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"..." for memories in Italics

'…' thought in Italics

And "..." present time

-Star Ocean-

-Recollection of the Past-

You can't run away from the past,

Because it will haunt you down

But you also can't live in the past,

Because you live for the present

That's why, keep moving forward and live without any regrets...

'You are a disappointment...'

Those words keep echoing within her mind lately. And no matter how many times she tried to blocked it off her mind, it will come back again. She'd been trying to go to sleep, but she still couldn't fall into the slumber her body needed as her mind keep echoing the same words over and over within her head. It was like a curse to her, something that she can't remove no matter how badly she wants it to be gone.

She sighed heavily as she leaned her head against her car window, her mind drifted off to the conversation she had with her parents some days ago. Her parents were surprised when they heard her decision to move out of her house to stay at the dorm near her new school. They even asked her to reconsider her decision but she had been determined to leave that house.

After all, she had enough with those looks and whispers she keeps getting inside that house. She can't stand it anymore. Those looks and whispers those people give to her, was suffocating her slowly. Besides, she still not ready to face her parents' disappointment over her. Although they never show it to her, still she can't stop but thinking that they must be also disappointed too in her.

She was a failure after all. Being born in a family like hers without the ability that family was known for was a sin. At least, that was what those people think about her. Somehow, the thought of their sneering face only worsen her already bad mood. It wasn't her parents' fault that she was born with the lack of culinary skill their family always proud of, but even though all of them know that; it still doesn't stop them from talking bad things about her parents.

Even though her parents say nothing about it, it hurts her to know that they belittle her parents just because of her. It's not like she hasn't tried to be better on it before, but the last time she tried it; it ended up in disaster. And since that time, she was afraid to give it another chance. Besides, if it wasn't for that little boy, who saved her from the embarrassment, surely she will face the humiliation from all of her cousins, aunts and uncles. That boy was so kind to her despite the fact that they barely know each other, that boy had been willing to stand up for her. And for that she was so grateful to him. It was a shame that she doesn't even know what his name is.

'If only I knew his name…' she sighed inwardly.

"Ojou-sama? We're here," The sound of her driver snapped her out of her reverie.

The young woman opened the car's door slowly, as her eyes looked around the building where she will spend her high school years in. A small smile appeared on her face once her eyes caught the sight of her soon to be school. She can't wait to spend her days in here. It will be a new start for her, where there will be no one who will look at her with pity in their eyes or whispering things about her behind her back. And she will make sure that she won't do any mistakes again in here.

"It's a pleasure for having one more female students studying in this school this year. Everyone has been waiting for your arrival," The older man in front of her said happily as they strolled down the corridors towards her soon to be class.

"Uhm...why everyone is waiting for me?" She asked, her head tilted to the side at the other's statement.

The man who walks right in front of her was good-looking. And even though he was a teacher, he doesn't look old at all. In fact, if she doesn't know any better, she can say that he is a student too like her.

"Well, you do know that formerly this school was only for male students, right? So there are only a few female students around here. And you are one of them," The man said sheepishly.

"Is that mean I will be the only female in the class later?" Her voice quivered a bit, the only sign which show her nervousness over the whole thing.

"Huh? Oh! No! You won't be the only one! There are two other female students in the class aside from you," Her homeroom teacher said quickly, noticing the distressed look on her face.

"It's a relief, then. Because, I don't know what to do if I was the only one..." She muttered.

"Just be yourself, I'm sure everyone will accept you for who you are." He reassured.


"Don't worry, they will behave themselves. Besides if you have any problems, you can always tell me about it. I'm your teacher after all." He grinned widely.

"Uh, thank you-..." She trailed off, not catching her soon to be homeroom teacher's name.

"Naoshi-sensei! My name is Haruki Naoshi. But just call me Naoshi-sensei, okay?"

"O-...okay, Naoshi-sensei."

It wasn't long before they reached the class as Naoshi-sensei keep filling her with all the things she should know about the school. She can feel her heart beats quicker with each minutes pass by. She's not sure how her new classmates are going to react when they know her name. Will they recognize it? Or will they not? And if they recognize it, will they give her that same look she often see in her family's face or not?

It wasn't a secret that she's prefer that they don't recognize her name, still there are some chances for them to know it. And there is nothing she can do about it. After all, it wasn't something new for her if people recognize her name after they heard it once. Having a well-known family like hers, it was a routine if some strangers suddenly asked her to give them her family's autograph. Besides, some of her cousins were really famous. Though, it never stops her from hoping that people won't recognize her name.

"Mochizuki-san?" The worried voice of her homeroom teacher brought her out of her thought as she turns her head to the side.

"Huh? I'm sorry, what is it?"

"Are you okay, Mochizuki-san? You look a little pale," Naoshi-sensei asked, as he looks worriedly at her.

"Uh-oh, yeah...I-...I'm fine," She said quickly, trying her best to reassure her new teacher.

"Then, let's greet your new friends!" He smiled happily as his hand reached for the door.

Fear and anxiety bubbling in her heart as she looks anxiously at the soon to be opened door, but before Naoshi-sensei could even open the door; someone called out his name, startled the two of them.

"Chibi-sensei!" A young man with purple hair called out, his hand waving excitedly at her homeroom teacher.

"Amaha! How many times I told you to not wander around the school in the middle of the class?" Naoshi-sensei scolded the young man lightly, though his voice sounded more amused than angry.

"But it's boring in there, Chibi-sensei." The male student pouted.

"I told you to call me Naoshi-sensei! It's not Chibi-sensei! Your class is having Mizushima right now, isn't it? I don't want to face his wrath for your behavior," Naoshi-sensei sighed heavily.

"Anyway, can I see Tsukiko-senpai? Nui Nui told me to give her this document yesterday but I forgot about it, nu." He said sheepishly as he grinned.

"I wonder why again Shiranui chose you as the treasurer of the student council... Just wait in here, I will ask her to come out and see you."

"Thanks a lot, Chibi-sensei."

"Yeah, yeah. Just stay here and don't do anything. I'm sorry, Mochizuki-san but could you wait in here for a bit? I will let you know if it's the right time for you to step inside the class," Naoshi-sensei looked at her apologetically.

"Ah, it's okay. I will wait in here," She said quickly, feeling relief for not going inside the class so soon.

"Ah, then Amaha here will keep you company. Just tell me if he bothers you, okay?" Naoshi-sensei grinned before he walks inside the class, ignoring the whine from the purple haired student.

Once Naoshi-sensei left, she could feel the tense atmosphere between her and the purple haired young man as neither of them wants to break it. Gathering all the courage she has within herself, the young woman turns around as she extends her hand out to him.

"Ni-...nice to meet you! I-...I'm Mochizuki Megumi. What's your name?" She stuttered, she can feel her face getting hot with each minutes pass by.

"Amaha Tsubasa, nu." He answered, shaking Megumi's hand lightly.

"It's nice to meet you, Amaha-kun."

But before he could even reply her sentence, the sounds of her name being called snapped her attention back towards the slightly opened door in front of her. She gives a small smile at the young man beside her before she walks inside the class. Somehow, talking with the purple haired students had made her calmer than before. She makes a mental note to thank the other later if they meet again later.

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Her eyes immediately rested on the only young woman in the class. Despite what Naoshi-sensei had told to her, she can only see one female student in class.

'I wonder where the other female student is...' She thought inwardly.