Alright, here we go! We're heading onto the sequel, and I hope you all like it. I'll start with what happens after Super Mario Colors. It's as a separate story because of advice from Azurixx.

Adventures of Mario & Sonic: Generations

Recap and Prologue

After being called to the Comet Observatory to vanquish an unknown foe, Mario and Luigi found new friends in Sonic and Tails. After exploring the interstellar amusement park; with odd things such as Luigi getting turned into a fox happening; they found out that Bowser had taken control. They beat him once more, causing their planets to merge in the process. Mario and Luigi offered Sonic and Tails their home to share, and everything seemed well.

Oh, and Waluigi annoyed everyone. Can't forget about that, can we?


"It's odd how Bowser hasn't tried anything for weeks, isn't it?"

Mario was jolted awake by his brother's voice. They, along with Sonic and Tails, were currently laying around the grassy, tree-filled yard outside their house. The house itself was large, with a red roof and beige walls seen from the outside, and the corners cut off to make it look more like an octagon. There was a star-shaped weather-vane above the door, and Peach's castle could be seen in the background. On top of the house, a small, blue-painted workshop for Tails had been built, with his signature two-tails emblem on the door. The chimney of the house was, oddly, a green pipe.

"Yeah," Mario agreed, "It is kind of weird."

"Well, you can't say it's a bad thing," Sonic said.

"No, we really can't," Tails said, "It's been really nice getting to know you guys."

"Yeah..." Sonic said, getting up and stretching, "I'm gonna go for a two-thousand-mile run... See you guys in a few hours."

A sonic boom resounded through the yard as Sonic took off.

"C'mon," Tails said, getting up.

"What is it?" Mario asked.

"Tomorrow is his birthday. We need to get ready for a surprise party."

"Alright," Luigi said, "Count us in. Let's make some calls"


"Happy biwthday, Sonic," four-and-a-half year old Tails said, giving Sonic a chilly-dog.

"Thanks, lil' bro," the just-turned-twelve-year-old, "I'm gonna go on a run. Wanna come?"

"No, I have to do something," Tails said, "Sowwy, Sonic. I'll see you in a little while."

"Okay, bro," Sonic said, starting to run in place, "See ya in a few!"

Sonic ran out of Tails' makeshift workshop, and headed towards Green Hill Zone, his favorite place to run. When he reached it, he sighed contently. The loops, twirls, and tunnels of Green Hill Zone always made him content, and this was no exception.

As he was running, he noticed something in the sky. Something black and purple. He stopped, looking at it with his black eyes. For the first time in a long time, his eyes showed fear when he saw something small and orange being pulled towards it. He ran towards it as fast as he could, before he was swept off the ground and pulled in himself.


The phone rang in the Chaotix Detective Agency, startling Vector. He turned the rap song playing in his headphones off, and picked up the phone.

"Hello, Chaotix Detective Agency. No problem too big, so long as we're payed."

"Hi, Vector."

"Tails! Nice to hear from you, kid," Vector said, "So, how's it going?"

"It's going well. Listen, we're planning a surprise party for Sonic's birthday tomorrow. Do you think you could round up some guests and set up a location?"

"Sure thing," Vector said, hanging up, "Guys! We gotta plan Sonic's birthday party!"



"Seriously, King Koopa?" a red-overalls-wearing, blue-eyed plumber asked, "A kart tournament? That's your plan?"

"Shut up, Mario!" the green turtle shouted, "I won't be made fun of! It's a good plan!"

"Your plan to kidnap Peach was a lot better," the green-eyed and clad plumber next to Mario added, "You get stopped by two sixteen-year-olds on a regular basis. Do you really think this is going to work?"


"Not to interrupt," a brown-haired girl in a pink frilly dress and a crown said, "But what's that?" She pointed to a black object in the sky. The others barely had time to look before they were pulled in.

"Hey Sonic," Tails greeted his brother as he came into the yard, "It's kind of late. Mario and Luigi are already in bed."

"I know, bro," Sonic said, "There was this weird 'Lord Crump' guy that was swearing revenge on Mario. He didn't take it well when I told him I was a friend."

"Ah. Well, time to go to bed," Tails said, walking into the house.

Sonic followed, and the two went upstairs. There were two new beds on the loft, which was rather crowded with four beds. Sonic got in the blue-blanketed one across from Mario's red one, and Tails laid down in the yellow-blanketed one across from Luigi's.

The heroes fell asleep, with no knowledge of what would happen the next day.

I'm basing Mario and co.'s home off of Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga. It has the smallest role of any of their house designs, true, but it's very large and open, which Sonic would like. I based Classic Mario & co. off of their appearance in the Super Show.

Also, QUESTION: Should I continue to write Classic Tails' lisp in?