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So this story is a G!P one, because I like the idea of them creating kids together, I don't know if I will ever do a sexscene if I decide to go on with this story, but the though is there, so it might happen. But I will give a fair warning before it happens if it happens that is.

also I own nothing more then my own ideas. I borrow the awesomeness that is Santana and Brittany. I just make my own twist on them.

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"Sweetie, We can't name him that." Santana said
"But look at his big puppy dog eyes." Brittany said looking over at Santana.
"Yeah Britt, But this is our son, not a dog. He needs another name." Santana said smiling as the little newborn bundle who was laying wrapped up in a blanket in Brittany's arms, grabbed hold of her finger.
"What about Theodore?" Brittany said.
"Like the chipmunk?" Santana asked whit a chuckle, loving her girlfriend more than anything even though she could only think of names from the cartoons.
"Yeah, but he was such a cute chipmunk." Brittany said looking up at Santana with a pout.
"Okay, but as long as you don't tell anyone you named him after that."
"Yey!" Brittany said and looked down at their son.
"Hey Theodore Pierce." Santana said stoking the little guy's cheek as he yawned and closed his eyes. She then leaned down and kisses Brittany's temple.
"I love you so much." She said
"I love you too. Can you believe we are parents San?" Brittany said looking up in awe at Santana.
"Hardly. I can't believe he just came out of you. He is so perfect."
"yeah… Though I kind of noticed him coming out of me" Brittany said her eyes shining looking down at the little boy in her arms.
Santana chuckled. "Yeah, sorry about the pain baby, you did so well though. You are amazing." Santana said and gave her girl a passionate kiss.

"I wonder what color his eyes are going to be." Brittany said. "I read that it takes a while before they turn into their real color." She said.
"Mhm, I hope he gets your blue ones." Santana said stroking Brittany's hair.
"Yeah, it doesn't matter though; he will still be the cutest thing alive." Brittany said leaning down and kissing her sons forehead tenderly.
"He will." Santana said. "Why don't you try and get some sleep honey. It has been a long day. I can put him down for a while." She offered.
"Just a few more minutes." Brittany said as she was stroking the small blonde hair. "I love that he has your skin tone." Brittany said comparing her pale fingers to her son's darker ones.
"I think he got a mix between yours and mine, because I'm a little darker." Santana said.
"Yeah, he is like a perfect mixture of the two of you." A voice said from the doorway.
"Hey mom." Brittany said.
"Hello sweetheart." Mrs. Pierce said as she walked over to the bed. "Oh god, he is beautiful." She said as a tear rolled down her cheek.
Brittany and Santana smiled as Mrs. Pierce stroked the little boy's cheek tenderly.
"You did so good, well both of you." She said as she leaned down and kissed her daughters forehead.
"Britt was a champ." Santana said.
"Well I couldn't have done it without you." Brittany said and leaned into Santana's side.
Santana leaned down and kissed the top of Brittany's head again.
"Does he have a name?" Mrs. Pierce asked still looking down adoringly at the little newborn.
"Theodore." Brittany said.
"Yeah, Theodore Pierce." Santana said with a big smile as she stroked the little hand that was still holding on to her finger, with her thumb.
"No Lopez?"
"I haven't been a Lopez since I was six." Santana said as she looked eyes with Mrs. Pierce.
"Okay. Well I should leave, it's getting late, and you should try and get some sleep while he is darlin'" She said and leaned down and gave her daughter one more kiss on her head.
"You will be back tomorrow right?" Brittany asked as she looked up at her mom.
"Of course I will. I just have to stop by work; I'll be back tomorrow afternoon." She said and walked around the bed to give Santana a hug.
"Bye Sweethearts, I love you." She said as she walked out the door.
"By mom." Both girls answered and Brittany let out a yawn.
"Come on, Let me take him for a while and you can sleep." Santana said.
"Brittany scooped out towards the side as Santana sat down beside her. Santana then took their son from Brittany's arms and cradled him in her own.
"Hey Theo." She said and leaned down to kiss his forehead and breath in his baby smell.
Brittany leaned her head on Santana shoulder and soon she had drifted off to sleep too.

When Santana was six she was finally taken away from her parents and put into foster care. Because she needed to be placed in one in a hurry the social worker weren't able to find someone fit enough to take care of Santana because of her weird condition. So the social worker Kathrine Pierce decided to bring the girl home with her. She had a daughter the same age and thought this would be good for Santana.

During Santana's years growing up she had learned to accept that she was born with something girls shouldn't have. And more than once she had wished that she could be like everyone else. But most of those times when she was angry and Sad, Brittany had told her how special and amazing she was.

When the girls had turned fourteen things had started to get weird around the Pierces household. Santana would start to pull away from Brittany. She had asked to get her own bedroom. Something that she and Brittany had refused to have since the first day Santana had sat her foot in the house. Kathrine had given in and the guestroom was transformed into Santana's bedroom. It only lasted a week though before Santana was crying her eyes out into Kathrine's arms saying she had feelings for Brittany and she didn't know where they came from or how to stop them. Kathrine of course had told her that there was no need to try and stop them. When Brittany came home from dance class and Santana took her out in the backyard and told her what had been going on, the girls later shared their first kiss under the stars. The two have been inseparable ever since.

And now they were lying on a hospital bed after only hours before giving birth to their son. Santana couldn't be happier.

They had gone to collage together. And now Santana was working at a kid's center, teaching music and sports, while Brittany owning her own dance studio, toughed dance and every now and then also helped choreograph different dance numbers for all kinds of stuff.

Only a year ago the house next to Mrs. Pierce had been up for sale and Santana and Brittany wasted no time before they bought it and moved in. They house was big and Brittany had said she always wanted a big family and Santana shared that dream, so for them the house was perfect.
Santana looked down at little Theo sleeping happily in her arms. She couldn't believe how happy she was. She didn't have that many memories of life before the pierces left. But the ones she had made her shudder every time she thought about them. She knew the little guy in her arms never would have to live through that though, she would do everything in her power to make sure of that. But knowing that she was going to raise this kid with Brittany, the chances of anything like that happening was like as big as a fart is space, like Brittany used to say. She was glad that society was really starting to warm up to same sex couples and rainbow families.

The little guy in her arms scrunched up his little face and gave a small cry into the air. Santana was brought out of her thoughts as he started to squirm around a little and made out a few more sounds.

"Hey little man, are you getting hungry again?" she asked. Turning him around in her arms so that he was now lying on top of her legs.
Theo gave away more noises and they started to increase in volume.
"He hungry?" Brittany mumbled as she rubbed her eyes tiredly.
"Yeah I think so." Santana said.
"Why don't you feed him and then I will burp him and change his diaper and you can go back to sleep." Santana said and Brittany nodded. She sat up a little and started to unbutton her shirt so she could breast feed.
"Come her cutie." She said and held her arms out for Theo once she was finished.

Santana got off the bed to give Britt some more space and sat down in the chair beside the bed. She looked on in amazement as her son sucked on to Brittany's nipple and Brittany smiled down at her son lightly stroking his cheek as he ate.

She was sure she had the most adorable family ever.

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