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The Power.

Fang's P.O.V.~

Well, I certainly wasn't expecting this. When Ari said Arena, I was expecting an Olympics size track and field stadium or maybe an ancient Roman gladiator Coliseum type thing with horses and some really fancy people dressed up in bedsheets and leaves. I really didn't expect a pit of snakes. On The List, it would be like 342 or something. Yes, The List:

List Of Things I Imagine I Would See In An Arena:

1) Gladiators

2) Romans

3) Katniss Everdeen (And yes, I do read books. I haven't been living under a rock for my entire life... Just part of it.)

4) Peeta Mellark (because Peet-Peet and Katnip are like joined at the hip)


342) Pit of Snakes.

See. Number 342.

I realize I sound completely out of character, but this is my head. Who knows what goes on in here?

I stepped inside the Arena. Instantly, the atmosphere changed. The entire room was flooded with Power. Just unnatural, excess power that the human body could learn to harness and use. Very few people could actually feel and sense the Power, and it allowed for those select few to be bigger and better than the rest in an almost superhuman way.

Max, Nudge, Gazzy, Angel, and Iggy stepped in after me flanking my sides. I felt Max shiver by my side. Could she feel it too?

"Wow. Can you feel that?" Max asked, quietly. I heard the intake of breath and the shaky exhale as she let the Power sink into her bones and enter her lungs. Guess that answers that question; she could feel it too. Hot. Like majorly, hot.

"Yeah, it's like the world is made up of unicorns and rainbows. I just want to melt into it," Nudge declared sighing. Not exactly the way I would have described it but effective. The Power was like a coat, a coat made of the most simple and basic elements. Each coat was different depending on the person wielding the power. It changed based on the persons skills and talents.

"It feels like explosions and fires to me," Gazzy screamed, pumping his arms. "I feel so alive!"

Ari followed us in and closed the door behind us. "Do you understand why you all are here?"

"We can feel it." It wasn't a question. It was a statement and Angel knew it. We could all feel the Power around us.

"What you're feeling is the Power. Very few people can actually sense it and this is why you lot were chosen to be part of this experiment. Along with your wings, you will learn to harness the Power, but don't worry, we're going to make this very interesting for you," Ari said with a grin.

"You all are here for your first experiment, the Wall." Ari pointed at the wall in the distance. From here it looked massive, over 200 feet at least. Who knows how big it would be close up.

"Your task is to climb the wall in under 2 minutes and then jump off. You are expected to use your wings to land safely. There is no safety net or pit at the bottom, nor is there a foam mattress. If you fall, you fall into hard concrete. Try not to."

"Are you seriously, freaking kidding me. This is your idea of training and fun," Iggy asked. "Where did Jeb find you sickos. Mental facilities. The bottom of the ocean. Uranus. No, that doesn't sound right. Maybe Jeb's anus. You lot are disgusting."

Ari merely smiled. "For that Ignacio, you're going first."

"Like heck I am."

Ari frowned, his eyes sparking and his muscles bulging. "Ignacio, get your scrawny ass over to that wall, pronto!" Ari yelled, spit and other stuff flying out of his mouth and onto Iggy's scrunched up face.

Iggy wiped his face off with the sleeve of his jumper and glared back at Ari. "Make me," Iggy said with a smirk.

Kid, I admire your guts, but you need to learn how to handle situations better.

Ari smiled. The worst possible smile that one could smile and grabbed Iggy by his neck, lifting him off the floor like he weighed absolutely nothing.

"I think I will," Ari smirked back. Iggy's face was turning purple by the time Ari let him go, and by let him go, I mean Ari threw him against the wall before pouncing on Iggy and punching his face with the force of 10 grown men. Each punch that landed echoed with a sickening crunch.

"Iggy!" Max yelled. She ran towards him and I reached out, trying to stop her and pull her back before she also got pummeled but she was gone. Max jumped on Ari's back and pounded her fists against the solid muscle. It took her a full 20 seconds to realize that she actually knew how to fight. She jumped off his back and instead took a couple steps back before throwing her body against Ari's and, surprisingly, knocking him off of Iggy. Angel ran over to Iggy and cradled his bleeding face.

Max started to throw a couple punches herself and on anyone else, they probably would have hurt, but Ari barely even flinched. He lay down as Max punched him while straddling him and grinned. "Oh Maxie, you shouldn't have done that."

Ari flipped Max over so that he was straddling her, but he didn't punch her. Nope. Instead, he stroked the side of her face and brushed her hair behind her ear. "You know Max. You would have made one sexy little toy if you weren't so goddamn annoying."

And then, he leaned down and kissed Max full on the lips as she struggled to get away. He grabbed her head and made no effort to get off her.

