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Story: Immortal Seas

AN: This story was one that just came to me over my many hour flights to my new home in Alaska. This story will take place after the Giant War and will include the seven of the prophecy at the beginning, but will mostly include gods, goddesses, Percy and Annabeth. I hope you all enjoy it, plus it has my other two favorite sons of Poseidon in it, Theseus and Orion, so enjoy. And hello from the last frontier, the land beyond the gods.

ChapterQuote: "True love is tested when betrayed." by Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

Chapter 1: Pride's Betrayal

Greece - Mount Olympus - Original

The final battle against the giants waged through the ruins of the original Mount Olympus. The doors of death had been closed thanks to the efforts of the seven and the son of Hades. The giants; Porphyrion, Gration and Mimas were all that was left of the children of Gaea. The monster army of the giants was no more, after the great battle that took place at the foot of Mount Olympus. The three giants were all that remained. The seven of the prophecy and Nico, the son of Hades climbed to the top of the mountain to face the last of the giants.

The battle waged across the sacred ruins; the ancient home of the Olympians. The giants fought to the fiercely never giving up. Jason and Percy fought like two gods, instead of two half-bloods. Jason floated through the air as the winds held him aloft. Lightning struck the giants scorching their flesh.

Percy weaved in and out of the giants legs as his body was covered in his own personal hurricane. Rain poured down upon the son of Poseidon giving him greater power. The water circulated around his body as the hurricane force winds forced the water to flow in dangerous jets like snakes shot out of cannon.

Hazel, Nico and Frank fought Mimas as Leo was unable to face the enemy of his father, Hephaestus. The two children of the lord of the dead and the son of Mars fought the creature valiantly. Frank began to glow as his body morphed into a dragon; the Chinese version. Hazel and Nico stared in wonder as the enormous dragon fought the giant Mimas. Mimas fired blast after blast of flame against the dragon, but Frank had chosen wisely. He had remembered the tales his grandmother told of the great water dragons; the ones that could extinguish the strongest of volcanoes. They were the symbols of the ancient Chinese emperors. The dragon coiled its long snakelike body around the giant. As the giant burned with fire the dragon turned blue as the creature's body became like ice cold water. Steam erupted around the body of the giant as the water dragon cooled the giant's body.

The giant roared in anger, but Frank in his dragon form held firm. The dragon's head turned until it faced the giant head on. Frank prayed to his father, Mars for the power to defeat the giant. The dragon's eyes began to glow red with the power of Mars. Mimas stared into the eyes of the dragon; the giant cringed in fear as he saw the power of the war god. Frank in his dragon form opened his mouth full of teeth, the shape of daggers. The dragon lunged forward and sunk his teeth into the neck of the giant. Mimas's eyes widened, and then rolled back into his head. The giant's body turned into smoke and blew away into the winds that engulfed the mountain.

Frank changed back into his humanoid form as Nico and Hazel greeted him. Hazel hugged the son of Mars tightly as he struggled to stand. His legs nearly buckled from exhaustion.

Across the mountain, Annabeth, Piper and Leo fought Gration; the enemy of Artemis. He was clad in silver armor and his body glowed with an ethereal light. He carried a quiver of giant arrows and a bow the size of sailboat mast. The daughter of Athena devised a plan where Piper and her would weave in and out of the giant's legs as Leo distracted him. The giant would be unable to use his bow and Leo would be able to get close enough to use his fire abilities to hurt the monster.

The plan was working perfectly as Piper and Annabeth weaved between the creature's legs cutting and slashing with their knives. Leo sent fire ball after fire ball at the giant making the creature lose focus. As the creature began to tumble to the ground Annabeth and Piper ran clear of the monster. Gration hit the ground with a thunderous crash.

Leo never hesitated as he ran onto the body of the creature. He reached the monster's shoulder just as the giant rose to his feet. The creature pulled his bow and aimed for Piper and Annabeth. Leo reached into his tool belt and prayed to his father, Hephaestus. Leo felt something metallic touch his hand. He pulled the object free as he stared into a celestial bronze version of blow lit the torch with his powers and prayed to his father.

