DanceDream: It's okay. There's more to that to the kit jokes, believe me. Bowser's smarter than he looks. Eh, Bowser would've been blown up by the bomb if Luigi hadn't been bluffing, and Tails would have come out okay. Friendship is rather important in this story. I'm sure you'll be surprised by the end of this final chapter, then. You're welcome. This is the final adventure for the Classic characters, true, but it did allow me to give Mario some character development. That was planned from pretty early on, having Mario gradually become more and more accepting of Sonic. This is the finale for this fic, but don't worry. I'm hoping it's a grand finale, and there's another fic planned.

TatlTails: Big plot twist? You bet. You'll just have to read to find out. Most of the plots will continue on through the sequel.

Faraday Fan: There's a sequel planned. A few sequels, actually. Oh, Danny Phantom... Funny you should mention that, one of the sequels does draw some inspiration from that show, but only in a minor way. They aren't the last, not by a long shot. Mario's probably not going to be ending anything soon, and Sonic's got a game on the way right now.

Adventures of Mario & Sonic: Generations

The Finale of Time

The heroes stood in front of the final door... Unlike everything else in this world, it seemed to truly have substance... It was a door into a giant clock.

Mario sighed, and led his teammates into the door.

Inside the clock, they found two things. One, the inside of the clock resembled a giant vortex of red, purple, and black; with a huge gear for the floor. Two, the black monster that had started it all was in the middle, with cockpits and robotic arms attached for the use of Bowser, Eggman, and their younger selves. Unsurprisingly, Peach was in a cage hanging from the ceiling with a pink bow on it.

"About time you showed up!" Bowser shouted.

"Quite, we thought you might miss the party."

"What are you planning, you crooks?" Mario yelled.

"Oh, villain speech! I love this part!" Dr. Robotnik got out some popcorn and started eating.

"I'll admit, it's the only thing interesting about getting kidnapped," Peach said, bored.

"She loves me!"

"You're all brawn, Bowser," Eggman said, "Anyway, after my latest defeat, Bowser was kind enough to inform me that I was heading towards an enormous source of power."

"I didn't know what it did, but I set Iggy to work. He was all too happy to create some new weapons for his dear old king dad," Bowser said fondly.

"Within a few weeks, I had reached this wondrous creature. It is known as the Time Eater, and it has the ability to control time and space! A plan began forming in my head, one so ingenious that it had to work! But I needed help... More help than just Bowser."

"We needed another as strong as me,"

"And someone as smart as me. I went to the past, bringing my younger self with me."

"With the unfortunate side effect of bringing Sonic, Tails, and Amy along for the ride," Robotnik cut in.

"Yes. That was unplanned. After that, I went to get Bowser and his younger self,"

"Which is how all of my enemies showed up," Bowser finished.

"But I've gone on long enough. It's time to meet your end, Sonic!"

"You'll be smushed into space bits now, Mario!"

"Oh yeah? You and what-" The robotic hand of the time eater came down onto the heroes, flattening them before they could do anything.

"What? Someone other than Waluigi is hurting Luigi? ONLY WALUIGI CAN HURT LUIGI!" Waluigi screamed, running out of Toad's shop and straight for where his Luigi-sense was leading him. "ONLY WALUIGI CAN HURT LUIGI!" he repeated.

"Luigi?" Toad said, "Come on everybody, we need to gather our friends! Mario needs our help!"

"That was just to soften you up. Now, it's time to meet your doom!"

"You can do it, Sonic!"

Eggman looked up in surprise to see Amy Rose standing on a floating rock.

"Come on Sonic! Smack him!" Knuckles shouted from his perch next to her.

"Ugh! Not you!"

"Slow and steady wins the race!" Toad shouted from a different rock.


"Gah! Not you wimps!" Bowser shouted.

"You've got this, Sonic," Shadow said, from one of the gears higher in the clock.

"You can win, Sonic," Rouge landed next to Shadow, giving her belief as well.

"Who are they?" Robotnik asked.

"They are insignificant!"

"Woo! Smash 'em, Luigi! Show 'em what you're made of!" Daisy shouted.

"I hate you, Mario, but I hate these jerks more," Wario said, "Give it all you've got!"

"WALUIGI HATES YOU ALL!" Waluigi shouted... 'inspirationally'.

"You've got the power, Sonic!" were Vector's words of encouragement.

"Focus your spirit," Espio advised.

"We're-with-you-guys!" Charmy cheered.

"Kindly return to the castle in one piece, Master Mario. The Princess has grown quite fond of you over the years."

"When you lovely boys win, mama Birdo has a treat for you!"

"Me and my bro do, too!" Toadette cheered.

