America watched as for the second time he entered freefall in such a way that would probably result in his death (or severe maiming, since he was a country and all). He had unthinkingly jumped out after England's magic, which was within his reach. His fingertips just barely touched the ball and suddenly it was gone. Replacing it was a rush of power that surged through his body and caused all of the breath to leave his body. He had never felt such a powerful feeling before. The closest he had gotten was when Moon had released her powder on him and even then that was nothing compared to this.

His body was heavy: it was weighed down by gravity. His body was light: the power made him feel weightless. He could see colors that didn't exist. He could feel the wind full of life. He could hear the ground and cloud-rock around him whispering. He didn't understand what was happening as his mind tried to process everything. The world around him was moving so quickly and slowly at the same time. He felt invincible.

He took a breath.

The world sped up again and his pupils dilated as his mind caught up to him. The tower was falling towards him. He had to get out of the way. He spread what at first he thought were his arms until he heard the rustle of feathers. With an ease he wasn't sure how he possessed, he flipped over and suddenly he was defying gravity as he soared around crumbling rocks. As soon as he was clear of impending death, he shot straight up into the air. The rush of wind in his face felt great and he laughed. He didn't know what was going on, but it was amazing. He slowed and looked down. He was far above Britannia, looking at the little moving specks on the ground. He watched the tower collapse at the bottom of the gorge. The castle soon collapsed as well.

Is this what it feels like to be God? He wondered. Even the trees look like nothing from this height. Finally he took a moment to examine his own situation. His clothes had changed into a white dress-like thing. It didn't stop the cold from invading his body at all, but his body hardly seemed to register the temperature. It was glowing and humming with energy. On his feet were sandals with straps that wrapped around his calves. America didn't need to look behind him to know he had wings. He had become the Britannia Angel. And it felt great. Was this how England felt whenever he came to this world like this?

England. America just remembered the man. Gilbert, Ludwig, Feliciano, Kiku, Moon, Lovino, Sealand…Had all of them made it out of the castle alright? "Git!" A voice reached him and he reached up to find Arthur, the sticky little mochi he was, still on his head. The creature was shivering in the cold. America grinned.

"Arthur!" He cried and spun around in midair hugging the creature. He felt ecstatic. "God, I feel amazing!" He felt like he could do anything.

"I'm cold!" The mochi said. America had to agree. He placed Arthur in his toga –which didn't help the creature much, the thin material it was- and aimed his self towards the ground before taking off. He was flying! He hooted and soared straight past Beauty and Alfred and Matthew. The brothers gazed at him in shock, but he just waved before taking off closer to the ground. He cut between two unicorns, shocking them. He decided he wanted to stop the fighting, but how? In the next instant, his body went a little cold and felt as if something had been pulled out of him before he felt warm again. The sounds of fighting stopped. He froze as well and gazed around him. Unicorns and pirates alike had frozen where they were in mid-attack.

America surveyed this and shrugged, unsure of how he had caused it and unsure of how to fix it. His priority right now was finding England, and so he gained altitude. He approached the remains of the castle and saw a small group of people standing in shock as they looked at the frozen war ground. "H-how?" He heard Kiku murmur. Lovino and Feliciano escaped Gilbert's arms and dashed across the battlefield. England was on his knees. Were those tears coming from his eyes?

America didn't like it and decided to do something to change his mood. The next instant he appeared in front of England and said, "Boo!" Everyone jumped back, startled. America laughed at their faces. "You guys look hilarious!" He cried and he rolled backwards in his fit of laughter.

"A-America!" Moon cried.

"How is that possible?" Ludwig asked.

"I-Is he dead?" Sealand asked.

America looked at them. He could understand that. Suddenly he's an angel. Maybe he was dead? He pulled Arthur out and looked it in the face. "What do you think? Are we dead?"

"Stupid." Arthur said. "No."

"My magic." England whispered, recovering slowly from his heart attack-inducing scare. "You absorbed my magic."

"Is that what happened?" America asked. England held up shaky arms towards him. America floated closer and landed in the snow, about to hug him when England punched him in the stomach.

"You bleeding bastard! How could you jump out of a fucking window of a collapsing tower into a gorge? Are you a moron! If it wasn't for my magic, you would be dead!" He screamed at him. He shook his head furiously. "What would've happened then? What would've happened to your country? Why would you do such a moronic thing!" His body was trembling. America, reading the atmosphere for once, realized that it wasn't from anger but from relief. Like when a mother loses her child in a store and then gives them a good scolding when they find them. It was because he had been so afraid that he had lost America, not because he was angry.

