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**This category only has 6 stories, which means not many people know about the book. SO here's a brief explanation. Dark Life is about people who live on the bottom of the ocean, due to global warming flooding the mainland. Now, people are packed like sardines into stack houses, and put their children into foster homes. But the pioneers, they have all the space they want. But, some believe the pressure of the ocean is changing the children's brains, giving them mysterious powers. This story doesn't have Ty or Gemma in it. This is a completely made up character of mine. Mefreet is a water-sprite-y name, so I chose that. She is a girl, so don't get confused. ENJOY. **



It felt like I was dying. Every fiber of my being was screaming out in pain, rejecting any medicine they gave me. My sister always sat at my bedside, worrying over my health. I was deathly ill with an unknown disease. I always had a high fever, and the skin in-between my fingers, as well as my ears started to flake, bleeding and pussing. It was horrible, whatever had come upon me. Not even the soft swaying motion of the great ocean could calm me. Every once in a while, my parents would come to my bed with a new doctor, one that would be just as clueless as the last. They didn't even know where I'd contracted this strange illness. They had all accepted the fact that I was going to die. I was the first-born child underwater, Mefreet Herondale, and I was going to die underwater. I was only 14 years old.

But one day, I was feeling healthier than usual. So healthy, I was able to get out of my bed. It still hurt as if the demon was burning my insides, but I could walk. I carefully padded down the stairs, almost vomiting with my effort. My mother was busying herself with organizing the equipment cabinets, while my sister, Lily was playing with a goldfish. No one seemed to notice that I'd emerged from my death bed. Walking over to my mother, I alerted her to my presence.

"Oh, Mefreet! You should be in bed, you're not well enough to be walking!" She screeched, grabbing my arm. I groaned in pain as a bruise rose from under her fingers.

"Mom, considering I'm walking, I think I'm well enough." I told her. "I just want to go out for a few minutes."

"What? You can't do that! You'll get swept away by the current, or lost, or-"

"Mom, I know the ocean better than anyone else down here, and I won't go far." I told her. "It'll make me feel better."

After squabbling with her until she let me go, I shakily pulled on a wet suite. I didn't bother to inhale liquigen, because it would be a waste. I was only going to be out for 5 minutes. As I plunged into the moon pool, I was overcome with a sense of relief, as if the ocean would make everything better. Climbing down the ladder, I stretched my legs as I walked along the sand. Looking up, I saw that a boat was passing over the homestead. I let my mind wander as to what it'd be like to live above water. All my brain thought of was that it'd be dirty.

I bent down to brush a sea star on one of its sea star legs, which felt spongy and hard. I looked up again. The boat was lower in the water, closer to the homestead.

Did the tide changeā€¦? I thought.

The boat or what I thought was a boat, shot downwards, circling around me. It was a bad day to go outside, considering a pack of great white sharks were now circling around me. I had forgotten to take a weapon, for I knew the fence would keep them out. It must be broken.

Trying to sprint underwater for the ladder, one of them swished its tail next to me, sending me careening away in a whirlpool of bubbles. I landed on my back, and watched as their black, merciless eyes zeroed in on me. One came way to close to me, and when he was passing by, he whipped his tail against me helmet. The glass shattered, water flooding into my broken helmet, as the sharks decided I was boring, and swam away. I was so startled that I tried to breath, salt water flooding my nose. It stung into my eyes, and had me seeing shapes. I couldn't breathe. The pressure was crushing my head, squeezing my eyes shut. I tried to stand up, but I was too weak to do it. With one last helpless glance at the moon pool, hoping someone would see my distress; I let out the remaining air in my lungs.

I watched the bubbles float up to the surface as my world spiraled away, leaving me deflated on the ocean floor.