Chapter 1

I swallowed as we rolled through the wrought iron gate of the prestigious Canterwood Crest Academy. I shivered and twisted in my seat to see out the back window of the old white Ford F150 to the one horse trailer we were hauling. I only caught a glimpse of bay hide and a brilliant white star but still the fleeting glance calmed my nerves. I blew out an intake of air I didn't realize I was holding. We slowed to a halt. My mother, Marie, turned and looked at me. "We're here." She told me. I brushed chocolate brown waves of hair from my face. "Mmhm," I replied. She touched my shoulder gently with a smile. "I'm so proud of you." I watched her with my dark forest green eyes. "Thank you, Mama. For everything." Suddenly, there was reverberating thud. "I'll get her," I laughed. "She's uber-impatient." I ducked out of the truck and strolled to the trailer doors. "Raring to go, hm, Miss Kitty?" I stepped in and untied the hot pink lead rope that matched her halter. Kitty whinnied and backed out regally. Out pranced my beautiful bay Arabian mare. The gleaming white star on her forehead caught in the Connecticut sunshine. Kitty dipped her beautiful dished head and nudged my shoulder. I grinned and rubbed her arched neck. Mama ambled over to pat Kitty's shoulder. "How 'bout we, as in your brother who is too engrossed in that video game to know we even stopped and I take your things up to your dorm room while you go settle Kitty in at the stable?" Mama said loud enough for my ten-year-old brother, Anthony, to hear from inside the truck. A loud groan penetrated the white metal. I smiled. "'Kay." Kitty and I followed the signs pointing to the stables. "Cheezus," I murmured as I entered the stable. They were grander than Queen Elizabeth's stables could have been. There was a chestnut gelding-probley a Thoroughbred- centered in cross-ties with a girl grooming him. She had brown-blonde waves combed into a neat ponytail. She caught sight of me and grinned. "Hi! Are you new here?" I licked my rosy lips and flashed my white teeth. "Yeah, my name is Brynne Hales and this is Kitty." The girl's eyes - a lighter shade of green than mine- brightened. "I'm Sasha Silver and this is Charm. Welcome to Canterwood!" "Thanks! Charm is super handsome. Is he a Thoroughbred?" Sasha smiled warmly. "He's a Thoroughbred-Belgian mix and thanks! Kitty is gorgeous. Arab?" I rubbed Kitty's star. "Yep, she's my baby." Sasha laughed. "Ditto with spoiled guy, here!" I giggled. "Well, I need to find her new stall and get to my room." Sasha inclined her head to the left. "Wait, who's your room mate?" I tipped my head back and narrowed my eyes at the rafters, trying to remember. With all this new stuff coming on all at once, it's hard to remember simple things. "Umm…. Oh yeah! Her name's Paige Parker in Winchester A. ……. Butkis dorm." Sasha raised her eyebrows. "Um, okay. See ya around," she answered, suddenly awkward. I furrowed my brow. "Okay. Bye." That got a bit weird at the end… I thought as I continued down the aisle, leading Kitty. In the middle I found her stall by reading a gold plague on the door.

Princess Kitty


Owner: Brynne Hunt

"Fancy," I commented to Kitty. I lead her inside and took off her halter then hung it on the peg outside the stall. I hugged her neck and she bumped her muzzle on my back. In other words, defined as a horse hug. "I'll see ya later, girlie." Then I latched the stall behind me rubbed her velvety nose and set off to Winchester A. Butkis dorm.