America stood up and pulled England to him in a hug, feeling the man's trembling form. England's words died on his lips. "I'm alive, England. Sorry for scaring you." England's body went limp in his grip as his body began to be wracked with sobs. The older nation then wrapped his arms around America and cried into his shoulder.

"I'll bloody kill you when this is over! I-I will do it!" He cried. America just continued to hold him.

"America." Gilbert said, a little reluctant to disturb the scene but needing things to move along, "Did you do this?" He motioned to the field. America followed the hand to look at his work.

"Ah, yeah I did. Dunno how, though."

"You must've wished to stop the fighting." England guessed, lifting his head.


"Then all you need to do is wish to reverse the effect and it will go back to normal."


"Wait." Kiku said, coming forward. Moon jumped from his shoulder and landed on America's hugging him as tight as she could. "We should find some way to stop the unicorns before we undo this."

"Yes, you're right." Ludwig said. A large figure approached and landed nearby and Alfred and Matthew jumped off of Beauty and ran over to them.

"Dude! You're the Britannia Angel!" Alfred yelled. "How is that possible?"

"I touched his magic?" America said.

"Did you do this, America?" Matthew asked.


"Oui this is all and good, but what are we going to do about the unicorns?" Francis asked. "I say we turn them into normal horses. They're very vain creatures, after all."

"You're no better yourself, frog!" England retorted.

"Says the flying fairy himself." Francis mocked.

"You-!" England tackled Francis and began choking him as Francis did the same to England. Everybody else ignored them. America felt a little frustrated that England left his hold.

"Stripping them of their power is not a bad idea, however." Kiku said, glancing worriedly at the two feuding men.

"I'm not exactly sure how to do it, though." America said. "I'm not exactly sure how to control the powers."

"Can't you just wish for it?" Gilbert asked, sneaking his way over to Matthew.

England stopped his assault on Francis. "No, you need a wand in order to do that."

"I never got a wand." America said.

"Just summon it to your hand." Francis said.

"Don't tell him how to control my magic!" England commanded him.

"It is hardly your magic right now, no?" England looked about ready to go a second round with the man when America managed to summon the wand with ease.

"Now, wish that the unicorns could no longer use magic and chant these words…" He said a short series of words very slowly. After a moment he repeated them and kept at it until he was sure America had it down. America then turned towards the unicorns and did as he was told. The unicorns all began to glow and America felt a faint, strange sadness run through his core as the magic from the unicorns filled him. He then unfroze the field. Everyone on it appeared confused. None of them attacked each other as they looked around. There were a few cries of horror from the unicorns.

"Unicorns!" England cried in his loudest voice that attracted everyone's attentions, "You're magic is all gone! This is what you deserve for what you have done! This fight is over! Scatter now or incur my wrath!"

Alfred, Gilbert, and America snickered. "Pfft, 'incur my wrath'."

"Belt up!" The Englishman told them.

The cleanup after such a battle was tedious. The unicorns complained but eventually left, sorrowful and with a few regretting their actions. The pirates demanded they receive treasure for what they had done, and England reluctantly agreed to give them some next time he returned.

"Seriously?" America had whispered thinking of the treasure in England's pirate room as the pirates began to leave.

"Hell no." England muttered.

There was a heartfelt goodbye between the two dogs with Feliciano cuddling his less-than-happy brother. Eventually they split with each other as the pirates walked towards Fall. Antonio happily gave goodbyes to Francis and Gilbert, promising to get together again soon before leaving with an impatient Lovino. Antonio hugged his dog, only to get pushed off. But by the blush on Lovino's face, the affection wasn't exactly reciprocated.

"So…what now?" Alfred asked, turning to the leftovers of the group.

"I suppose you should return my magic to me, America." England said. A sudden panic ripped through America and he jumped back and away from England, startling his friends and himself. Why had he done that? His body had a strange reaction to the thought of relieving him of his powers. He didn't want to give them up.

"A-ah, well it'll be nighttime soon. How about we all find a place to sleep that's not in Summer?" He suggested nervously. England gave him a suspicious look.

"Let's all go to Francis's house, then!" Moon suggested from her position on Alfred's shoulder.

"Yeah! It'll be awesome! A sleepover!" Alfred agreed.

"I did not agree to this!" Francis whined. "I don't want so many people in my home unless it is for a harem!"

"See if I even let you keep your privates if you keep it up." England threatened, leading the way to Francis's house.

