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The snow was falling, coating his backyard in a white blanket. Gibbs hoped though it wouldn't snow too much, he had toys to deliver. Nurse Middleton was waiting for him. Since he finished the Kelly he had been making toys and he loved it, this was his fifth year. The kids at the hospital were always happy to see him, knowing that in his bag there was something for all of them.

When he looked out of the window again the snowing had stopped and he knew this was his chance. With any luck he could be at the hospital in 20 minutes.

He took the big bags of gifts and walked to his truck. 20 minutes later he walked through the doors of the Children's Hospital. He had always liked it here. Everybody was always smiling, even though this was a place where death and happiness went hand-in-hand.

"Ah, Mr. Gibbs… the nurses were worried you wouldn't make it this year."

"No no, just waited for it to stop snowing." Gibbs said to Gus the janitor who always helped him carry the bags.

After Gibbs had given each child a gift and had been given a smile in return, he always ended up in the doctor's lounge with a cup of coffee.

He was just about to leave the empty doctor's lounge when the door opened and someone said "You're not allowed to be in here."

Gibbs turned around ready to tell the woman off, but instead no words seemed to be able to come out of his mouth. The voice belonged to one of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Black hair, with some grey hairs poking their way through, framed her face. What struck him most though were the stunning green eyes, that didn't really fit with her Asian features. He couldn't really see what she was wearing, because her lab coat was covering most of it up, but her legs looked amazing and seemed to be going on for miles.

"Sir, did you hear me?" She asked again.

"What?" His voice came out as a whisper, so he cleared his throat before repeating himself.

"This room is for doctors only." She explained and Gibbs thought he could hear a hint of a British accent in her voice. Already he was very curious about this woman. And those eyes, God he hoped they weren't contacts.

"Nurse Middleton told me it was okay. I just had one cup of coffee." Yes, it was a stupid answer, but this woman had brought him totally out of course.

"Yeah I saw that and you used my cup." She walked closer and practically snatched the cup out of his hand.

"Sorry…" He mumbled. He was breaking his own rules already, he didn't even know this woman.

"And you took the last coffee as well. Happy fucking Christmas to me." That last part was mumbled while she fiddled around with the coffee machine.

"I couldn't figure out how to start it."

"It's a coffee machine you just push some buttons. It's not rocket science."

"Okay, I'm just gonna leave before you blow my head off." He finally had enough. She was really beautiful, but only one woman was allowed to talk to him like this. And that woman was probably in her lab right now.

Just before he reached the door he stopped and said "Merry Christmas." He didn't get an answer in return.

As he left the hospital he was a bit angry, that doctor woman had been very rude to him. But what was even more disappointing, he knew nothing about that woman and that was a shame.

When he got home there was a package waiting for him in front of his door. He knew who it was from, Abby always got him something for Christmas. Last year she had gotten him a gift card from Home Depot, but this year the package was a little too big to be a gift card. He carried it inside placed it on the dining room table. He would open it tomorrow.

He woke up when he felt the sunlight hit his face. It had been a long time since he had slept this long. Why had he slept this long? He hadn't been that tired yesterday. With a shrug he went to the kitchen to start the coffee. As he pushed the button he thought back to yesterday and concluded the mysterious doctor was right, it really wasn't rocket science.

With his cup in hand he went to the dining room to open his Christmas gift from Abby. He imagined she had already opened her gifts and just like a kid had gotten up at the crack of dawn. He used his knife to open the package. The inside was filled with red and white confetti. After some digging he pulled out another box, some of the confetti landing on the floor. When he opened the box he could do nothing but smile. Inside it there was a plastic Christmas tree along with some ornaments for it.

To be perfectly honest he would rather have gotten another gift card for Home Depot. Maybe Abby was right though and this place needed some Christmas decoration.

Just as he was about to start decorating the tiny tree his phone rang, with a sigh Gibbs stood up went for it.

"Yeah Gibbs."

"Hello Jethro its Katherine." Katherine was Nurse Middleton. "We found your wallet."

"Oh, I hadn't even realized I'd lost it. I'll come and pick it up."

"Okay I leave it with Doctor Lee, she was the one who found it." He hung up, looks like he was going back to the hospital. Secretly he hoped he would see the mysterious doctor again.

When he reached the Children's Hospital everything was different. For starters there were more people running around the halls. And the reception area was filled with worried parents or families who could finally leave this place.

He had to wait a bit before it was finally his turn to ask the receptionist. "Could you tell me where I could find a Dr. Lee?"

"I'll page her." She said with a friendly smile.

He waited for 5 minutes and he probably got the biggest surprise, there was his mystery woman walking towards him. Well at least he had her name now. He just hoped she wouldn't be rude to him again.

"Well well if it isn't Mr. I-can't-get-the-coffee-machine-to-work." She fished his wallet out of a pocket on her lab coat. "Here, I found it after you'd left."

Gibbs nodded his thanks and then he didn't know what to say.

"Listen about yesterday, I'm sorry that I was a little rude. I just get cranky when I don't get my coffee."

He smiled "I understand, sometimes it's the only thing that keeps me going."

She laughed and Gibbs stored that sound in his memory. "Yeah, but after Katherine told me who you were and all of the wonderful things you make for the kids. I should've been nicer to you, so again sorry."

"Never say you're sorry-"

"It's a sign of weakness, I know." All Gibbs could do was smile, again.

"Well I better let you get back to work. Thanks for the wallet."

He had just walked a couple of steps when she said "Happy Christmas Day." She smiled and turned away and went back to her work, leaving a grinning Gibbs behind.

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