That's all that was left. The last plan had failed. It was the last plan they'd ever attempt. After Stefan had stolen Klaus' coffins, Klaus threatened to hunt down those he'd ever known. Unbeknownst to Elena, Damon and Caroline decided it'd be best to team up with Stefan and Kat since they seemed to have the upper hand on Klaus this time around. This resulted in a tit for tat war between the vampires. The first casualties were Tyler and Caroline. After the gang had disposed of the first coffin, the hybrids were ordered to hunt down Caroline. Tyler tried his best to protect her from the onslaught of hybrids, but they didn't stand a chance. Next was Katherine. After the second coffin was destroyed, Klaus personally hunted Katerina down himself and tortured her before letting his hybrids devour her piece by piece. Elena begged Damon and Stefan to return the last of the coffins to Klaus and stop the bloodshed, but they were too far gone to be convinced to back down. Most of Klaus' hybrids had been destroyed and disbanded, and there was only Klaus himself left. Klaus ambushed them in the boarding house on the night of the full moon. Elena pulled up to the mansion just as Klaus made his exit, his black fur drenched in the Salvatore brothers' blood. The wolf shot a piercing look at Elena and took off into the woods as she ran into the boarding house to discover the brothers, wounded and bitten. Over the next few days, they desperately hunted down hybrids for a cure, but to no avail. In the end, Stefan and Damon simultaneously staked each other and died in each other's arms.

Her closest friends, family, and the men she loved were gone. There were no more coffins. The Original Family was now but a memory, written in the stone walls of a cave and survived only by Klaus and Rebekah. Elena had un-daggered Rebekah and let her return to Klaus. What good would keeping her there do? Klaus had spared her brother and Bonnie for not playing a role in the whole thing, so she spared his sister.

And after all the bodies were disposed of and buried, after all the blood and tears and screams, that's all that was left in the wake. Guilt.

This had all started because she was the key to the hybrid curse…because she was the doppelganger. And this is where it would end.

Elena had been sitting in the bathtub of the cheap motel for about an hour, contemplating her pathetic, sad existence. She picked up the razor blade from the side of the tub and toyed with it for a moment, holding it up, letting the bathroom light strike its sleek silver edge. With one cut, she could be free of this Hell, and the world would finally be free of her. She ran her finger down the blade, watching as the blood beaded lightly on the cut left behind. Smiling slightly, she placed the blade to her wrist and slashed hard and deep. Her blood-what once was viewed as precious by many-spilled languidly into the now cold water of the bathtub, creating a ruby, liquid grave. Her vision began to blur and she relaxed, closing her eyes and letting the tired haze of death settle over her as the world faded to black….

A warm sensation ran down her throat, setting her body on fire from the cold that she'd embraced moments ago. Her eyes fluttered open slightly, and she could make out a blurry figure shrouded in black standing over her. Her vision focused slightly more, and she could see that the figure was a man, dressed in all black with hair of golden locks. She reached up and touched the man's blurred face, closing her eyes and sighing in content.

"Are you my Angel of Death, here to take me away?"

A small, deep chuckle emanated from the man. "As a matter of fact, I am, love."

Elena's eyes snapped open, and her heart stopped as she saw the small smirk of the Devil himself.

"Kl…Klaus…" she gasped, and her world once again faded into the dark abyss.