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"Master Fisto?" Mace entered the room with utmost caution, anticipating something very odd and random to occur at any moment. He had wandered the massive Jedi Temple aimlessly for a full hour before finally finding the brainless nautolan, who was sitting fixedly in front of an open window, wearing a completely expressionless gaze.

"Tape…" he replied, glancing over at Mace before returning his gaze to the window.

"What are you up to?" Mace approached with both alertness and curiosity as Kit threw an unidentifiable object down to the city below them. He seemed so serious in his work, as if this were some life-or-death matter. It must have been part of the poison, Mace realized, beginning to regret the decision to play that card in the first place.

"Potato," Kit murmured matter-of-factly, hurling another object out the window.

"What?" Mace raised an eyebrow, hardly able to grasp the insanity he had caused.

"POE-TAY-TOE," Kit repeated, holding up a nicely sized potato before chucking it at a ship below them, successfully hitting the windshield and sending the ship into a downward spiral.

Mace stared down in awe. "I can think of at LEAST five physics rules that that just broke," he murmured aloud before turning to Kit with a reprimanding expression. "Killing people is bad," he scolded. "…But I must say… it's good to see that you're at least getting words right."

"WORDS!" Kit shouted, jumping to his feet, holding something under one arm. "BRICK!"

Mace hit the ground, nearly missing the large brick that came flying at him at a deadly velocity. "Kit!" he cried in objection, cringing at the force of the impact on his injuries.

"POTATOES POTATOES POTATOES CHEESE!" Kit screamed, throwing potatoes mercilessly at Mace from a sac that he acquired from force-knows-where.

"Kit! Kit, stop it!" Mace objected, maneuvering in every which way possible to avoid getting hit. He took a couple of hits before resorting to using the force to push them away.

"Cheater," Kit grumbled disapprovingly.

Mace opened his mouth to protest as Kit picked up another brick, but before he had time to express his dissent on the upcoming action, they were interrupted by an even more absurd scene.

"Help!" Anakin cried as he ran into the room at full speed, Yoda in close pursuit behind him.

When the shock of the sudden occurrence wore off, Mace crossed his arms, giving Anakin 'the look'. Even Kit was silent for a fleeting moment.

"Help you?" Mace snorted. "Why would I help you?"

"You're ONE OF THEM!" Kit added, holding his brick readily.

"ONE OF WHO?" Anakin demanded, risking a glance behind him as Yoda came closer.

"One of the rebels," Mace replied. "Not on my team, not on Kit's."

"So?" Anakin cried as Kit's team scrambled into the room to watch.

"SO," Mace continued as they whizzed past him, "that means NOBODY LIKES YOU."

"GO MIDGET MAN!" Kit cheered before turning his attention back to Mace. "Nobody likes you either!"

Before Mace had sufficient time to react, Kit hurled the brick in his direction, nailing him directly in the side of the face. He dropped to the ground immediately after the impact, flinching at the agonizing pain he almost forgot that he was in.

"I'm wounded enough, thank you," he protested through his teeth, frustrated at the amount of energy it took just to get back on his feet. Kit gave him a blank expression for a moment before shrugging and returning all attention to Anakin.

"WORD!" He cried as another brink came flying toward his victim. Mace couldn't help but grin despite the pain he was in as Anakin crumpled to the ground. In a matter of seconds, Yoda was standing over him (rare occasion) and beating him senseless with his gimer stick.

Besides being slightly concussed, suffering burns all over his body, muscle damage, and a few fractures, it wasn't a bad day. Oh yeah, and the fact that he now had a swollen lump on the side of his face where Kit's brick had been. No big deal.

Before things had any chance of getting worse, Mindy hastily entered. In her hand was a flask with a very familiar looking dark fluid in it. Mace couldn't help but raise an eyebrow as she approached.

"Um… Mindy." He limped up to her with curiosity, hoping that what he was seeing wasn't indicating more bad news about his team. "What are you doing?"

"Antidote," she replied simply, walking between Yoda and Anakin as if they weren't even there.

"Oh," Mace replied, having a little trouble finding the right words to say. "I didn't think… I asked you to do that but…"

Mindy cut him off before he could inform her that he was actually happy Kit was going to be normal again. "I don't listen to you; I'm not on your team anymore."

"Of course you aren't," Mace replied bitterly. "What else is new?"

Aayla glanced curiously from Kit to Mindy and back. "So are you on our team now?" she asked, somewhat hopefully. She, like everyone else, was very well aware of Mindy's talents.

