This story continues from "The Vampire Diaries" Season 3, episode 9.

(The master plan Damon and Stefan had to kill Klaus failed.

Katherine told Stefan that there was a spell cast under the hybrid and his eldest brother. Once the threat would be dead, Damon would follow along.

So Stefan does the only thing he's able to : save his brother.)

Plan C

I knew Stefan was gone. And wouldn't have come back.

Even if he would, his heart would have been so distant to not be reached by any kind of love.

Not anymore.

I got to admit that to myself to exact time I'd told Damon.

I realized I was firmly holding his neck with my hands, sensing the heat burning under the flesh of my slim fingers.

I'd held his gaze for a long while, locking it with my watery eyes, just to prepare him to be faced with the piercing truth.

"We're never gonna get Stefan back. You know it, don't you?" he whispered in surrender.

"Then we'll let him go." the stability I'd been craved to achieve wasn't shown in the amount I'd wish it would be.

I knew Damon cared about his younger brother, but never, I'd have expected his emotions to show more than that night.

It took me aback to see him this... human.

"Okay?We'll have to let him go" I said, realizing he was needing a solid cliff to hang on. He'd have been the one to make the same offer to me any other time.

But in order to find the strenght to say those words, all my emotions had to be detached from myself.

And the way my voice had sounded... felt too much like Katherine.

"Can I stay here tonight?" was my reluctant answer echoing in the empty parlor, at around midnight.

I demanded that, even though I knew he had supposed that before I even formulate the sentence.

I didn't feel like going back home, facing everyone's needs of explanations.

What a coward.

Damon nodded lazily,occupying himself by pouring his Bourbon in a glass.

And just when I thought he'd have been launching himself through an hard drinking session, a sudden answer recalled my attention back on Earth.

"How are you?" the uniqueness of his ocean depths burnt to melt the coldness of my gaze.

"How do you think I'm doing?" I muttered, mostly because I found it way too hard to untie the bond our eyes had created.

His unfitting smirk had bitterness showing.

"You have to remember my promise, Elena" Damon announced, in a total controversy of his facial expression.

He wouldn't leave.

I knew that.

I remembered those words, the night Stefan had bit me.

I knew how strong whatever me and Damon were sharing was keeping us fighting together.

But wasn't it the same assurance I had of his younger brother?

Why whenever everyone said those word, what they did shortly after was the exact opposite?

I stared at the wooden floor,torn between the possible scenarios involving promises and betrayals .

"Look at me" Damon ordered firmly,yet soft enough to make his voice get unsteady in the end, when my eyes met his.

I wouldn't have kept the scanning he was doing on me, if it wasn't for the fact that my chin was being held up by his fingers.

I unintentionally closed my hazelnuts eyes, in attempt to shut off whatever they were openly revealing.

"Elena" he berated me,reading through my efforts to have it all hidden."I'm not going anywhere."

The moment the sincerity of his words hit me, it was a sudden, hard blow.

"Please don't" I burst out, shaking slightly my head and pursing my lips in the meanwhile.

All to hold back those disturbing salty teardrops that threatened their exit.

But Damon, being Damon, made me lost all the strenght I had tried so hard to store.

And it took that one look to get my walls down.

One lonely drop trailed a flashy path down my cheek.

So slowly not to be missed.

He wiped it away,in a touch so gentle and attentive that could have been mistaken for a weak gust of wind stroking my flesh.

That simple gesture sealed and mirrored the promise he had just reminded me he'd never break.

Yes. Maybe,after all.. he wouldn't leave.

My awakening was in a fancy and unforgettable bedroom I knew it was Damon's.

Even keeping my eyes closed, I could smell his cologne on the sheets.

"Wakie wakie" his greeting had me startled. I goggled at him, narrowing my brows.

He was seated right next my feet, leaning in casually.

"Hungry?" he smirked,amused.

"Gosh, Damon. Stop popping up like that while I'm sleeping" I muttered, as his grin grew even bigger.

I shook my head, in unbelief.

"I'm making breakfast." he announced, proud and cocky.

I couldn't help but let a smile cross my face.

"You'll worship my own person" he kept on teasing.

"You whish" I told back quickly, standing up in a swift move and willing to get under the shower.

When he was about to leave, though, I turned to add one last thing. "Seriously, I'm not hungry. I've slept too much I guess."

I knew he was going to push back my rejection, so I made it quickly to the bathroom, pointlessly trying to hide the reason to my much needed shower was dued to how strong his essence had locked on me from the long hours of resting in his bed.

