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Taming a Dragon part 7

When his alarm had rung, Harry had struggled to get up. He'd been all comfortable and cosy in Draco's arms. But he had a job and it required for him to get up and get ready. So after giving the pale shoulder his head was resting on a kiss he made himself sit up, grunting in annoyance. Draco's response was a moan of disapproval. He tried holding on to Harry but his arms slipped off, his mind still too tired to give him the strength needed to pull Harry back.

Sitting up in bed Harry looked at Draco with adoration. His hair was messy and his lips red from their intensive kissing antics the night before. Rubbing a hand over his cheek and chin Harry noted that he was in rather dire need of a shave. He couldn't help the smirk that thought caused. Draco's lips would look somewhat bruised for the rest of the day and Harry liked that idea. A subtle way for him to mark his lover, claim him as his own.

While Harry was lost in his thoughts, Draco managed to find the energy to sit up himself and wrapped his arms around Harry again, leaning his head on a tanned shoulder, holding on possesively. Harry leaned his head on top of Draco and kissed the blond tresses. "Got to move," he mumbled, only to receive a disapproving moan in response. He smiled at his lover's adorable antics but loosened the arms around his chest and slipped out of bed. Draco gave a slight whine of disapproval that only made Harry chuckle.

Draco collapsed back onto the bed and covered himself with the blanket to stay warm while he watched as Harry went to the their en-suit bathroom. With the door left ajar Draco could listen as Harry moved about the room to complete his morning routine. When he heard the shower going Draco was tempted to get up and join his lover but he knew it wasn't one of those days. It wasn't the weekend when they had a lot of time.

As much as Draco disliked Harry getting up early in the morning there was a routine behind it that they both knew well enough. Some days Harry went in late but they were rare. When he made the effort to set an alarm and actually got up with it, it meant that Draco had little chance of persuading him to stay in bed. That didn't necessarily always stop him trying though.

When Harry came back in the room Draco watched as he picked his clothes and put them on. His fingers itched to run over that perfect skin, slightly tanned from hours working outside, scarred in places, when the Dragon's became over-enthusiastic or Harry himself became over-confident and yet every scar only seemed to make the man more perfect. Draco sighed quietly when a shirt was pulled down to cover that strong chest. He felt the urge to lick the contours of those ribs for no other reason than just because he could and because he wanted to.

After putting on his clothes Harry picked up his socks and boots and went back to bed. Sitting down at the edge he pulled on his socks first, then followed with his boots. Draco used that moment to reach out for Harry. Curled up as he was the gesture seemed pleading and almost desperate but Draco didn't care. He was annoyed though when he realised that Harry sat too far down the bed for him to reach and voiced it with a moan of disapproval.

Harry looked up from tying his boots and noticed Draco's outstretched hand. Smiling somewhat cheekily he finished tying his boots before shuffling further up the bed. Leaning over Draco he braced himself with one hand while using the other to stroke through Draco's hair. Then he leaned in and placed a chaste kiss on Draco's lips. Meanwhile he felt arms wrapping around his chest and pulling him down. He grinned and let his weight rest on Draco while placing a few more kisses on those already bruised lips.

"Stay?" Draco asked in a small voice, looking at Harry hopefully.

"You know I'd love to but you're not the only dragon that needs me. And while you're the most important one, you already get most of my time, I've to spend sometime with my other dragons and I've not seen them for 3 days now. I really have to go check on them."

Draco pouted but knew it would be useless. Harry just smiled and gave him another kiss.

"Go back to sleep, love. I'll be home before you know it." Another kiss later and Harry pulled out of Draco's arms and went to leave the room, stopping in the door to blow a kiss towards Draco.


"Where is he?" Draco asked while approaching a few of Harry's co-workers. They had seen him there before and he had met them before, the meetings had been short and inconsequential however, so Draco failed to recall any of their names. He knew that didn't matter though.

"Harry's taming a new arrival at the minute. He's quite stubborn that one, been keeping him busy all morning you might not get to talk to him for a while."

Draco was about to reply but just raised an eyebrow and gave the man who had answered a hard stare.