The torch grew white hot and glowed with the power of the god of the forge. Leo focused the torch into a tight almost laser-like beam. He moved the torch to the weakest chink in the giant's armor, the area where the neck met the shoulder. He hit a button on the torch and the flame of the torch shot forth like a Roman candle. The torch cut through the armor and pierced the giant's flesh. Gration screamed in agony as the torch cut through his body. The giant dropped his bow to the ground just missing Piper and Annabeth. Leo jumped down holding the torch with both hands as the flame cut through the rest of the giant's armor and flesh. Once Leo reached the ground the giant fell over and disappeared in a flash of light, leaving a giant set of empty armor on the ground.

In the center of the ruins of Olympus stood the leader of the giants, Porphyrion. Jason had battled him when they saved Hera, but this creature was now too powerful for the son of Jupiter to fight alone. The good thing for Jason was that he wasn't alone; he had the son of Poseidon at his side.

Jason flew around the giant firing blasts of electricity at the giant. The creature tried to concentrate on the son of Jupiter, but he was distracted as Percy assaulted him from the ground. Percy weaved in and out of the giant's feet. The son of Poseidon held a small hurricane of winds in one hand with Riptide in the center and a tidal wave of rain water in the other. He would blast the monster with the hurricane at one moment and then strike him with tendrils of water with the other. The giant was completely unable to concentrate on any one target.

Porphyrion tried to escape the onslaught by the two children of the big three. He ran toward where Mimas had fallen. He reached the clearing to see Hazel, Frank and Nico standing in his way. He smiled as he approached. He targeted the three demigods, ready to crush them under foot. Frank screamed for Hazel to get out of the way, but it was too late. Hazel looked on as a giant foot closed in on her. She screamed in terror as the foot's shadow engulfed her.

Hazel heard a loud crack and a strange cry of pain. She looked up and saw a large grey shape hovering over her. The shadow cleared slightly as the giant ran off chased by Percy and Jason. Hazel stared up at a large grey mass. When the shadows moved she saw a large grey elephant hovering over her. The creature began to glow and morph before her eyes, until she was staring into the pained eyes of the son of Mars. Frank fell to his knees before collapsing fully to the ground. Nico raced to meet his sister and his friend. Hazel held onto Frank carefully as the son of Mars struggled to breath. Frank looked up into the eyes of the girl he loved before the light in his eyes faded. Hazel cried as she held her dead boyfriend. Nico sat on the other side of Frank as he looked down at the ground in despair.

The battle continued to rage as Jason and Percy fought the leader of the giants. Percy willed all the water in the air to pool around the feet of the giant. Percy's eyes seemed to shine with power as the pools of water froze into solid blocks of ice. The ice was as blue as a glacier. Porphyrion struggled to get free. Percy yelled for Jason to strike. Jason prayed to his father; a massive bolt that could only be the master bolt struck the giant in the chest incinerating the creature to dust. Jason landed on the ground next to Percy as the two cousins smiled at each other triumphantly. However, their smiles disappeared as they heard Hazel wale in misery.

Jason and Percy looked towards their friend. They're smiles disappeared as they saw the lifeless body of their friend Frank. The rushed to meet their friends. No one knew what to do, but Percy stepped forward and knelt next to Hazel. The daughter of Pluto laid Frank's body gently back on the ground as she hugged Percy tightly. The son of Poseidon held onto his friend as the other huddled around them. The fight was over, but the son of Mars; one of the seven lay dead at their feet.

Mount Olympus, 600th floor of the Empire State Building - Throne Room - A few days later

The seven of the great prophecy stood in front of the fourteen thrones of the Olympians. The demigods had returned triumphantly in the Argo II only hours earlier. Zeus decided with the other Olympians that the two eldest children of Kronos deserved the honor to be seated with the others because of their participation in the war. Hades and Hestia sat together on their thrones with the rest of their family.

Zeus looked down upon the heroes with pride and respect. "Great heroes," he began as his eyes shined with pride as he looked at Jason, and then at the others. "For your efforts in defeating the giants we grant each of you an important decision. We wish to bestow upon each of you the mantle of godhood."

Leo, Jason and Piper all smiled at each other. Nico remained calm, but his dark eyes seemed to shine with delight. Annabeth's brow furrowed in thought, but she eventually looked up to stare into the eyes of her mother expectantly. Hazel just looked at her father, her golden eyes were filled with sadness. Hades shifted uncomfortably at the gaze his Roman daughter was giving him. Ares looked down at Hazel; the war god's eyes were filled with sadness that matched her own.

