So apparently either this story got deleted or I just never uploaded it. If I didn't upload I think I'm going crazy...Anyway if you didn't already read this here it is, I give you...Chapter 1 of DP,BF: ROTF just an early Christmas(or holiday) present for my fans. Jk, I was bored. So, I did forget one thing -before I let you start- you will soon learn I made a one-sentence typo in the first DP,BF you will know if you compare this chapter and first chapter of the last one. For those who are wondering about Rachel's past I will quench your thirst in this chapter. So, without further ado I give you...Chapter 1...

Chapter 1

"I will destroy your life -your family and friends- if you do not help me, girl."

Rachel looked up at the Decepticon, her eyes filled with tears.

"Tell me where your Autobot friends are and I'll spare you your friends and family," the Decepticon said.

Rachel said the name of the Autobots' hide out, but it was barely audible. The Decepticon heard though and transformed back into a jet, flying away. Rachel couldn't believe what she'd just done, she'd given away the Autobots -her friends- and for what? They had saved her life and this is how she repaid them?She felt worse than horrible. She ran, ran home to tell her parents what was going on. As she came close to her house she stopped in her tracks. Where her house once stood a pile of burning wood and ash was all that remained. Rachel's jaw dropped. Her eyes fell on the driveway and her heart sank.

"No, no, no, no, no," she repeated over and over.

Two cars were parked there, which meant her parents had been home, and now they were dead. Rachel covered her face with her hands and fell to her knees. An engine roused her from thought, she looked up to see the familiar black Tahoe.

"Ironhide," she sobbed, "They're going after the Autobots and it's all my fault."

"Rachel?" the voice jolted Rachel from her thoughts.


"Are you alright?" her teacher asked.

Rachel wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Yes, I'm fine, just going to miss everyone," Rachel lied.

Last day of High School, try and keep it together, Rachel thought.

Luckily her class-mates had not seen her. Today was easy, last period for chemistry all they were doing was throwing an end-of-the-year party. That was one of the reasons her chemistry teacher, Mrs. Bahalo, was her favorite. She really didn't take the last day of school as a big deal.

Just have fun, Rachel thought.

For the rest of class Rachel talked with Mrs. Bahalo about college. The rest of the class thought Rachel was odd and wouldn't talk with her. Rachel looked over to the picture showing the solar system and surrounding galaxies.

Ha, they forgot Cybertron, Rachel thought.

When the final bell rang, Rachel stopped in front of Mrs. Bahalo's desk.

"I'm really going to miss having you in my class," Mrs. Bahalo said.

"I'm going to miss being in your class, I'm sure collage professors are very strict and not at all like this class," Rachel said.

"Just remember, don't lose yourself in college, many kids do. Why am I telling you this? You aren't like that, Rachel, you are a wonderful student and woman, remember that. No matter what life brings you, stay true to yourself, there is always hope," her teacher said.

Rachel smiled.

Mrs. Bahalo chuckled, "I sound like a fortune cookie, don't I? Well, get going, enjoy your freedom, go on."

Rachel laughed, "Thank you, I needed that, and, no, you don't sound like a fortune cookie."

"Good-bye, Rachel," Mrs. Bahalo said.

"Bye," Rachel called waving as she walked away.

As Rachel drove home, she remembered that horrible night. She felt so stupid.

Why did I trust him? I should have known Decepticons wouldn't keep their word.

Rachel shook her head as if shaking away the thought and went back to concentrating on the road. When she got home she threw her backpack on the couch. She walked into her room and flopped down on her bed with a sigh. Her little Pug puppy walked up to her bedside.

"Hey, Mo," Rachel crooned picking up the puppy.

"Mochie, Mo," Rachel said playfully petting the soft puppy.

He'd been given to her by a friend who said she needed a little optimism in her life, and that the puppy could make anyone smile. Rachel smiled at the little puppy, rubbing his velvety, black ears.

Her phone starting ringing.

"Be right back, Mo," Rachel called to the puppy as she ran to the kitchen.

"Hallows," Rachel answered.

"Rachel, it's Will, Will Lennox," came Lennox's voice over the line.

"Lennox!" Rachel exclaimed excitedly. "What's up?"