"I believe in you, Sonic," Cream said.

"Don't give in, Sonic!" Blaze added.

"I know you can do this, Sonic!" Silver said confidently.

"OY! What's with all the cheerin' for Sonic? Tails is out there too! GO TAILS!"

"OOK!" DK grunted, beating his chest.

"Words of encouragement. Pah! Back in my day-"

"Shut it, Cranky!" Diddy snapped, "Show 'em your best, guys!" He gave a thumbs up.

"You can win!" the young Princess Toadstool encouraged them.

"You always do," Peach finished.

Mario slowly got up, breathing hard. "That was a good hit you got in," he smirked, "But now I'm ready. You won't get another."

"We'll see about that, you horrid little man," Eggman slammed his hand on a button, causing the Time Eater's hand to come rushing towards Mario.

Mario stood his ground, and caught the Time Eater's hand.

"What? How!"

"Bowser, I've... told you... a hundred times... I'm Super Mario! I'm not giving up, and neither are any of my teammates!"

At this, the other heroes got to their feet (Tails yawning as he did so), and stood next to Mario.

"Eat this!" Bowser slammed his fist into a button, and suddenly another robotic hand came straight for the heroes, and shoved them into the vortex below.

"Did we just... Win?" King Koopa asked.

"I think... We won!" Robotnik exclaimed.

"No..." Knuckles said.

"It can't be..." Peach said, downcast.

"SONIC!" Amy shouted.

Tails was falling through an asteroid field. He didn't know how, and he didn't know why. All he knew was that he had to avoid them, and he did so expertly. He saw a hole in space that had the Time Eater on the other side, and threw the largest bomb he was carrying through it.

Luigi hopped quickly between the tops of the mushrooms, racing to the portal in the distance that he could see would lead him back to the fight. On his way, he bashed a block to receive a Tanooki suit, and put it on before jumping straight through the portal back to the Time Eater.

Sonic ran along the rainbow-colored path in space as fast as he could to try and return to the Time Eater. Just before reaching the portal through which he could see it, he came across a small asteriod. He got an idea, and kicked it through, right on course to hit the Time Eater.

Mario dashed through the snow at top speed, grabbing everything he found along the way to the hole in the sky. When it seemed like he would find nothing useful and was closing in on the hole, he finally found a Starman to transform into Rainbow Mario. He grinned, absorbed the power, and leaped through.

Tails swam through the vast underground waterworks to reach the portal he could see in the distance. After a minute of essentially getting nowhere, he got an idea. He raised his hands, and a wave of water came up behind him. Taking a surfboard from wherever-they-keep-that-stuff, he surfed straight for the portal to the Time Eater.

Luigi stood on top of the mountain, unsure of what had just happened. He looked to each side, seeing nothing. Finally, he looked up to see storm clouds in the sky, and what seemed to be a portal back to the Time Eater beyond that. He knew what he was going to do, and crouched down as far as he could to prepare for one of the biggest jumps ever made. A sonic boom resounded as Luigi took to the air, using his Thunderhand to pull electricity from the storm clouds as he passed into the portal above.

Sonic was falling. All his friends had tumbled out the side of the vortex except him, sending them who knows where. He looked down, and saw the Time Eater far below him. Suddenly, an idea struck, and he curled into a ball, spinning faster and faster, faster than he ever had before.

Mario expertly backflipped, hopped, and rolled around the lava-infested landscape to reach the portal he could just barely see behind the light of a miniature star. Not a power star, but an actual star. As he came up to the star, he had an idea, and prepared to execute his plan.

"Ha! Your heroes are gone! What are you going to do now?"

"We'll take you out ourselves!" Knuckles shouted.

"No! He took out all eight of them with one hit!" Amy exclaimed.

"I'm sorry to say it, but we don't stand a chance," Shadow conceded.

"You're right! And right about now, all of our past defeats are being erased from history!"

"When it's done..." Bowser gloated, "We'll never have lost. The planet will be his... The universe will be mine!"

Suddenly, a giant bomb dropped from the sky, exploding on the Time Eater.

"You'we not winning this one, Wobotnik!" Tails said, landing on the floor.

"What the-"

A statue of something that seemed to be a raccoon smashed the glass of King Koopa's cockpit and bounced off. It transformed into Tanooki Luigi, who floated safely down to land next to Tails, "Give it up, Koopa!"