Percy looked at all of his friends and smiled. It was about time that others got the attention besides him; he always felt out of place up here in front of the gods. Percy looked at his father with the crooked grin on his face. Poseidon returned the gesture, but his sea green eyes showed how proud he was of his son.

"Your bravery and perseverance has proven your worthiness." Zeus looked at the other Olympians. Hera gave Jason a small grin of delight as she looked at her hero and the others she brought together. "Very well, we will start with my son, Jason Grace. How do you choose my boy?"

Jason looked at the other demigods beside him; his gaze rested upon Piper. Piper stared back, her eyes changed colors until they stopped upon a warm brown color that made Jason's heart race. Piper took his hand in hers making Jason's electric blue eyes lighten.

"My lord... father... I accept your offer," Jason said. Zeus didn't smile, but everyone in the room could feel the pride emanating off of the King of the gods. Jason might have been his Roman child, but Zeus could never be more proud of his son.

"Very good my son. Now on to Piper McLean, daughter of Aphrodite. What is your choice?" Zeus asked. Aphrodite could barely control her excitement; her body glowed with the power of love.

"I accept your offer, my lord," Piper said. The daughter of Aphrodite couldn't be happier. Jason had chosen her over Reyna before they left for the quest and now she would be a goddess at his side.

"Now Leo Valdez, son of Hephaestus. What is your decision?" Zeus asked.

Leo looked at Piper and Jason. His two friends gave him reassuring looks. Leo gave them a slight nod before looking at his father. Hephaestus remained stoic; he didn't show emotion, but everyone could tell that even he was excited for his son.

"I accept your offer my lord," Leo said. Hephaestus's stern face disappeared, it was replaced by a small smile that most people would overlook. Leo's face took on a warm glow of happiness as a feeling of pride filled the spirit of the young demigod. His mind raced with ideas about all the things he could invent at his father's side.

"Hazel Levesque, daughter of Pluto. What have you decided?" Zeus asked.

Hazel stared at the sky god. Her golden eyes glittering in the bright lights of the throne room. She looked at all her friends, but then she stared down at the floor. Her memories of Frank's death were fresh in her mind. Her heart ached at his absence, but the daughter of Pluto could only remembr the times he made her laugh and how much she missed him. An arm crossed behind her back and pulled her close. Hazel looked up into the dark brown eyes of her brother Nico. He gave her a sympathetic look as he squeezed her tightly before letting go.

"I'm sorry my lord, but I must decline your offer. Someone waits for me in Elysium," Hazel said as she looked up to her father hopefully. Hades looked at his Roman daughter. He gave her a small nod.

"Very well child, you shall always be known as a hero of Olympus," Zeus said. "Nico Di Angelo."

Zeus turned his gaze to Nico. The son of Hades looked up at his uncle trying to figure out why his name was called. He wasn't one of the seven.

"Nico di Angelo, son of Hades. You were not one of the seven, but you still managed to fight for Olympus. Your efforts will not go unnoticed. We offer you godhood as well," Zeus said.

Nico's eyes widened in surprise. Nico looked around at the others. It was evident by the blank look on his face that he didn't know what to decide. Nico stared up at his father. Hades gave his son a curious glare, but Nico saw something else. Hades had always been hard on his son, but now the lord of the dead looked at him with pride and respect. Something that Nico never thought he would see.

"My lord, I choose godhood," Nico said. Hazel gave her brother a genuine smile to let him know that she was happy for him. Hades peered down at his son in surprise; he expected his son to turn it down, but instead the god of the dead looked at his son with pride shining in his dark eyes.

"Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, hero of Olympus. It appears that you can never stay out of the fight to save Olympus. Although you've been offered this once before, we, the gods of Olympus, ask you a second time, will you choose godhood?" Zeus asked. Zeus knew that his nephew was unpredictable, but he could sense what the boy's answer would be.

Percy looked around at his friends, and then he turned toward Annabeth. The girl he had turned down immortality for before. Annabeth just looked at him with love in her eyes. Percy gave her his crooked grin, and then he looked at his father. Poseidon stared down at his son; he knew what the answer would be.

