Summary: "Fine. I guess I'll just leave. That should solve things, shouldn't it?" Lillian and Ash have been friends for as long as Lillian had been in Bluebell. When he starts giving her the cold shoulder, though, things take a turn for the worse.

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"Uh, hey there Reina." Lillian sat at the outdoor table in Yun's Teahouse, sifting through the menu she already knew by heart, pausing long enough to gesture for the other girl to sit. "Anything I can help you with?"

Now, the farmer was by no means being rude. It was just unusual for the botanist to walk to an occupied table, and ask to join someone for lunch without prior plans being made. The confusion was whisked away soon enough, however, as Reina and Lillian had become good friends after due time.

"It seems I should be the one asking you that," she replied with a smile that was not unkind.

"What? What do you mean? Nothing is wrong. Nope. Nothing at all. Nice weather we're having, huh?"

Reina chuckled lightly and sat opposite the farmer. "Now, as if it wasn't enough that you were sitting out here instead of inside, which you always do when something's on your mind, that tops it all off. What's wrong Lillian?"

The brunette's fake smile dropped, and she let out a sigh before tossing the menu on the table, and putting her head in folded arms. "Boys are dumb. That's what's wrong."

"Well I thought that was something all girls learned at a young age," Reina laughed, "Is it that certain someone?"

"No. Well yes. But not just him. But now that you mention it… it totally is a huge part him." The farmer groaned, wishing for nothing more than to curl up in bed and sleep her life away.

"I saw him today. Ash, I mean. He was looking for your farm, and I happened to be passing by when he came into the village, looking like a lost puppy. I bumped into him again later on the mountain pass, and something seemed to have him really upset. Are you two okay?"

Word by word, Lillian wanted to crawl under a hole more and more. Great. Just great. If Reina saw him, who else would have seen Ash wandering about? Rumours were sure to fly; gossip was like a piece of meat in the midst of a herd of starving carnivores here.

"No. Not at all. He came to visit me today. But he happened to get to the farm before Dirk left." Even saying the mailman's name brought a slight flush to Lillian's cheeks, given the events earlier on in the day.

"Dirk? Why was Dirk there?" the botanist inquired. She had told Ash she would talk to Lillian, but if she was going to do this, she would have to do it right, and get all the little details.

"Dirk and I are close. He spent the night last night. And not like that!"

With a smile, Reina shook her head. "Don't worry, I wouldn't have thought you meant it like that. I know you a little better than to assume something so absurd." As the botanist processed this information, she couldn't help but ask, "Why would something like that bother Ash so much?"

"Well… It was probably the fact that Dirk was sort of… Kind of… Half undressed?" Ever since he had left her farm, that fact continuously ran through her mind; before, it hadn't fazed her, but after the kiss? Welp. Things change.

"You could have gone after Ash and explained things, couldn't you? It's not like there's anything going on between you and Dirk, right?" the dark haired girl asked. After a pause that lasted a few moments two long, Reina's eyebrows drew together, "… Right?"

"I… Ug. I don't even knowwwww," groaned the farmer, dragging her hands over her face. "Everything is just so complex!"

A silence lingered then, as both women thought about what to say next. The wind lightly blew around them, letting the chimes hanging from Yun's Teahouse ring together. The silence was awkward for a moment, but those chimes had a way of calming a person down. As such, the botanist's voice was thunder in the peace. "Can I give you… Some advice?"

"I... W-well, yeah, of course you can." Advice. From Reina. No one could argue that she was a good listener, but actually giving advice of her own free will? Now this would be something to listen and memorize.

Gingerly, the noirette placed her hand lightly on Lillian's. "Don't … Don't think about what anyone else will think. Sometimes it can be hard to… to believe that what other's think doesn't actually matter. This is your life Lillian, and yours alone."

"I'm scared though. I'm so scared. I don't want to hurt anyone." These were the words that Lillian had always wanted to say aloud, but never had anyone to tell you. Years of emotion and memories welled in her chest, and she choked out a sob. "I'm sorry. This is so embarrassing. I can't believe I'm crying over this."

"Don't apologize. Everyone gets upset and cries." Reina slipped her hand into a small purse, and pulled out a delicate handkerchief. "You can't live a true life if you're living it to please others. Sometimes… Every now and again… you need to test things out before you make decisions. And that includes romantic partners. You shouldn't have to be planning a wedding on the first date, and anyone who wants to court you needs to understand that. Relationships are supposed to be fun, aren't they?"

Lillian dabbed her eyes as she listened, though each word just made more tears spring loose. She made no move to reply, which gave Reina a cue to maneuver to the farmer's side, and bring her into a hug. The gesture just made Lillian let a laugh escape, and say, "When did you become a relationship expert?"

Reina smiled, and wiped the tears on Lillian's cheeks. "I read a lot of romance novels," she smiled.

"Man. That was deep." At the blunt response, a smile cracked on both ladies' faces. Lillian just slumped her head onto the other's shoulder, closing her eyes. "Thanks Reina. Really, thank you."

"One more thing, Lilly. Boys have cooties."

"And one more thing for you. Don't read a book called Fifty Shades. You don't need to be using that as reference for advice."

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