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It was the day before Christmas break. Blaine was going away during the break to visit his family. So he and Kurt promised to say goodbye and exchange gifts after school, which made the last few periods feel like torture. They where unlucky today and got stuck on the one day where they had no classes together. During transitions they were to far apart to see each other without being late for next class, and at lunch Kurt had a glee club rehearsal for a new number they where working on. That Blaine was not in... Thanks Mr. Shue! Anyways, Kurt was saved at the last bell. the second it rang, he was the first out of the class. He ran to Blaine's locker. Only to find that Blaine was not there. Confused, he walked over to Tina who had her locker right beside Blaine.

"Hey Tina. Have you seen Blaine?" Tina looked up from her locker mirror and smiled.

"Oh hey Kurt! Yeah you just missed him. He told me he had to get going because he has to get a lot ready for you tonight and it's gonna take some time. He told me to tell you that he loved you and couldn't wait to see you tonight." Kurt was so depressed that he had to wait even longer to see Blaine's face again. But it was worth it.

"Thanks a lot Tina. I'll see you around. Have a good Christmas break!" Tina smiled, in the past little while Tina had become way more social than in the past.

"Thanks Kurt! You too!"

Kurt was trying to figure out what Blaine was getting him for Christmas. He had no clue what he was getting and honestly, did not care. Blaine was a big enough gift to get. Either way, Blaine and Kurt where gonna have a perfect Christmas.

Kurt was sitting in his car in the driveway of Blaine's house. There was fresh fallen snow shining in the moonlight and multicolored lights draped over every house on the street. Kurt was amazed how beautiful the night was. This night was indeed going to be perfect. He grabbed his present and hopped out the car door.

Blaine was not even a little bit nervous. He loved Kurt, tonight was gonna make every thing better between them. All the fights, all the worries, they would all be gone forever if things went as planned. As Blaine was finishing getting ready, the door bell rang. Blaine ran to open the door.

They just stood there, in the doorway in silence staring at each other soaking up each others beauty. "This is the boy I'm in love with? Oh I'm so lucky! He is so beautiful. I don't know how I'm gonna be away from him for two weeks let alone a year..."

Blaine finally spoke up pulling Kurt out of his thoughts, " merry Christmas beautiful. Come on in." Kurt giggled walking into the house stopping to give Blaine a kiss on the cheek before walking in. Blaine took Kurt's coat and led him to the table.

"This looks amazing Blaine." Kurt said staring at the candle light dinner laying on the table. Blaine puled out Kurt's chair like the dapper gentleman he was. Kurt took a seat and Blaine went over to his seat and sat down. Kurt raised his glass and said "Cheers, for us. Don't you think it's strange how a year ago we were just friends th..."

"That were singing possibly the worlds most flirtatious Christmas duet ever?" Blaine said in an attempt to finish another one of Kurt's sentences.

Kurt laughed "Yes. But really Blaine, this has possibly been one of the best years of my life, I mean last year meeting someone like you.. It was all just a dream. I thought I was alone in this world. And i just ... I love you so much Blaine." Blaine smiled and reached across the table and grabbed Kurt's hand.

"I know, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I will love you forever." They hit their glasses together and started eating their dinner hand in hand. "Hey Kurt?" Blaine said after a short pause of silence.

"Yes Blaine?" Kurt replied

"You're my teenage dream."

"Blaine you just ruined it baby."

After dinner they where lying on the couch, arms around each other drinking hot chocolate watching whatever Christmas special they could find on TV. When Kurt was getting bored he finally spoke up. "So," Kurt said "I guess it's present time. I call going first!" Blaine laughed and kissed Kurt on the nose. Blaine was getting more nervous by the second, and suddenly wasn't so anxious to give Kurt his present, so he wasn't going to object to receive his present first. Kurt pulled out a small jewellery box, perfectly wrapped.

"I can tell you wrapped that!" Kurt playfully punched Blaine in the arm "shut up and open it you!" Blaine, still laughing, rubbed his arm as if he was really in pain. He took the box from Kurt's hands and carefully unwrapped it. Blaine smiled when he opened the box to see a simple silver heart necklace with "K & B" engraved on the back

"Oh Kurt!"

Just then Kurt pulled out an identical necklace from his pocket. "I just thought it would be nice to have a little piece of each other, with us forever. You know, like when you go
away and when I move to new York. Its cheesy I know." Blaine jumped in before Kurt could work him self up anymore.

"Kurt this is the most adorable and romantic gift ever. I love it." just to prove his point Blaine planted a soft kiss to Kurt's lips. Kurt just sat there happily looking into Blaine's glowing hazel eyes. "Your turn" Blaine whispered into Kurt's ear. Blaine suddenly got super nervous. He grabbed his gift before he could talk himself out of it. Kurt's hands flew up to his mouth and his eyes started to tear up when he saw what was in Blaine's hands.

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