"He's over by the pound..." The man stuttered in response. When Draco still continued staring at him he mumbled, "I'll show you."

The man turned his back on Draco and started walking, indicating for Draco to follow. Once he'd turned on his back on the other workers Draco allowed himself a smirk. While he knew the way, he also knew that as visitor he was not supposed to walk around on his own. Some of the dragons could be nasty and he didn't want to risk injury. Yet, he wasn't likely to admit any of that out loud.

The man stopped at a viewing platform that was heavily shielded with magic, Draco could sense it. He also knew that it served as last-resort hiding place when a dragon went lose and a worker found himself overwhelmed. He just had to run long enough to get to the platform, once behind the shield no dragon talon or fire breath could reach them.

Yet, the platform gave an excellent viewing point as well once you entered the higher level. Draco easily spotted the dragon that was currently giving Harry a hard time. Once he'd spotted the dragon it wasn't difficul to find Harry and his focus was taken over entirely. Later he couldn't even remember when Harry's co-worker had left or whether he'd said anything, not that Draco cared much.

Watching Harry work with the dragon was fascinating to Draco. He didn't come over often as his own venutres usually kept him busy but some days he couldn't help himself. Today, he had simply missed Harry too much to resist the temptation of going to see him for lunch. And here he was, watching as Harry worked, having to dodge the occassional blast of fire or escape a talon swung his way.

After many long minutes during which Draco had stayed quiet and watched, Harry eventually noticed that he had an audience. Realising who it was that had come to see him he finished up quickly, securing the dragon firmly before leaving. Then he walked towards Draco who in turn started to move towards Harry. When they met in the middle, both were smiling widely and Harry immediately wrapped his arms around Draco's waist while Draco's arms wrapped around Harry's neck, both pulling each other closer.

"What a nice surprise to see you here," Harry whispered before leaning and capturing Draco's lips in a searching kiss.

"Hmm, I missed you. Couldn't stay away," Draco murmurred when they pulled apart.

"Are you having a needy day?" Harry chuckled.

"I'm not needy, Potter."

"Of course not," Harry replied teasingly. "What did we say about the names though?"

"Well don't annoy me and I won't call you by your last name."

"My fiery little dragon..." Harry laughed. "You get upset too easily!"

Draco huffed but leaned his head against Harry's shoulder. "You know I love you."

"Doesn't mean I don't like hearing it once in a while. Love you too," Harry replied and placed a kiss on the top of Draco's head.

"Not a mushy Gryffindor."

"No, just a needy little Slytherin."

"Oi, you'll make me call you... that name again!"

"You really should be more used to my teasing by now." Harry chuckled.

"You really should be more used to my ways by now." Draco replied dryly.

"You know I like it when you say my name. My first name, that is."

Draco smiled and then quietly said, "Harry," his voice low and husky, his tone promising and teasing.

Harry couldn't suppress a shudder of pleasure running down his spine. "Just like that," he said a little breathlessly.

"And just like that you could jump me, but I actually came here for lunch... then again..." Draco trailed off looking at Harry from under lowered lashes.

"Way too public for that and you know it. But lunch sounds great, I'm starving."

"Let's go somewhere more quiet then."

Harry agreed and with an arm around Draco's waist he led him away to an area that he knew would be more secluded and usually unvisited by his colleagues. Once there Draco snipped his fingers and a house-elf appeared, laying out a blanket on the grass and leaving several delicious looking dishes on it before popping away again. Harry could only shake his head at Draco's organisation but said nothing. Soon enough they both sat down and ate as much as they both cared to eat. There was plenty left over afterwards but both knew the house-elves would take care of it.

Settling down with his head in Draco's lap, Harry enjoyed the peace and quiet around them. Without even concsiously thinking about it Draco's hands went to Harry's head, carding gently through his hair. For some time they both just stayed that way, enjoying their closeness.

The comfortable silence between them was broken when Draco whispered, "come home with me."

Harry had closed his eyes in enjoyment of Draco's ministrations but now opened them and looked up at Draco with some surprise. The words had been spoken softly, yet they were a hidden demand. Not a question or a request, but a need on Draco's side. He knew Draco well enough and could read him well enough to know that the words had not come out easily. All morning Draco had been more tactile than usual, now Harry knew why.

