Dean stretched his mouth over the rough surface and delicately began to suck. His first impulse was to take as much of it in as he could and be done with it, but a little nagging voice in the back of his head told him to go slow. Cas watched him with a look of slowly failing detachment, his eyes narrowing and mouth twitching at the edges. Dean attempted to look nonchalant. He ignored Cas' piercing and inquisitive gaze and instead focused on his task.

He'd grossly underestimated the size. His lips were stretched so taut that they felt like they would snap. But the only thing more humiliating than putting that thing in his mouth was spitting it back out.

So he did the only thing he could do: continue.

It tasted incredible, far better than he'd imagined it would. He didn't want Cas to know just how much he was enjoying himself, so he suppressed the moan that was curling in his chest and threatening to burst out. He caught the other man's eye before looking away, slightly embarrassed.

He felt a warmth dribbling down his chin—saliva or something else, he wasn't sure.

The pleasure was overwhelming. The shame of it made his face flush red with both embarrassment and lust. He was on the verge, peering over the abyss and threatening to tumble over. He listened to Cas breathing next to him, above him, under him. He wasn't sure anymore. The only thing in the universe that mattered right now was what his mouth was doing.

The door opened with a bang. Sam walked in, looking sour. Without a glance toward Dean or Cas, he deposited his backpack onto the bed. "Well, after four hours in the library I'm about as close to finding it as I was before I started." He turned to Dean with an exasperated sigh. When he saw what his brother and the angel were doing, his morose face collapsed into irritation.

"Really, Dean? Quit it with the damn burgers, already."

Cas looked up at Sam with his normal look of incredulous curiosity. He lowered the hamburger he'd been about to bite into. A cluttered mess of wrappers littered the table and the surrounding floor where the two men sat.

"Offuhdupp pwinfehhs," Dean mumbled. He ignored Sam and swallowed his mouthful of meat and cheese with a triumphant smirk. It was better than sex.

Oh, I'm sorry...were you expecting something else?