Summary: "Fine. I guess I'll just leave. That should solve things, shouldn't it?" Lillian and Ash have been friends for as long as Lillian had been in Bluebell. When he starts giving her the cold shoulder, though, things take a turn for the worse.

Disclaimer: I own neither Harvest Moon nor the song "Had a Bad Day".

"C'mon, just smile. For me? Please?"

Ash sighed, and frowned down at the woman, her large lavender eyes staring back up at him expectantly, and her eyes searching his. "Like I said Lillian. I'm just having a bad day," he mumbled, shaking his head before turning back to stare out at the field, the animals grazing without a care in the world.

"That's no excuse!" she retorted, putting her hands on her hips. "Come on! Smile! It'll help!" Without allowing him the time to say no again, she spun around in front of him and used her index fingers to push up his cheeks, more or less forcing the corners of his lips to turn up. "Let's see those pearly whites!"

In response, she received a dull look from the man, his mouth dropping as soon as her fingers left his face. "No use Lil. My life's just been… Iunno. Offline lately? Something like that."

"In that case," she started, grabbing him by the hands, and pulling him behind her, "We just need to get you back online!" With a giggle, she lead him over the fence, and tugged him down the path, and out to the spring just outside of the smile.

When they arrived, Lillian took a deep breath and threw her arms in the air and spun around. "Isn't autumn amazing? Look at all the colours! It's so pretty!"

Ash looked around, and gave a bored shrug at the scenery and kicked a pile of leaves, letting vibrant reds and oranges spin around and drift in the air for a few moments. "Sure. Whatever you say. It's not like I haven't seen different coloured leaves before. Can I go home now?"

"Heehhh," she sighed, eyebrows coming together as her own smile dropped. "Come on Ash! You're gonna make me depressed if you keep up that attitude! And it'll be no fun if we're both depressed! At least tell me what's wrong!"

He shrugged once more, dropping himself on the dying grass by the pond. He stared in the water in silence, not saying anything even as Lillian came and sat beside him. "You know," he started, looking up to the sky, "I don't know why people say they have a "blue" day when they're sad. The sky is blue – a beautiful blue. It doesn't make sense. When you're depressed, it's like the sky's blue is sucked away and turned to gray. All colour, really, is taken away."

Violet eyes blinked in response. "Well that was… Random." A giggle passed her lips as she rested her head on his shoulder. At the action, Ash shrugged her head away, and stood.

"Lil, it's fine. I don't need you to try to cheer me up. My passion for today is gone. I just want to go home." With that, he turned and started walking back towards Bluebell.

"Wait!" The farmer girl got up, and grabbed his sleeve. "Ash, please. Tell me what's bothering you. Maybe I can help? There must be a way to brighten up your day!"

The man yanked his arm away, barely looking over his shoulder to speak. "It's hard for the problem to be the help."

And with that, he left.

A/n: I know. I'm a horrible person for starting yet another story, especially since I haven't updated My Kidnapped Wife in Ages. But this was going to start out as a oneshot, I swear! … I just, you know, thought of a lot that I wanted to add, and then I realized it'd be better off a short story ._.

The chapters will probably be pretty short 'n' sweet like this, since I'm still getting out of my writing slump from this summer. I'll try and start writing more for this and MKW more often! Sorry everyone /3 Just know I love you lots 333