While Draco generally portraied the cold and aloof Malfoy, Harry knew him better than that. The mask of superiority and distance only hid what Draco didn't want to show to others. There was a far gentler, kinder and even romantic side to Draco. Harry himself didn't get to see if often enough but he treasured every single time, not least of all because he knew himself to be the only one to see that side of Draco.

Taking one of Draco's hands in his own, Harry moved it to his mouth and kissed Draco's palm. "Lie with me for a little while," he then said and shuffled so he was lying on his side, his hand still cradling Draco's.

Draco couldn't help but let out a little sigh of suffering, still he did as asked and lay down next to Harry. As if it was an automatic action, they both entwined their legs and moved closer until they were only inches apart.

Reaching out with one hand, Harry cupped Draco's cheek and brushed his thumb over the smooth, pale skin. "Tell me what's wrong, love."

"Nothing's wrong," Draco replied with a roll of his eyes.

"You rarely show your softer side," Harry said with a heavy sighe. "The one where you are openly affectionate and easily initiate kisses and hugs and the like. And you never show it to anyone but me. I accept that, you are who you are and I love you no less for it. But even I have never seen you like today. There can only be two possible reasons; you've finally realised that showing affection is not a weakness and nothing to be embarrassed about. Much as I'd like it to be this, I really don't think it is. So the other option is: something is wrong and you are in need of comfort or help or even just support but you are worried or maybe even afraid to tell me what it is. And this is the more likely option. In which case I can only really tell you that I love you and no matter what it is, I'm always there for you and I would do anything for you. If you tell me what's going on, we'll find a way to deal with it together."

Half way through Harry's little spiel Draco had closed his eyes. If it weren't for Harry's hand still caressing his cheek he'd have turned his head away to be able to look somewhere else, as it was, he could only close his eyes and that only projected a mental image of Harry's worried face onto his closed lids. "Can we just go home?"

Even though Draco didn't say please, Harry could hear it. His voice was quiet but pleading and it worried Harry. He'd never seen Draco like this. "We'll go home," he replied, still caressing Draco's cheek reassuringly. Leaning in he placed a kiss on Draco's lips before he sat up again. Taking out his wand he used it to send a message to his colleagues to let them know he had urgent business to attend at home and would not be back that day. Then he stood up and pull Draco to his feet and into his arms so he could apparate them both home.

Once back at the manor Harry had the elves collect the remains of their picnic. While he was handing out instructions, Draco made his way into the living room where he sat down in front of the fire place. The large fluffy rug spread out before the fire made it one of their favourite places of resting. The crackling of the fire always seemed to sooth Draco and the warm glow added to the feeling of comfort Draco always had in this spot.

When Harry followed Draco into the living room he stopped in the doorway for a moment, watching Draco. The blond sat quietly staring into the flames, his legs pulled up against his chest, his arms wrapped around them. He looked troubled, lost and lonely, like a young boy that was worrying about the state of the world. Harry felt his heart constricting at the pain so evident on those handsome features.

Going over, Harry settled down behind Draco, wrapping his arms around the blond and pulling him close. Draco immediately shuffled back a little then half turned around and wrapped his arms around Harry's middle, resting his head against Harry's shoulder.

"I'm sorry," he said quietly. "For making you get off work early."

"Shh, you need me more than they do now."

"I'm sorry for that too. I know I'm not always the best boyfriend and I am sorry. I do love you. I really hope you know that. Even when I don't say it and might not even show it very well or very often. You mean the world to me."

"I know Draco. I never had a doubt. What brought all this on?" Harry asked worriedly, running a soothing hand through Draco's hair while holding Draco close with the other.

"I dreamt of my father last night."

"Oh Draco, why didn't you wake me?" Harry asked and hugged Draco closer, suddenly understanding Draco's behaviour. Even as child Draco's relationship with his father had been strained. The war had only worsened the situation when Draco was forced to do things he could never have imagined, and all because of his father's wishes and demands. There was much Harry didn't know but from the little he'd been told he'd painted a fairly clear picture and it was not a pretty one.