"It depends on what Kit says… when he's sane," she replied, approaching the nautolan with her antidote ready. "Depending on whether he'll let me give this to him or not…"

Kit eyed the liquid distrustfully. "What the frappuccino?" he growled, backing away distrustfully.

"This is going to help you," Mindy promised, holding it out to him. "Drink it. Please."

Kit shook his head stubbornly. "What's in it for me?"

"Um… you're brain," Mindy replied, growing slightly irritable.

"NO BURGER KING!" Kit yelled, running away from her, "I DON'T WANNA BUY YOUR BOX!"

Mace raised an eyebrow. Kit's whole team turned their attention to their leader, feeling a combination of pity, frustration, and perhaps amusement.

Mindy bit her lip, pondering what she could possibly say or do to make Kit drink the antidote. "Come on Kit… it'll make you attractive!"

Kit snorted. "You take it then!" He replied as he began running aimlessly in circles. "You need the trouser more than I shoe!"

"I'm going to ignore that," she replied as everyone around them burst into laughter. "It's not like it's true."

"Do you want me to try?" Mace offered, more than ready for the insanity to end.

"Sure," Mindy replied, shrugging. "I'd be amazed if you could."

Mace leaned against a wall for support and watched Kit run for a moment before taking action.

"Fisto," he said simply. "You do know what that is, right?"


Mace shook his head. "Actually, it'll make Aayla fall in love with you if you drink it."

Mindy rolled her eyes. "That'll never work."

Before she could finish that one sentence, Kit snatched the flask from her with utmost eagerness. "Concentrated SOAP!" He shouted fervently before chugging every drop of the contents.

Mace smirked. Of course he would blame Kit's reaction on the poison to save his butt, even though they were on opposing teams. It was one thing to be enemies in a prank war. Getting Kit expelled was an entirely different matter; one that Mace chose not to ever resort to.

All eyes were on Kit as he stood for a moment, a dazed expression glazed over his eyes. All the while, Yoda continued to beat on Anakin, keeping the room from awkward silence if nothing else.

After another few minutes, Kit's attention shifted to his team, and then to the PWNage occurring in the corner of the room. Nonchalantly, he picked up one of the bricks he left lying around and threw it, successfully hitting Anakin, who immediately passed out.

The entire team of Flying Fists, including Yoda, sighed in annoyance.

"He's still crazy," Aayla whimpered. "Mindy, I thought you knew what you were doing!"

"I thought so too," Mindy sighed as Kit picked up one of the raw potatoes off the floor and took a bite out of it. "Maybe I did something wrong."

Kit scratched at the peel on the potato and shrugged, tossing it behind him. "Quit beating yourself up, Mindy. You did fine."

He then turned to Mace, ignoring the gapes of astonishment and cries of joy coming from his teammates. "Can I have a word with you elsewhere?"

"I would prefer that," Mace replied, "considering I'm standing among your entire team… and I have nobody."

"That's because you're boring. Now come on," he urged, walking away as if nothing had happened. Mace glanced around nervously and limped after him, just as astonished as Kit's team, if not more, that Kit was suddenly acting sane.

"Alright, first of all," Kit began the moment they entered a quiet room, "Thanks for… um… helping. But don't take that thanks to heart, because second of all: if you tell anyone about me and Aayla, I will quite literally kill you."

"I wasn't planning on it," Mace assured. "Please continue."

"Thirdly and finally," Kit added, "you need to find yourself a team. No team, no participation in the war, and if you drop out, I drop out. I mean seriously; what's the point of fighting a prank war without the person who started it?"

"There's nobody to recruit," Mace complained. "If it's a forfeit you want…"

"No," Kit replied sharply, cutting him off. "That's the last thing I want. This war needs to end awesomely, which means you get pwned. Not just beaten half to death by your worst enemy, but actually pwned."

"Alright, I get it," Mace grumbled. "I'll look for a team. It would be helpful if I knew what was going on with Serena."

"Oh her." Kit laughed, shaking his head. "I'll tell you what happened: Anakin's team set you up. Big time… with the use of voice changers and a couple of crafty traps. Serena underhandedly joined their team, just so you know. You might not see her much; she's very behind the scenes."

Mace didn't answer.

"On that note," Kit said, chuckling, "I'm going to go tend to my team. If you want to discuss a temporary truce to take down the rebels, you know where to find me."

Mace clenched his teeth; processing everything he was just told. If Kit was being serious about the temporary truce, he would NOT pass it up. He felt his hands clench into irritated fists. He didn't care that Anakin was unconscious. He was still going to pay.


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