Whoa. Everything is buzzing from my orgasm. I am gelatin. His forehead rests between my breasts. We catch our breath.

"You didn't answer," he says.

How is he able to speak coherently? He's still inside me for goodness' sake.

"What?" I manage.

"I asked you a question... before."

"Oh." It all comes back now. I suppress my grin.


"So what?" Tee hee.

"Bella." He warns.

Okay, okay. "What was the question?"

"I asked you if you would marry me."

"Oh. Right." I pause. I can't help it. He makes it so easy sometimes.

"So what's your answer?" He looks into my eyes in that way he has and I can't play anymore.

"Yes. My answer is yes." As if there was ever any doubt.

A supernova has nothing on his smile.

He makes me put my dress on again, but not my underwear. He puts his shirt and pants on again, but not his underwear. I sit in the chair. He finds the ring on the carpet and kneels before me. He's the cutest. We're both grinning like fools.

"I love you, Bella," he says, as he slides the ring onto my finger.

I hold his face in my hands. "I love you too, Edward."

His lips capture mine once more.

The End