This New Day


His body was slashed, skewered, and all but finished off with a bullet to his back. His final ounce of fight was met with an explosion, and the ground collapsed below him.

Upon sacrificing his life in a battle against evil that would save the world, he was spared from death.

Deux ex machina;
A soul in heaven that could not sleep
reached out her arm to welcome the dead…

Not a moment later, he was rejected and sent back.

He woke up in a large pool of Holy water in a broken-down church.
He was cured of the stigma that his weakness had unleashed.
He was forgiven by the two souls for whose deaths he felt guilt.
He was re-welcomed by those he had abandoned.

Never had he felt so light. Never had he felt so full.

Cloud Strife… ex-soldier, rebel, hero, beloved, survivor… stood up in the water to face his audience.