"Why you-"

Before King Koopa had finished, an asteroid had smacked into Robotnik's cockpit and Sonic landed next to the other two. Before anyone had a chance to say anything, a rainbow-colored blur slammed into Bowser's cockpit, shattering the glass once more. Mario hadn't even landed when a wave of water and another of lightning crashed into the Time Eater in quick succession, electrocuting everything within except for Eggman, who has still protected, and Robotnik, who had a taste for rubber suits. Before either Luigi or Tails had even gotten away from the mess, a blue ball of spinning quills smashed the window of Eggman's cockpit, and the other four heroes landed in quick succession beside their friends.

The seven heroes cheered, happy at their victory... Or so they thought.

Somehow, through all that, the robot controlling the time eater hadn't broken and was still functioning. The villains worked together to run it, and prepared to launch a -

"That looks like a homing shot!"

- but before they got a chance, a star crashed down onto the Time Eater, destroying the robot keeping it anchored in time and sending it back to its proper place. Mario landed in front of the other heroes, and blew out the fire that had lit his right glove.

Bowser and Eggman, both old and young, landed unceremoniously and unconsciously in front of the heroes, having lost once again.

The heroes heard the sound of clapping behind them, and turned around to see all of their friends cheering them on. E. Gadd walked up to the heroes, with a look on his face that was both joyous and sad.

"Well, this has been quite the adventure," E. Gadd said, "But I think we all need to go home. I can create two time vortexes to return us to our respective times, but I'm sorry to say I'll have to lock away the memories of your younger selves... I can bring it right back to you when we return, however. Are you all ready?"

"Do what you gotta do, doc," Sonic said, "This has been a great adventure... But, you're right. We need to go home, and have more adventures... I'm happy that I'll be working with you again someday, Mario."


"We'we weady."

"Alright," E. Gadd said, taking out a device and creating two vortexes, "The smaller portal will return the younger people to the past and erase their memories of the past six hours, even those with ripple effect-proof memory like the little fox here; while the larger portal will return the older versions to the present. Take as long as you need," E. Gadd said, hopping into the large portal.

Most of them returned without incident, but a few of them had words with their younger and older selves before leaving, until, finally, only Mario, Luigi, Sonic, Tails, and their younger selves were left.

"So... This is it, then," Luigi said, "Well, I'm glad that I'll grow up to be such a cool guy."

"I'm... Cool?"

"Well, yeah. What you and Tails did back there... That was amazing! I wouldn't have believed I could do it! You, my older self, are most definitely cool. Bye, and good luck remembering!" Luigi jumped into the vortex, waving goodbye all the way.

"Well, this is where it ends, rookie me..."

"You know, that was really annoying at first. But now I see why you call me that... You punched a star! That was amazing! I still don't like it, but..."

"I shouldn't have called you a rookie," Mario said, "You're me. You'd better get going, your future has a lot of adventures in store!"

"I know... I can't believe how many adventures you've had..."

"Believe it, and believe in yourself and Luigi."

"Alright," Mario nodded, "Goodbye now." He ran forward, and somersaulted into the vortex after Luigi.

"You'd better get going, Sonic."

"Yeah. Hey, watch this!" He pulled off a perfect homing chain, knocking Bowser, Eggman, Robotnik, and Koopa into their respective portals.

"Sweet! And you're only going to get better."

Sonic nodded, and ran for the portal.

"Hey Sonic!"

Sonic stopped right in front of the portal.

"Enjoy your future! It's gonna be great!" Sonic nodded, and hopped into the portal.

"I'm sowwy for evewything that went wong because of me..." Tails asked.

"You didn't make anything go wrong... Why would you think... Oh. Right. Well, I don't care how narcissistic this sounds, but you're a good kid."

"Weally? Thanks!" Tails hugged his older self. Tails was surprised, but hugged him back, patting his back. It was a few minutes before he finally let go. "This is goodbye, isn't it?"

"Yeah. Don't worry, though. You're me... Everything's gonna turn out alright. Trust me."

Tails nodded, and took flight backwards, waving all the way as he went through the portal, "Bye, me! Have a good time!"

"I will! And, trust me, so will you! Bye!"

Everyone was left waving until all four younger heroes disappeared from sight.

"Everyone ready?" Mario asked. The other three nodded silently before following Mario into the larger vortex.

Waluigi was the last to exit the portal onto the Castle grounds (other than the heroes and villains themselves), and immediately took out the Emeralds.

"What are you doing?" Shadow asked, as Eggman and Bowser toppled out.

"Wait, Waluigi are you... You can't!" E. Gadd shouted.

"WALUIGI CAN, AND WALUIGI IS!" Waluigi cackled, "LUIGI WILL NO LONGER DIRTY THIS WORLD! WA HA HA HA!" The Emeralds glowed, and the vortex started to close.

"MARIO!" Peach shouted, as the vortex closed, with just a glimpse Mario's shocked face before it vanished.

... To be continued!