all parts of North and South America, and some of the other continents. But no luck. He just disappeared into thin air.

The family had tried and tried to help me get through this. But they couldn't. They didn't understand. None of them knew how it felt to be separated from your mate for such a long time. Everyone believed him dead, but I knew he wasn't. I could feel it. Well not necessarily. I couldn't actually feel that he was alive, but surly I would know if he was dead? But if he was alive, why hadn't he come home?

Everyday these thoughts filled my head. They consumed every second of my life. There was no escaping them. They echoed in my head, always there. Sometimes they would just be background noise, other times screaming sirens.

What if he was dead?

No… he can't be that's impossible.

He's not invincible.

He's not dead though.

Then why isn't he with you?

I had no explanation for that one. Two years was certainly enough time for him to come back to me. So why wasn't he?

Maybe he didn't want you anymore. Maybe this was finally his chance to be free of you. You were nothing more than a parasite to him. Always dragging him down. You're worthless. He's probably better off without you. He probably hated you. Only took you in because he felt pity for you. After all, how could someone love such a pathetic being as yourself? You're nothing without him. Nothing.

My attention was diverted from my inner monologue by the sound of the door opening. I didn't need to look to see who it was.

"Go away Alice." My voice was cold and harsh.

She ignored my words. "Bella you need to hunt." I use to think of her voice as something beautiful, but now it was just annoying.

"I said leave." With that I used my gift to shut the door in her face. I was harsh to her and I knew it probably wasn't fair, but I felt nothing but anger towards her. If it wasn't for her so called 'mate' Jasper would still be here.

When he explained what happened I wanted to kill him. I wanted to tear him from piece to piece and burn him. Slowly. He told us how he had been working with Maria. How she wanted Jasper back and me dead. How he had controlled Edward to gather information. If it wasn't for him, Jasper would still be here with me.

But of course when I voiced my opinions I was the one who was wrong. They scolded me for using such harsh words against the newest member of their family. The only ones who didn't were Peter, Emmett and Charlotte. They were the only ones that I could trust around here. The others just welcomed that thing in here like he had done no wrong. But Peter Em and Char understood. They didn't trust him either.

"Bella it's been nearly a month since you last fed, surly you must be dying of thirst?" I almost forgot she was still here. Why was she still here? Hadn't I told her to leave? Twice?

"Alice, if you know what's good for you will leave." I heard her audible gasp. I had never threatened her before.

"Bella, I know this is hard on you, but it's been two years. He's gone Bella. He's not coming back, It's best you just move on-"

I cut her off by grabbing her by the throat and slamming her into the wall, the house shaking at my rage. "Listen here you little bitch. Just because he left you does not mean he has left me. He's still out there I can feel it. You don't know anything about him. He wouldn't leave me." By now I was just mumbling off my fears.

"Isabella, let go of your sister." I turned around to face Carlisle.

"She. Is not. My sister." I growled through clenched teeth. The look of shock on my family's face was priceless. "I share no venom with any of you besides Peter and Char." I inwardly flinched at the look of hurt on Emmett's face, but kept going "All you have done the past two years is constantly tell me that my mate is dead and he is not coming back. But I know that isn't true. If you don't believe me than so be it. I'm leaving." With that said I stormed out the door, accidently locking eyes with Keegan and giving him a glare. I ignored Esme's calls for me to return. I would not be. I needed to find Jasper.

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