Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Kurt was horny, there was really no other way to put it. The only issue was, it was eleven o'clock on a Friday night and Blaine was going to a fundraiser his father's company was hosting and wouldn't be home until late. Finn was staying the night at Puckerman's and Dad and Carole were out canvassing again.

So Kurt was left alone with no distractions from the heat and pressure in his pants and his wandering mind giving him very vivid images of Blaine writhing and bucking on a bed, drenched in sweat with pink cheeks, every muscle in him tight and taught, neck ready to be attacked , moans ripping from his gaping mouth as if he were some primal beast-

He stopped, gasping, realizing how much he was sweating and how hot his room was. He was lying in bed with the intent of sleeping, something that was increasingly hard to do as his mind toyed with him like that.

Every time he closed his eyes he saw Blaine's naked flesh. Sometimes he was touching himself, sometimes he was begging Kurt to touch him and give his painfully hard member some release.

"Kurt," it was like he was right there, voice breathy and pleading. "Kurt touch me, please. I need you to touch me."

He felt his pajama bottoms twitch again and he sighed. If he didn't do something about this soon he would burst from lust.

He threw his stifling shirt across the room, fanning himself before allowing his hands to touch his chest. Every minute movement felt absolutely amazing, his skin so sensitive to touch and the air around him he was on edge. God everything felt good right now. He wondered what Blaine would think if he knew he was in this state because of him.

He tugged off his pants next. He may not have done this before, but if it was anything like what Blaine had done to him a few weeks ago he was all ready for it.

In his mind's eye he saw Blaine stripping for him, undressing slowly, revealing each and every inch of his wonderful skin so slowly, never breaking eye contact with him. "This what you want?" Imaginary Blaine said. "Do you want me naked for you? Huh?"

Kurt moaned softly, unable to deny his hands what they wanted anymore. He let them trail down to his pulsating member, groaning with delight when they made contact, his whole being tingling. He started slowly, trailing his fingertips from base to tip, leaking and fit to burst.

"What are you gonna do to me?" Blaine asked, pulling one side of the waistband to his underwear down, showing him that gorgeous, muscular V that was so lovely, and so sexy he couldn't stand it. He wanted to see more. "You gonna do naughty things to me, Kurt?"

"Yes," he choked. God, what he wanted to do. It was unconventional and a little cliché and stereotypical, but nothing would satisfy him more than throwing Blaine over this bed and fucking him until he couldn't move. He wanted to suck him 'til he screamed, tease him until he cried and make him come like he hadn't in years. He wanted to show Blaine that this baby penguin wasn't so little anymore.

He pumped harder, slipping his fingers down to an overly sensitive entrance that screamed in a very good way once he did. He saw as his Blaine bent over a couch, looking over his shoulder at him with pleading eyes and pouting lips. "Is this what you want? You wanna fuck me, Kurt? I'll let you. You can do whatever you want to me…"

"Oh my God," he breathed. He'd never done this before and right now he couldn't imagine why. He shut his eyes, working himself at a steady rhythm, letting his free hand toy with himself while he watched Blaine fall to his knees in front of him, opening his mouth, so willing to do as he asked him.

"Let me suck you off, Kurt. Can I? I want to. I want to make you feel so good, baby."

He couldn't breathe, and it was just getting hotter. Blaine and his curls sweaty and stuck to his forehead, body dripping with sweat, eyes dilated. Blaine tied to a bed with his own Warbler tie, gagged with a bowtie, one of hundreds, squirming and begging to be satisfied.

A lustful Blaine in his back seat, stark naked and holding handcuffs. "You gonna arrest me, Officer Krupke? Maybe I can get out with some community service?"

Blaine lost in complete abandon, screaming without shame, whimpering like a madman, tongue wetting his already damp lips, parted and repeating Kurt's name in a prayer while he fucked him with his fingers.

Kurt was close, imaging himself doing all of that to his schoolboy-shy Blaine, and that notion got his blood roaring as well.

"Yes, yes, OH!" He squealed, pumping faster, taking the time to slow for a moment and barely touch the slit, something that felt incredible.

His phone rang.

He stopped, his trance snapped, a sudden shame washing over him as he scrambled to get it. He answered quickly, wondering if it was one of the neighbors complaining of the noise.


"Hey, baby."

Oh shit.

"Blaine," he was still breathy, still turned on like no other, and hearing his voice merely sent shockwaves through him all over again. "I thought, I thought you were…" He couldn't think straight.

"Mom was too drunk and needed to come home. Dad was pretty bad too. It was so boring there, I really just wanted to see you. How was your night?" He asked, sweet and genuine. And all Kurt could think about as his shameless hand moved back to its original task was ravaging that sweet boy for all he was worth.

