Jailbirds, Lovebirds, Avian Americans... Same Thing.

Max had the perfect life. She had the perfect grades. She had pretty perfect looks. She was perfectly athletic with black belts in karate and being named captain of the girl's soccer team. She had the perfect family. And she had the perfect boyfriend or so she thought.

After accidentally killing her boyfriend's girlfriend during their date, Max, now charged for murder, is being sent to a prison called the School. A correctional facility for the violent and unstable, and just like that, her perfect life is gone.

Now trapped in prison, she meets her cellmate, Fang. Dark and mysterious, Fang has a dangerous past which Max might now want to know about. She doesn't know that she's now living with a professional assassin. She doesn't know the School really isn't a prison, and she doesn't know that she is never, ever getting out even if her prison sentence is only 5 years.

Along with Fang and her new inmates, Max learns the secrets of the School, and suddenly, prison seems so much simpler then the hell she has to live through. In a place, where everyone and everything is against her, Max has to learn how to survive. She learns the true meaning of pain and sorrow and hopelessness because Max just might now make it out alive. Max, Fang and their 4 inmates only have each other, but is that enough to help them live through hell?

And somewhere along the way, Max finally learns the definition of perfect. She finds the perfect love.

I originally had a Chapter 1, but I hated it so I replaced it. This story doesn't really have any mature scenes though implied. There are some jokes that older people will get. If you're okay with inappropriate humor and maybe some, kind of horror not really horror, then go ahead and read. If you're not, you should still read anyway because you might like it :D

Also, I'm planning to update this story, once a week but during school months, it will definitely take longer. I apologize for the delay, but I will not give up on the story. I will continue to write.

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