Ignoring Harry's question, Draco went on, "he was living with us in the manor. He was always there, judging, commenting, demanding... it was horrible... it made us argue too. He never approved of you and it was obvious he wanted to put a wedge between us... he was doing pretty well too..."

"I won't leave you Draco. Your father isn't here and he won't ever be back. He can't hurt us now, and he would never succeed in splitting us up. I love you far too much for that to happen."

Draco smiled weakly but it didn't reach his eyes, the haunting memories far too clear in his head.

"Oh my love," Harry sighed and placed kisses all over Draco's face. "You mean the world to me and I won't let you go so easily. I'll keep you safe, always."

"I..." Draco started but then hesitated. Harry's touch was reassuring and he did feel safe and protected in his arms. Closing his eyes he gathered his courage and spoke. "In my dream,... you... your dragons, they hurt you and no healer could save you. I tried everything... but there was nothing I could do. I had to watch and... I couldn't stand it, it hurt so bad." He choked back a sob as the memory of his dream came back and with it the emotions he had felt then. "I can't lose you." He whispered and tightened his hold on Harry, hiding his face against Harry's neck.

Harry in turn pulled Draco closer as well, holding him tightly and whispering soothing and reassuring words. With his presence, his touch and his voice he hoped he'd be able to reassure Draco that he was safe.

"I've worked with dragons for years, my love. And while I have been injured it was never anything serious, I've never been even remotely close to death. We have more than one healer working with us and getting someone to St. Mungos's is easy should it be required. We have many precautions we take to insure everyone's safety. So yes, it's more dangerous than a desk job, but probably less dangerous than what some Aurors have to do. We've not had a single death in over 50 years. Magic might be slower than the muggle world but we've still evolved. I'm perfectly safe in my job. There is no need for you to worry. You know I'm a fighter. If Voldemort couldn't take me out, do you really think a dragon can? I've fought more than a few of them too..."

"I know all that," Draco sighed. "Logically I know you're safe. But the dream was so real, I couldn't help how it made me feel and it's not gone away since I woke up."

"Well we'll just have to give it some time now then, won't we? We'll stay here for a while and I'll just hold you close. How does that sound?"

"Perfect," Draco smiled, looking up at Harry without moving his head from his shoulder. "I really do love you."

"Good thing too. Cos I love you right back." Harry said and grinned, pecking Draco on the nose.

"I never know how I deserve you. You're so good to me and you put up with all my moodyness and everything."

"Like your stiffness, reservations and general pure-blood nonsense?" Harry asked teasingly. "Yeah, they are a right pain sometimes," he chuckled. "But then you have your romantic moments, your sensitive times and you're always a true gentleman. Even when you're being cold you still always have that look in your eyes, you only ever have it when you look at me. And every time I see it, I know what I mean to you. I know that while you might not be affectionate very much, if it came down to it you would do anything for me. I would be very happy if you were to be more open, you know that. And I know it isn't likely to happen. I knew from the beginning what I was in for and I'm ok with that. I love you just the way you are, warts and all."

"I do not have warts," Draco stated indignantly, poking Harry in the side. He was also tempted to complain about the reference to his up-bringing but they had argued about that many times in the past. It hardly seemed worth it now.

"Figurative warts. Not literal ones. Not sure I could put up with literal ones," Harry teased and poked Draco right back.

Draco shook his head in disbelieve but couldn't stop the little chuckle that escaped him. It made him realise that even in his upset state Harry had known how to reassure him and make him laugh and that only made him love the man more. He truly was lucky to have Harry in his life and he would pray to any and all higher powers that he would never have to lose him for any reason. Life without Harry didn't bare thinking about.

Thankfully though, they lived in the right here, right now and in this very moment he felt like the luckiest person alive. Albeit his difficult traits, Harry loved him and it was obvious in his looks and touches, in the way he cared about him, in the way he had dropped everything to come home. "You are the most amazing person, Harry, I hope you know that." Draco whispered before leaning in and kissing Harry, trying to express his feelings with it. Somehow he would try and make more of an effort to show Harry how much he truly cared. And as you never knew how many of them there were left, today was as good a day to start as any.

end of part 7