That bastard.

That stupid, cowardly, punk ass, buttheaded, douchy, bastard.

Nobody touches Max and gets away with it. A noise escaped me, originating from my stomach. It was low, threatening, ferocious, deep, and animalistic almost like a growl. Ari's lips were still on Max's and she was still struggling to get away.

I yelled.

Then, just like Max, I threw my body against Ari's and knocked him off of Max.

"Nobody," I said, punching that sick, twisted, pervert in the jaw.

"Touches." I punched him in the eye. That one was going to bruise.

"My." Ari was no longer smiling. Unlike Max, I knew where to hurt. I knew how to hurt. Max knew how to defend. I knew how to kill.

"Girl." I punched his throat right on the windpipe. The wind rushed out of him and he choked on air. I slowly got off Ari as he struggled to gain his breath. I aimed one last kick at his crotch and watched him grunt and clutch at his groin in pain.

I ran back over to Max. She was wiping her lips on her sleeve and spitting everything in her mouth onto the floor. "I need to wash my mouth with soap after this," she said.

I chuckled. "You should. I'm not kissing that till its clean."

Max laughed, her eyes twinkling. "Are you sure about that?" She winked and brought her head closer to mine. She seemed to forget all about her kiss with Ari. I tend to have that effect on women.

I gave her a quick peck on the lips. "Nope. Now let's go check on Iggy."

Her eyes widened in shock. "Iggy! Is he okay?" She got up and ran over to his side. I watched Ari as she tended to Iggy's wounds. He was starting to get up.

"Stay down, dog boy," I growled. He got up anyway, brushed the dirt off his shoulders, and sneered.

"Looks like you're going first, Fang," he said with a snarl.

"What the hell ever," I responded with equal contempt.

"I hope you break a few bones on the way down."

And I hope you could gain a couple brain cells and not be a stupid mutt. Of course, I didn't stay that. That went over my word limit and the only person with that luxury was Max. Ari was nothing special and I wasn't about to waste my time insulting a thing like him.

"Would be my pleasure," I said instead. "Your bones, of course." 8 words, well within my limit.

"Oh, sassy emo boy are we? Don't forget, you're all still wearing your collars," Ari said with a grin.

Oh crap.

"Fang, you have 1 minute to run the 500 meters to the wall," Ari said, his hand fingering a little remote with a big blue button. Blue.

I looked back at Max who was taking care of Iggy on the ground. She'd ripped the sleeve of her clothes to make a makeshift bandaid to soak up the blood. She looked back at me, her eyes telling me one thing. Go.

I sprinted. It takes most non-sprinters over a minute to run 400 meters, but I wasn't most and I knew how to sprint. I reached the wall with seconds left to spare, my breath coming out in little huffs. I took one deep breath to get my breathing under control.

"Now climb!" Ari yelled from where he was.

What a baby pink idiot.

I grabbed the first crevice I found in the wall and pulled myself up. I grabbed a hanging rock and then another and then another, quickly making my up the wall. I climbed and climbed and climbed until I reached the top. My muscles burned with exhaustion.

"Now jump!" Ari yelled. His voice sounded miles away from where I stood.

I looked down. A fall at this height would kill anybody, human or not.

I took off my shirt and wriggled my back. The wings that were so clearly molded into my skin popped out. A full 15 feet of pure black feathers.

And then I jumped.

And I fell.

And I kept falling.

I kept falling until a burst of air exploded under my wings and yanked me upwards, slowing my descent. I angled my body to get the most out of the wind beneath my wings, but I had no control over the mass of feathers spurting out of my back.

Come on wings, fly. Do your thing.

The ground came closer and closer, faster and faster.

Fly! I told myself.

And I flew.

Angling upwards at the very last second before I crashed into the ground, my wings expanded to their full length and with a powerful stroke, I was propelled back into the air.


I was flying and it was the most exhilarating feeling of my life. It was like the high after the kill minus the bloodshed and the killing. It was like I was finally free. I finally had no limits.

I was so caught up in the emotions that rushed through me as I soared that I didn't see it coming. I should have seen it or sensed it but I didn't. I actually felt the giant rock smash into my wings before I saw it.

A ripple of pain shuddered through my body. I don't know how much more pain it can take before it gives up. I flapped my wings, each stroke hurting even more than the last. Struggling to stay in the air, I gave one last powerful stroke before my wings finally gave out and I came tumbling down.

I fell on the concrete with a sickening crunch of bones and before I could do anything else, my world turned white.

Author's Note:

Short chappie, but as some of you requested, there was a little bit of Fang's P.O.V and I expect some more love for that.. jk, it would be nice though!

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