Lennox laughed, "Listen, I was wondering if you would be interested in a job..."

"What kind of job?" Rachel asked.

"Well, it involves working with our friends I can't mention on an open phone line..."

"Oh, Lennox, you don't know me at all," Rachel teased, "this line has been secure for years."

"Good, that makes what I'm about to say a lot easier," Lennox said.


"The government has created a Special Ops team called NEST. As of right now I'm leading the soldiers involved. We work with the Autobots to find and take out Decepticons hiding around the world. I was wondering if you wanted to join on as a tech annalist since we know you are good with technology, but I understand if..."

"I'd be glad to Lennox, more than glad.I can finally put my years of hacking to good use."

Lennox went silent.



Rachel laughed, "It was just a few times for school, nothing serious."

She and Lennox talked for a while, catching up on events Rachel had missed.

"Yeah, I'm glad you accepted because Ironhide keeps asking me every minute 'How's Rachel?' or 'Have you heard from Rachel?'" Lennox said.

Rachel laughed, "He'll do that to you."

Lennox lowered his voice, "He's getting kind of annoying."

"I heard that!"

Rachel smiled as she heard the Autobot's voice in the background.

Lennox ignored Ironhide, "Is it okay if you came today? Just to see what you're getting yourself into?"


"I'd come get you myself, but I have...things to do. So, I'll send someone I trust to come get you, maybe Epps or-"

"I'm getting her," came Ironhide's voice.

"Ironhide, you can't leave base," Lennox said.

"Oh? And you're going to stop me?"

"Lennox?" Rachel said.


"You holding the phone near your ear?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Hold it away, preferably toward Ironhide," Rachel said.


Rachel waited a few seconds.

"IRONHIDE, STOP PESTERING LENNOX!"Rachel yelled into the phone.

"Whoa," Ironhide said. "I'm still going to get her."

Rachel heard clicking, like transforming, and then the roar of an engine.

"Ironhide!" Lennox called. "Ironhide, you can't leave b... Ironhide!"

"Sorry, Lennox," Rachel apologized.

"Ah, it's fine, it's not your fault. I've got to go now, but I'm sure Ironhide will be there soon...if he doesn't get caught by the cops. Bye, Rachel, I'll see you later."

"Bye, Lennox, and thanks again," Rachel said.

The line went dead. Rachel hung the phone up and went back to her room. Mochie licked her hand when she sat on the bed.

"Oh, boy, I'm so sorry. I'm gonna have to let Sarah keep you for a while while I'm gone for a bit, Mo."

Just as Rachel was walking back to her house after dropping off Mochie at her neighbor's the familiar black Topkick pulled in her driveway. Rachel ran into the house.

"I'll be down in a minute!" she called.

She grabbed her car keys -which she wouldn't need- and her purse. As she was locking the door the Topkick pulled up closer.

"I'm coming, Ironhide! Off the grass!" she said in mock-anger.

Then she realized her words.

"Oh, God, sound like Mr. Witwicky. Fine, I'm coming, I'm coming."

Rachel locked the door and hopped in the driver's seat, pulling the door closed.

"Alright, go, geez," Rachel said.

Rachel threw her stuff in the passenger seat. Her mind wandered as they drove. After the downtown battle in Mission City Rachel had met Sam's parents -formally- and spent some time at Sam's spending time with Sam and Mikaela trying to move past the nightmares that haunted them all. Rachel started out the window, absentmindedly watching the scenery go by. She felt safe in Ironhide's company, no matter what might happen.

They pulled into a military base in the middle of the ocean -on an island- a few hours later. Security had just let them through, seeing the black Topkick with the Autobot symbol on the tailgate. Rachel hopped out of the truck and patted Ironhide on the hood.

"Hey! How's it going?" Rachel said as Epps walked up, they grasped hands.

"Good, you?" Epps said meeting her gesture and then letting go.

"Fine. Finally finished High School," Rachel said.

Epps laughed, "And already got yourself a job? You're doin' better than any other kid out there."

Rachel smiled, "Only because I have a few...friends," she said hitting Ironhide on the hood.

He started to transform.

"Uh-oh, I'm in trouble now," Rachel said sarcastically.

Ironhide thrust his cannons at Rachel.