Luckly I was given my spaces.

Taking chances, I figured using his expensive and over sized bathroom was something that could have happened just once in my life.

So I opted for making a good use of that, staying in there for half an hour.

When I got down to the kitchen I realized he wasn't there, and swiftly reached the parlor.

"Won't you have breakfast?" he called from the complete silence,and twice in some minutes he had me startled.

I sighed exasperated, as he limited himself to simply raise one defined eyebrow, too deep into the handling of his cellphone.

"Just not hungry" I justified myself.

Kind of a lie.

My stomach was aching, and I couldn't quite name what it was. Maybe too much stress.

And it was the third time I was about to slap him in the face.

"You need to eat." he blurred right before me, his face a few inches from mine. "It's been since yesterday morning you don't touch food."

I would have replied, if it hadn't been for the fact that his attention to particulars had caught me the exact moment I had my guard down.

"I don't want to" I imposed, cutting it short.

He nodded silently, and once again, in a matter of seconds blurred away.

I felt my face showing suspect.

Damon never let me win one. What would have he been up to, now?

Thirty seconds later my answer was given, when his dark figure appeared from the threshold holding a bowl of milk and cereals in his hands.

"Eat." Damon put those right on the serving table next to me.

Do I need to add anything more?

Some time later he looked like a baby who got all the presents he'd asked for on a Christmas day.

Just because I had finished my breakfast.

A victory grin traced his lips.

"Best breakfast ever, right?" he called after me, since I'd headed elsewhere.

"Sure, you're great at mixing cereals and milk." I replied sarcastic, reaching the staircase.

"I'll go take a shower" I muttered, knowing he'd have heard me.

"Another one?" he demanded,curious, appearing right behind me.

"I like your bathroom". was my causal motivation.

I sighed, and ignored him, indulging in using that paradise once again.

When I got there, I was lost in the most regretful and blind-roaded train of thoughts of my whole life.

I was at the Boarding House with Damon.

The brother I once used to hate so much, making it easier to ignore whatever feeling I had towards him.

In the end, it had lead the two of us so close that I was staying at his mansion even when my boyfriend was absent.

Who did I want to mock? It was my ex - boyfriend .

Who was now God knew where,nourishing our long- lost relationship with the worst sensation ever: indifference.

All of a sudden, the amount of food just ingested felt the needed to be expelled from my already to-full-with-disgust body.

The toilet was right before me, and what happened next was nothing I could express a reason for.

I slowly let water flow out from the sink, and knelt down next to the service.

Two trembling fingers went exploring the deepest meanders of my mouth, causing my breath to stop and provoke shortly after the most regretful puking.

I gasped, my body defensively seeking for fesh air.

I held back uncontrolled sobs, adverting something grow thicker in my throat.

A moan full of pain left my lips when I adverted my eyes get watery and the need of release for my aching lungs increase.

When I realized it was really working, I squinted my eyes and mentally cursed myself for being so reckless and stupid.

Why was I even doing that?

All the pain hidden in the darkest places of my mind seemed to be molded in the meaningless act now happening in the empty room.

Just like my heart.

The only thing I was certain of, was that the moment I stood up determination and lightness filled my veins, pumping the power to face another hell of a day.

Not knowing where all of that came from, I welcomed it as a positive rush to get through it alive.

When half an hour later I got out of the room, I found a busy Damon still in the parlor.

I'd thought he'd have been more around, considered he might have supposed I was going through a tough phase after the events of the previous night.

Instead,I had to remove from my pile of hopes that his cocky attitude could be twisted into anything bearing the closest resemblance of Stefan's.

The phone he was still handling chirped, interrupting my assumptions.

Damon brought it in a vampire speed to his ear, easily letting me suppose it was about some kind of important matter, seen the concentrated expression worn on his face.

"Are you serious, Katherine?" was his hissing.

I picked up my ears,approaching.

"I've never thought you could be so insane to get yourself killed by your own hands." he spat out, to be then silent for a good minute.

"He was with you, then?" the words were carefully chosen, in a low spoken voice.

My heart skipped a beat,realizing it could have been worse than a simple fight between exes.

I knew who the eldest Salvatore was talking about, even though he'd tried to avoid the subject.

A devil smile grew menacing on Damon's lips.

And in the same way, my concern increased painfully, rendering it hard to breathe evenly .

Whatever the two were planning to do, I was fearing it would cost an high price.