Gold and Silver

It had been six months since the final battle, and finally, everything was back to normal. The gang had relocated to the mountains, where they found their new city awaiting them (no doubt the work of Maria). There they were now, safely tucked away in the rocky caress of the mountains, where they could safely return to life. Ivory had decided to return to Raven, Alfred and Matthew's foster mother, and bring her to live with him on his estate. Rumor had it that she was pregnant, but nothing had been "confirmed" yet.

"Silver! Silver!" Alfred turned as he heard a chorus of young voices behind him, and the group of three kittens who'd been following him slowed to a stop. They bowed respectively, and Alfred nodded at them. Giggling, a little red-haired girl with wide glasses stepped up.

"Are the stories really true?" She asked, pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose. "Did you really defeat Attilo and Jones singlehandedly?"

"And fought Sundita with Scar and win?" The second, a black-haired boy asked with excitement in his voice. Laughing a little, Alfred sat in front of them, admiring the kittens with bright eyes.

"I wouldn't say I did it singlehandedly," he replied, answering the first's question. "I was with the Leader, you know." They let out a collective "ooh", and Alfred's grin widened.

"Is it true that you saved the Leader from death when you were just a Trainee?" The boy asked again, and Alfred nodded.

"And that you were his second partner and beta after ten years?" The girl asked, and Alfred nodded yet again. Looking over at the third kitten, a shy cinnamon brown haired boy, Alfred moved closer to him, nudging him gently.

"You okay kid?" He asked, and the boy gasped and turned his head.

"Y-yes I'm fine...It's just I don't think I can talk to you..." The boy's dark blue eyes were downturned, and Alfred nudged him gain.

"Anyone can talk to me. What's your name?" The other two gasped.

"He asked for his name," the girl whispered in awe, and the black-haired boy giggled.

"Ignazio," he replied, drawing a circle in the dirt with his finger. "Ignazio Jones. Attilo Jones was my father. My Mum was a Loyal but a Hellcat took me in. I'm a half-breed." The little boy looked up at him. "My Dad was a bad guy, and you killed him. I didn't think you would like me." Alfred was quiet for a moment, before pulling the little boy close.

"It doesn't matter who your parents were, Ignazio," he told him, and the boy looked at him in awe. "It doesn't matter what your parents did, it was their own fault. You can be whatever you want to be, and I don't hate you because of who your parents are. I don't hate you at all." A smile lit up the boy's face, and Alfred let him go. "It doesn't matter that you're a half-breed, you're a Hellcat at heart."

"Silver!" A voice called, and Alfred turned. Arthur stood there, looking over at him. His eyepatch was back in place now (he only wore it to "look tough", he said), and his one visible eye was gleaming. "Come on, you wanna go see Nikolas?" The second nodded, ruffling the little boy's hair, before bounding after him.

"Better watch out with this one, he's going to be handsome," Francis was saying affectionately as he sat with the little one on his lap, admiring the silver buttons on his coat. Nikolas was, indeed the splitting image of his mother, with his white hair and red eyes. His ears and tail suggested, however, that his form would be a tiger, and that pleased Ivan greatly.

"He's cute," Alfred grinned, watching as the boy grew bored of Francis and reached for Elizaveta, who looked skeptical. Nikolas cooed and looked at her with his wide, kittenish red eyes, and Elizaveta sighed before taking him.

"I hate kids," she muttered, but Alfred saw the smile light up her face as Nikolas clung to her, cuddling close to her chest.

-Meanwhile...in a place where the Facility used to stand...-

The group of mourners gathered around Sundita's grave slowly bowed their heads. Their great leader was lost. What in the world could they do now? Who was going to help them?

"Do not be afraid!" A voice called out, and they all turned. Walking towards them was a red-haired Irish-Indian, much like Sundita, yet not like Sundita. His eyes were black, and instead of metal teeth, his hands were made out of metal. Grinning, the cat showed off his devilish fangs.

"It is I, Sundara, and I have come to lead you."

-Meanwhile...back in the mountains...-

Not too long after, Arthur made his way to his usual perch, a place near the top of the mountain where he could gaze out across the city and the lands below. Sitting next to him, Alfred smiled, and Arthur rested his head on his shoulder. Alfred rubbed gently at the silver wedding band on his finger, before taking Arthur's hand and tracing his finger around the gold one.

"Gold," he murmured, smiling as he pressed his forehead against Arthur's. Arthur smiled back.

"Silver," he murmured back, leaning forward to kiss him. Soft and passionate, the two stayed intertwined for a while, curled up so close they could have been one.

And it was there, they stayed, watching as the day came to a close, the sun slowly setting over the horizon.

Transmission end. Story end.

[Well guys, that's the end! Thanks for following this story and look out for the sequel~]