"You wouldn't shoot me," Rachel mocked.

"Wanna bet?"


They had a stare-down for a few minutes.

"Fine, you win," Ironhide said defeated, putting his guns away.

Rachel turned after she felt warm air from an engine behind her, she saw red and blue and then it started to shift.

"Oh, you're in trouble now," Rachel teased Ironhide in a sing-song voice.

Ironhide shrank back as the Autobot came to his full thirty-foot height.

"Hello, Rachel," he said.

"Hi, Optimus," Rachel beamed.

Optimus looked at Ironhide.

"I'm sorry, Prime, I just wanted to make sure Rachel was safe," Ironhide said.

"I understand, Ironhide, but you must follow what Major Lennox says while we are working with their strike force," Optimus said.

"Sorry, it won't happen again, Optimus," Ironhide said.

Rachel laughed, to see Ironhide -as strong-willed as he was- completely shrink under Optimus.

Soon Lennox walked up.

"Hey," Rachel said.

"Hey, I see you got here safely," Lennox said looking to Ironhide.

"Of course."

Lennox smiled, "Well, better give you the grand tour then."

Lennox started walking and Rachel caught up. They were walking down a gigantic tarmac with huge C-17s and other aircraft parked on it.

"Over there is the Autobots' hangar," Lennox said nodding to a massive air plane hangar that could have held two of the C-17s nose to tail.

"That's big," Rachel said.

"Yeah, that's also where you're going to be working," Lennox said.


"Damn it, Ironhide!" Rachel yelled jumping back as the black Topkick sped past her, almost running her over.

Lennox gave a short laugh and started walking toward the hangar, Rachel followed.

As they entered the hangar the first thing Rachel noticed was a group of Autobots parked in one spot. Ratchet and Ironhide were the only two she recognized, the others were a sleek, silver Corvette Stingray, three motorcycles and a blue, Chevy Volt.

"Are those-"

"New Autobots, yeah, they came after they heard Optimus' message, they've been helping ever since," Lennox said.

"Their names?" Rachel asked.

"The Corvette is Sideswipe, the motorcycles are the Arcee twins, and the blue one is Jolt."

"You said Sideswipe?"


"Why does that name sound familiar?" Rachel said to herself.

"So here's where you'll be working," Lennox said.

Rachel looked at the three-sided, metal platform, it was about ten feet off the ground in a square U shape accessible by two sets of ladder-like stairs on either side. On the platform there were desks lining the length of the platform, each with soldiers and computers occupying them. Overhead lights lit up the desks that were scattered with papers.

"Wow, that's amazing," Rachel said gaping at the platform.

"This is where we communicate with our command center back at the Pentagon and monitor missions," Lennox said.

Rachel couldn't believe she was going to work here.

Talk about coolest job ever, Rachel thought.

"Okay, so here's how it goes. When we are carrying out a mission, I want you to help track the Autobots if we lose them from main sight. ATM cameras, traffic cameras, anything you can find to help us keep our eyes on every second of the mission. When we aren't doing a mission, you are free to come and go unless we need you for intel. Now the pay's not great..."

"It's fine, Lennox, this is wonderful. I have enough money as long as I'm keeping a steady income. I've had to learn to fend for myself since my..."

Lennox seemed to know, "Right, so, I have your cell number and I'll call you when we get a mission, okay?"

Rachel smiled, "Lennox, you don't even know how thankful I am for this, I can't even begin to tell you.."

"You don't have to, Rachel, I can see it," Lennox said.

Rachel smiled. The black Topkick pulled up beside her.

"I'm still mad at you," Rachel said.

Lennox waved as Rachel climbed in the Topkick, she waved back as Ironhide drove off.

So what did we learn boys and girls? XD We learn more of Rachel's past...interesting. We also learn Ironhide has no regard for the rules(as if that wasn't obvious from the start) Plus Rachel has a job at NEST(don't smack talk me about how its sort of unrealistic, I had to keep her in the action somehow) I would love to work at NEST, talk about worlds best job, EVER! Sorry for the mishap -whether it was my fault or the story got deleted somehow, I don't know for sure- I will be uploading chapter 2 soon. SHSK out! * leaves *