"It, I, uneventful," he whispered. Blaine caught on quickly.

"Kurt, are you alright?"

"Fantastic," he breathed.

God,keeptalking. His voice was making this little fantasy better, the fantasy of Blaine riding him hard, gasping and shuddering hopelessly, sobbing with pleasure shot with adrenaline.

"Hey, Kurt?" Blaine said, quietly now. "Did I interrupt something?"

Unable to think properly to lie, he said, "I've never done this before."

Blaine almost immediately undid his belt, sliding his hands in his pants, not wanting to miss this opportunity. "What are you doing right now?"

"Stroking. Your voice is…" He swallowed. He'd regret this later, but for now all he wanted was for Blaine to keep talking.

"Wh-what are you wearing?" the dark-haired boy breathed, heart pounding.

"Nothing!" He choked. Blaine moaned softly. "I'm n-naked on my blankets."

"I'll bet it's hot," he said, still quiet. "Are you sweating?"

"Mmhm!" He squealed, the finger at his entrance falling inside. "God, Blaine, I want you here, I want you here right now."

"Why?" Blaine teased. He knew why, he knew exactly why he wanted him, but he wanted to hear that beautiful angel say it.

"I want to fuck you. I want to pull your hair and bite your neck and fuck you 'til you scream!" So lost…

Blaine's cheeks were flushed, shirt open, pants undone, but not off. He listened to Kurt's breathy moans and loud whimpers, and it struck him. "Baby, are you home alone?"

"Yes, yes, I'm alone."

Holy shit, he could go over there right now. "You want me to come see you, baby? You want me to take you in my mouth and suck you 'til it's better?"

"Hnnnn…" Kurt groaned, his own hair wet. He licked his lips again.

"What would you do to me if I was there?" He pressed.

"Rip off all your clothes," he growled. "I'd tear 'em off and throw you on my bed, kiss you…kiss every inch of you…" His stroking was gaining speed. "I'd make you beg for me."

Blaine jerked into his own hand, hips twitching with the skip of his heart. He could see Kurt, all flushed and wanting, praying for something to give him some sort of release in his pleasured prison.

"I'd beg, Kurt. I'd beg for you all night, if that's what you wanted. I'd let you do whatever you wanted to me."

The porcelain boy was slammed with the sudden reality of his fantasy. "Whatever I wanted?"

Blaine was picturing this. His Kurt groping and clawing at him, that perfect mouth over him, or his soft hand wrapped around him, ordering him to buck into him until he said stop.

"Yehes, whatever you wanted. What would you do?"

"Suck you so hard my cheeks hurt," he moaned. "Tell my Tony he's been a naughty, naughty boy and needs to be punished."

"Oh, god," Blaine gasped. Kurt was long gone, but that didn't take away any of this fun. "What do you want me to do to you, baby?"

"Just keep talking, don't stop talking, this feels so…"

"I'm right here," he assured. "I'm naked too, baby. I'm touching myself-" Kurt whimpered. "And thinking about those beautiful hands of yours touching my ass."

"Blaine, I'm all alone, here. Come make me feel better, please? Come fix this, please. I want you so much right now. I can't stop thinking about it…"

"About what?" Blaine gasped, his hand moving faster, unaware that Kurt had stopped, wanting him to come over.

"About how beautiful you look when I make you come," he growled. "So beautiful…"

"You're such a slut for me, Kurt," he chuckled, still going harder.

"Not as much as you are for me," he remarked. "You want me to fuck you, you want me to make you scream and sweat…"

"I'm close, Kurt!" He choked.

"I'm waiting for you. I'm here all alone, please…" He had two fingers inside himself now, rubbing inner walls, legs shaking. "Come let me fuck you."

Blaine grunted, thrusting up into his hand, releasing, still listening to Kurt's desperate moaning.

He gasped for a moment. "I'll be over soon, but I'm not gonna leave you like that. You know what I would do if I was there right now?"

"Tell me…"

"I'd tease you first. Touch your nipples," Kurt did, tweaking and imagining Blaine's mouth over them. "Dance with your tongue," he licked his lips. "I'd kiss all the way down your chest," he let his fingers slip over his flesh. "Then lick that nice, thick-"

"Oh, Blaine," Kurt gasped, his fingers barely grazing the tip he'd been neglecting for the past few minutes.

"I'd get you in my mouth, and go faster," Kurt moved faster. "And faster," faster, still. "And faster, until you-!"

"UHHHUHN!" Kurt's vision went white, body twitching beyond his control, an orgasm rocking him for several moments even after he released. "That, that was…"

"I told you it was a good thing," Blaine smiled. "You okay?"

"Just get over here."