Percy knew better than most that godhood wasn't something that was easy. He had seen the pain on Hermes's face as Luke died and before when the god talked of his beloved son and the child's mother. Percy remembered the pained expression on his father's face as he talked about leaving Percy's mother. Percy looked over at Hazel; he was so proud of her for choosing what he knew first hand was a hard decision.

"My lord, I mean no disrespect to you or any other immortal, but I've seen gods suffer because of the restrictions that all of you must endure. I could not stay out of my mortal friends and family's lives. I don't believe my heart could handle that. Because my fatal flaw is loyalty, as a very wise woman once told me," Percy said as he looked at the goddess of wisdom. Athena looked at the son of Poseidon; Percy could tell that something was bothering her. "Therefore, I must graciously decline your offer my lord."

Zeus stared at Percy, but he wasn't surprised by the hero's decision. His nephew never conformed to what others would do. He followed his heart and in many ways the lord of the sky respected the young man for it. Of course he had felt slighted the first time the son of Poseidon had declined his offer, but now he almost felt proud of the boy. He gave Percy a slight nod.

"Lastly, Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena and architect of Olympus. We grant you the same offer. However, your mother has gone a step further. She has provided us with your domain if you choose godhood." Zeus declared. Annabeth stared at Zeus curiously. She didn't understand how she was singled out this way; her mind was racing with possibilities and the suspense was killing her. "You would be the goddess of architecture."

Annabeth just stared at Zeus in disbelief. This had to be a dream. She could help architects around the world. She could give them inspiration. She could literally help rebuild and recreate the world. She looked at her mother. Athena just stared at her, and then she gave her an encouraging nod.

Annabeth was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't feel the uneasiness coming from the son of Poseidon at her side. Percy couldn't keep his eyes off her, but Annabeth only stared at her mother. Annabeth stepped forward; she looked at the other god's. The rest just stared at her curiously, but Aphrodite looked afraid. Annabeth didn't know why. She knew she was forgetting something, but all she could think of was the vision she saw when she heard the Sirens. It was the vision of a world recreated by her own hand.

"I accept your offer, my lord."

A few gasps could be heard from the other demigods. A soft moan of disbelief echoed through the throne room. Annabeth turned to look at the cause of the moan. Her eyes met the son of Poseidon, but Percy had stepped back from the others. His eyes fixed on Annabeth. The daughter of Athena looked at her boyfriend closely and as she saw his face her heart broke. Percy stood a few feet from her. His green eyes were twice their normal size; the light sea green was now dark like a stormy sea. He couldn't speak, but his mouth moved wordlessly as he repeated the word 'no' over and over.

Annabeth stepped towards him, but Percy stepped back away from her. His once carefree and happy face had turned from a shocked expression to one filled with betrayal and anger.

"Percy," Annabeth said, but it was too late. Percy shook his head violently before turning and running out of the throne room.

For one of the few times in Annabeth Chase's life she didn't know what to do. She was about to run after him, but Hazel stopped her with a hand on her shoulder. The daughter of Pluto looked at her with disappointment and anger in her eyes.

"I think you've done enough. Go accept your prize. I'll go after him," Hazel spat. She gave one last look to Nico; his face was filled with sadness for his friend.

Hazel rushed out the doors of the throne room. She ran towards the elevator that would take her down to the first level of the Empire State Building. She reached the first floor after several minutes. She rushed outside, but Percy was nowhere to be seen. The streets were crowded with mortals making it difficult for her see.

She heard the rustling of wings and she looked toward the sky. A black Pegasus flew away from Olympus with Percy Jackson on it's back. Hazel sighed; she knew her friend was in terrible pain, maybe worse than hers. Frank's death had hit her hard, but he would have never betrayed her like Annabeth had done to Percy. She knew that Annabeth wasn't a bad person, but Hazel didn't know how she could give up the boy she loved for something like godhood. Hazel stared at the retreating Pegasus until it disappeared completely from view.

"Please Percy, don't do anything stupid," Hazel whispered to herself.

AN: I hope everyone enjoyed this first chapter. This will not be an Annabeth bashing story. Although many will be upset by her decision, in the end she was just following her dream, and don't forget her fatal flaw is hubris (and no I don' t mean hummus). What will happen to Percy now and will he do something stupid like Hazel warned him not to do? Well, you'll just have to find out in the next chapter, so stay tuned. Another great job betaing by Starlit Reader; this chapter is much better with her help as always.