"How cruel!" Francis pouted, but they all went to his house. Not long after they arrived did nightfall really occur (apparently America could sense when nighttime was approaching in this Britannia Angel form) and they settled themselves in for the night at Francis's house. Gilbert slept next to Matthew, the two close together with Alfred and Moon on the Kuma's other side followed by Francis. On Gilbert's other side laid Ludwig with Feliciano snuggled against him naked and in his human form and fast asleep. England and America settled themselves on the other side of the couple.

But America didn't fall asleep. He waited until he figured the others were asleep and snuck out of the house. He wanted to fly more. He would be losing this power soon, no matter how reluctantly. He could understand why England liked to come to this world. To have this kind of power and freedom at your beck and call was a thrill. He was jealous that all of this power was England's. Why was it that he couldn't have such power?

He took off into the air and flew as high as he dared and as fast as he could, soaring into the different parts of the land. As Moon had said, the other half of the land was in daytime. He changed courses and flew back to Spring before landing softly. "Are you enjoying yourself, America?" America started as England's presence entered the field he had landed in.

"Ah hahaha… England! What are you doing here?" He asked nervously.

"You don't want to give it up, do you?" England asked quietly, approaching America. America didn't answer, but that was all England needed to know. The man sighed. "It's a lot, I understand. And it will make you feel horrible when it's gone. That's how I feel right now. But you have to understand, America, that it was originally mine and eventually that power has to come back to me. And unless you return it willingly, it will hurt physically when it leaves you."

America frowned. "You didn't have to tell me that. I was going to give it back anyway." The magic was already starting to feel wrong within his body now that England was here.

"Smart of you." England sat down next to the other nation. America joined him.

"So we're going back to your home tomorrow?" He asked as the two stared at the moon.

"Yes, after which I will send Sealand home."

"Why was he here, anyway?"

"He somehow managed to get into Britannia. It's probably because he's my little brother." America looked to England.

"I guess my adventure will be over, then." England nodded wordlessly, gazing back at him.

"Hopefully things will have changed between us. You cannot mock me anymore for seeing magical creatures."

"Ahahaha! Nope, I'm still gonna totally mock you! Just because they exist here, it doesn't mean they exist in the real world!"

"You tosser!" England yelled at him. America turned and pressed his lips against the other man's firmly. England stiffened and quickly relaxed, leaning into the kiss. America wrapped his arms around the Brit and pushed him down before opening his mouth. England ran his hand into the taller nation's hair and granted him access to his mouth, gently joining in on the slow-paced probing. There was no need to hurry and neither man wanted to. America slid his tongue together with the other's, shuddering at England's touch on his bared skin and in his hair.

After a moment they pulled away from each other panting. America whispered, "I really hope this doesn't change when go back."

"Are you asking to be my boyfriend, love?"

"Of course." America grinned.

"Hm." England murmured and pressed another kiss to the nation's mouth. "Then we don't have a problem."

"By the way," America said as a thought appeared in his mind, "What the hell is Francis?"

"What do you mean?" England asked, a little annoyed at the change in topic and also in what the topic was about.

"Well he said he wasn't human, but he doesn't look like one of those animal mixes. And I heard he had a true form, but nobody would tell me what it was."

England smirked evilly. "That's because he's a frog. Literally."

America laughed, "Seriously?"


"But he can use magic?"

"Oh, yes. He acquired some of my magic through an accident that makes him the most powerful next to me. He seems to think this gives him the right to touch me, so I turned him into a frog. It's through his own power that he can maintain that form." England grumbled. "However I have gotten him back in my own way. He can't speak his beloved French that he somehow developed. He dislikes me for that."

"Hahaha, so even here you and France hate each other!"

"Of course." England pushed America up and stood, brushing himself off. "Come now, I'm tired." America stood up and the two walked back to their bed to sleep.

The next morning they all walked together to the Britannia Angel's temple. It was designed sort of like the ancient Romans, a temple of which inside was a simple stone door frame. As they approached the frame, it began to glow to life and inside was a pitch black hallway. But America could see those magical colors that had no name swirling within its depths. He wondered exactly what they were, but kept his question to himself. He, England, and Sealand all turned to face the Britannians.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye." America said.

"Will you ever come back?" Kiku questioned. America shrugged, but he had a feeling that England wouldn't let him visit too often. Whatever, he knew how to get their now if he ever really wanted to go.

"America, my magic." England said.

"Hey, Jerk England! You said that you caused America's Great Depression last time he used your magic! Why are you letting him use it now?" Sealand questioned.

"What the hell?" America asked, baffled. England mouthed that he would explain it later and to just go along with it. "Ah, well it was a special occasion." He said, tucking his arms behind his head. He then decided that now was the time to give England back his magic and silently wished to transfer all of his magic to the older nation.

