Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Blaine practically flew through Kurt's front door, launching himself up the stairs, hoping Kurt was still there, still waiting for him.

He was. His eyes closed, cheeks still flushed, hair a sweaty, sexed mess that only made him look more perfect, hands clenching the sheets to stop himself from touching himself. He was so beautiful, his skin blushed, chest heaving, lips pink, parted slightly. It was almost too much for him. Blaine was instantly out of his shoes and his T-shirt, wondering if Kurt was even aware he was there.

He gently slid over him, pressing a soft kiss to his lips. Kurt moaned a little, surprised, but quickly recovered. He leaned into Blaine's kiss, shivering when Blaine started to suck on his tongue. He woke then, his fingers latching onto his back, dragging down his muscles, watching as Blaine arced into him, gasping from their kiss.

"Baby," he breathed. Kurt grabbed the back of his head, forcing their mouths together in overly heated passion that they had to contain on a daily basis. But not now, no, now they could be as loud and rough and needy as they wanted and no one could do a damn thing about it. "Tell me what you want, baby. Tell me what you want me to do."

Kurt grabbed at his waistband, a denim prison keeping them apart. "Off," he demanded, his voice wavering with desire.

Blaine obeyed, leaving himself naked when he was done, sliding back over Kurt, kissing the inside of his thighs as he came back to his lips, watching Kurt twitch and moan at the contact. Blaine whimpered softly when Kurt parted his legs and squeezed his hips with his knees. He gasped when they were suddenly rolling, Blaine landing on his back with his porcelain angel above him. And this angel looked anything but celestial right now.

He attacked his neck, kissing, sucking and biting, hard, leaving deep marks. Blaine's eyes fluttered closed, his body arching into Kurt, touching their slick chests together, lips swollen. He choked a moan, so lost in his body's pleasure and Kurt's mouth he wasn't sure what to do. He whimpered again when Kurt pulled his hair, tongue laving over where he'd just bit, sending shivering tingles down his spine.

"You want it rough, baby?" He asked, voice shaking.

"Shh," Kurt kissed his lips, tugging his hair. He pressed hard kisses to his jaw, the sensitive area behind his ear, tongue flicking the top. Blaine kissed and gnawed at his neck and collarbone, lapping at his Adam's apple. "I've wanted you like this all night," Kurt breathed.

"Oh?" Blaine managed, whimpering when Kurt's surprisingly skilled fingers toyed and tweaked the hardening buds on his chest, making his groin catch fire.

"I wanted you naked and at my disposal, I think I've achieved that," he said, breathy and incredibly turned on.

"I-I told you, do what you want, darling. Do whatever you want!" Kurt leaned toward him again, his tongue demanding entrance to his mouth. Blaine tensed, allowing his own to dance with Kurt's in mid-air, body trembling.

"Who's the slut for who, now?" Kurt growled. His hands slid down his back, gripping his ass hard, permeating the room with a loud slap that caused Blaine's eyes to roll back in his head momentarily.

"I-I'm your slut, Kurt," he choked. "Let me be your slut, please…" He put his hands on his thighs, pushing him up so his crotch was level with his mouth. Without breaking eye-contact, Blaine took him into his mouth, lapping gently, fondling him before closing his lips and suckling, hard.

Kurt threw his head back, losing himself in Blaine's mouth, something he could have only dreamed of hours before. "Oh, Blaine," he shuddered, fisting at his curls and trying to keep his hips still. The dark haired boy's tongue was skilled against his member, knowing Kurt well enough to guess how he would want this, and he was right.

Kurt couldn't help but buck his hips into that gorgeous mouth with those beautiful sparkling eyes blinking up at him. A slut just for him.

"Ohoh, baby…" He would have to stop him soon. He didn't want this to be over so soon. But Blaine's hands traveled to the firm, plump flesh of his backside, squeezing softly, massaging the flesh as his thin fingers slipped inside the crevice. He squealed, a tremor rocking his body that Blaine felt, a certain satisfaction washing over him.

"You like that?" He breathed, staring up at him. Kurt threw his hand out, supporting himself on the headboard to keep steady while Blaine twisted a finger inside him. He took a deep breath, trying to get through it. He smacked his wrist away, a little regretful of the lack of contact. Before Blaine had a chance to comprehend anything, he grabbed his legs, throwing him so they dangled off the edge of the bed, leaving Kurt to straddle him.

"Not as much as you'll like this," He said, dipping his head beside his ear. "I get to do whatever I want to you, remember?"

Blaine whimpered softly, arousal aching and leaking. Kurt kissed him, hand holding his jaw still, mouth rough, demanding and passionate, so much that Blaine found himself shaking with it. "Suck," he ordered, fingers at his lips. Blaine opened without hesitation, suckling Kurt's soft fingers. His own hand touched his hip, thumbing the skin carefully.