His legs collapsed beneath him as his body became cold and the magic drained from him. He closed his eyes against the gross feeling, already missing the warmth the magic came with. His toga was replaced with his jacket, tee-shirt, and jeans and his sandals replaced with boots. His wings disappeared. In contrast, England's wings reappeared and he glowed as his Britannia Angel outfit returned to him. A content smile appeared on his face and he levitated before returning back to the floor. America climbed back to his feet.

"Say your goodbyes, America. And Sealand, apologize to everyone." England commanded with a glare at his younger brother. Sealand, pouting, did so. America held his hand out and shook with everyone.

"Come back and play with me again, America. It's always fun torturing the mermaids with friends." Gilbert said.

"Thanks for leading me around, Kiku." America told his Neko friend. The cat smiled.

"It was a pleasure."

"Come back and hang out with me!" Alfred said, slapping his counterpart on the back.

"We do not need two Alfreds." Francis said, rolling his eyes and smiling a little. He then grabbed America's hand and pulled him in close to whisper into his ear, "Make sure that the Angel gets laid, no? Maybe it will lighten him up a bit."

America pulled away with a grin and a thumbs up. "No problem!" Francis gave him a nice smack on the bottom for that and England scowled at him. "Thanks for the help, Ludwig, Feliciano." America said to Germany's counterpart and was hugged by Feliciano.

"Come back anytime!" The dog said, grinning before tucking himself in Ludwig's jacket. The elfin man nodded in agreement.

America hugged Matthew to him. "Good luck with Gilbert and Alfred." He whispered into his ear. Matthew turned a little pink and said,

"I think I can handle them."

At last America turned to Moon. "Moon-" he started but the pixie held up her hand.

"Just a moment, America." She then jumped over to the Britannia Angel and whispered something in his ear. England smiled a little and said,

"It's the least I can do for putting up with America for as long as you did. But are you sure?" Moon nodded and jumped to the ground. England waved his wand and Moon was enveloped in a bright light that blinded the occupants of the room. When it faded in its place stood a human-sized Tsuki that appeared to be around eighteen, dressed in the same clothes she had worn when small. She looked herself over before hugging England.

"Thank you." She said before turning to America.

"You wanted to be human?"

"Ah, yes." She said, brushing her hair back shyly. America grinned and the pixie –now young woman- hugged him. "I'm going to miss you, America."

"Thanks for everything, Moon. It was fun, seriously." Moon pulled away before she pulled him into a kiss. America's eyes widened and he heard England's surprised intake of breath but it was only a chaste kiss.

"I love you, America." His eyes widened even more. "Or, at least I used to." She smiled. "I can see I'm not for you and I've already found someone else. I hope you're happy back at your home." She then gently left him and joined to stand next Alfred, who grinned as their hands linked. America blinked, still in shock, before he came back to himself.

He winked to Alfred. "Nice catch!" He said, but England grabbed his collar.

"You said your goodbyes, so let's go!" He said and dragged the protesting America into the hallway following behind Sealand as everybody waved. Soon enough they disappeared and America was eventually released as he whined.

"Don't be so mean, England!" But England was busy grumbling to himself. As they walked through the dark hallway, England's glowing faded and his Britannia Angel form faded so he was back to normal. America felt movement on his head and with a start he realized that he had accidentally brought Arthur with him. "Aw Artie, why didn't you stay back in Britannia?" He asked, taking the mochi off of his head.

"What?" England and Sealand asked as they couldn't see the creature.

"I accidentally brought Arthur. Can I keep him?"

"Well, it's no problem. It appears he too attached to you. He'll be living with you anyway." England said a moment.

"YES!" America cheered and hugged the man. "I love you, England!" He couldn't see England's blush in the dark.

"G-Get off of me, git!" He pushed the younger nation off as Sealand whined how he wanted a mochi. Not long after they reached the end of the hallway and he opened the door that led back into the pirate room. They left the room and eventually made their way to the kitchen. America saw that it was now nighttime outside. How many hours had they been in Britannia? How many days?

"It seems like it has only been about eight hours." England said, gazing at the clock.

"Seriously? Dude, it's been like a week there!"

"That is the magic of Britannia. Now you!" England turned to Sealand. "Come with me! You and I are going to have a long talk and then you're going home!" He grabbed Sealand by the ear and led him out of the room as the boy complained and whined. America watched for a few moments before he decided to reflect on his time in Britannia (it already seemed like it was all a dream) and started up the coffee maker to finally have his coffee.

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