"Shh," Kurt soothed, gently moving his hand back to the sheets. Blaine whimpered. "I'll take care of you. Be patient, Blaine. It'll be okay, baby."

He removed his fingers, throwing one of Blaine's legs over his shoulder, his fingers traveling to his entrance. Blaine's breathy moan choked off into a grunt. He spread his legs wider, trying to give Kurt more access. Couples like them didn't do this often, but when you're this desperate and this hungry for one another you can't stand anything else.

Kurt let one finger slide inside, feeling Blaine's whole body tense around him, a scream tearing from that beautiful accapella mouth when the counter-tenor discovered his prostate. He probed and rubbed, feeling him twitch and tighten under his touch. "Kurt, oh KURT, uhn, more, more, Kurt, please. Touch me more. Touch me. SHIT! Ku-hurt!"

He was writhing, his leg going limp and falling to the mattress while Kurt's fingers continued to work inside him. He bucked against him, sweat drenching him, so tense and wanton for him that he couldn't stand it. This was so much better that what he could have done to himself, or anything that he could imagine Kurt doing to him.

Kurt listened to this beautiful ex-Warbler before him scream his name, choking moans with swollen lips, so close to bursting. "Kurt, baby, I'm gonna come!" He screamed.

He stopped, retracting quickly to stop him. Blaine let out a sob, shutting his eyes, shaking all over. "Shh, shh," Kurt soothed, touching his cheek.

"G-get in me," he begged. "Please, please, baby, do it, do me!"

Kurt barely hesitated, holding Blaine's legs and letting himself slide inside, slowly so as not to hurt him. Blaine's eyes rolled back again, rocking softly, voice breaking and wavering.

Kurt took a moment just to look at him. His curls splayed across his forehead, muscles tight, tendons wound to snap, his cheeks red. He panted softly, licking his lips, hands searching for something to hold onto before he lost his mind. He was helplessly drowning in lust and desire for him to move. "Kurt," he rasped, eyes wide, dilated and so desperate for him. "Move…please…"

Kurt rolled forward, throwing his head back himself, lips parted, eyes shut.

"Yehes, Kurt," he moaned. "Fuck me. Fuck me hard. M-make me scream, ple- AH!"

Kurt moved faster. He wanted this. He wanted Blaine to absolutely fall apart, all gentlemanly inhibitions ripped away with his clothes, leaving him wanting, lusting, craving and needing Kurt to touch him like this.

Blaine pulled away just for a moment, repositioning himself so he was bent over the bed, looking back at Kurt with begging eyes, lips parted and swollen. Kurt collapsed over him, entering him again, rocking with his body. Blaine arched into him, turning his head so he could kiss him fully. Kurt held onto him, cheek rested against the nape of his neck, whimpering his name, making Blaine harder.

How is that possible? He thought helplessly.

He reached back, touching Kurt's perfect ass again, bringing them closer, realizing that he was still aching where it counted the most, so lost in Kurt's sweat, and his voice, and his eyes that he couldn't remember. He was trailing his fingers down his stomach when his pale, lithe hand wrapped around him, pumping in a rhythm that countered that of his pelvis.

Blaine was screaming again, unable to stop himself, saying Kurt's names and a number of filthy things that he would blush at saying tomorrow. Right now he didn't care.

"Fuck me, Kurt, fuck me harder. I want it, I want it harder, Kurt, UHUH!"

He collapsed onto the mattress with Kurt's hand still pumping furiously, thrusting into him at incredible speed. The pale boy watched Blaine's muscles squirm and tense, listened to him squeal and whimper. He arched his back, desperate to get more of Kurt and those hips gyrating at incredible speed that he'd seen in a taped performance the glee club did two years ago.

"Roll over," Kurt breathed, trying to ease him around. "I want to see you, let me see you."

One look at Kurt's perfectly beautiful, sweaty and toned body with his face screwed up in utmost pleasure and it was all Blaine's fault sent him over.


He came hard, sobbing and shaking as Kurt continued to ride his incredibly sensitive body.

Kurt's voice climbed in pitch, higher and higher, and higher until Blaine was sure he would break the windows.

"YEHES!" The tone fell to a low, guttural sound as he came down, hips twitching, causing Blaine to whimper.

He fell beside him, breathing hard, smiling softly. Blaine shook his head, staring up at the ceiling. "Remind me to never leave you alone for that long again," he chuckled.

"Two days?" Kurt said, quirking an eyebrow. They giggled. "Are you okay? I didn't hurt you, did I?" He shook his head.

"No, that…that was incredible. I'm fantastic. You were…wow," he gushed. Kurt turned pink.

"I have an idea," he said, smiling. "Why don't we take a shower, then we come back and be a little more romantic about this whole thing?"

Kurt's soft, warm skin and gentle lips kissing him so softly, hands cradling him, voice quiet, assuring and sweet. Pure love when their bodies touched. It was even better than what they'd just done. He nodded.

"That sounds perfect."